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UMass Global Reviews of Master's in Psychology

8 Reviews

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Annual Tuition: $12,480

67% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
25% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Master's in Psychology

Student Reviews - Master's in Psychology

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Reviewed: 3/3/2016

Degree: Psychology

I am almost toward the end of my degree and Brandman is pulling all types of non sense. The one stop office at the Fairfield campus is great. However, other members are below mediocre and it should not be this difficult to finish up a degree. I am not fond of how one particular staff members handles things. I would not recommend that anyone go to this school because of how students are treated. On the up side, the Travis AFB office has great staff members!


Reviewed: 1/30/2016

Degree: Psychology

I would not recommend attending this school. The Fairfield campus business center has a director that is bias and rude. She spends way too much time attempting to prove her point rather than listening. She is very argumentative. A lot of the other students feel the same way and we are ready to put Brandman behind us. The teachers are amazing but the Psychology director has an inflated grandiose personality and it is difficult to deal with. I am glad that it's over. Don't waste your time here... they... Read More

P. Genoway

Reviewed: 12/5/2015

Degree: Psychology

I attended this school because I have a state certified math disability and it would be nearly impossible for me to gain entry into my choice university. At times, I would literally plead for the school to act as if they support me (I am in the Marriage and Family Therapy graduate psychology program). As a student, (one of many examples) I would receive a syllabus with the wrong book listed then not have the correct book on time and have to return and order the correct one (only to have them refuse... Read More

Brandman Sucks

Reviewed: 1/20/2015

Degree: Psychology

This is the worst college I have ever attended. They are the most disorganized organization I have seen that is supposed to provide people with an education. My first quarter was a joke. My first class was just 3 students and we spent the whole time watching movies, listening to the professor play music, or creating games. Throughout the whole program we never used our books to supplement information we were supposed to be learning in class, and we could actually go the whole quarter without needing... Read More

Amanda Ball

Reviewed: 10/30/2014

Degree: Psychology

An absolutely horrible college experience. This is the community college of graduate school. Teachers are past retirement age and show very little interest in actually educating students.

Wanda Jackson

Reviewed: 12/23/2013

Degree: Psychology

Allow me to begin by saying, how wonderful this small campus, on Fisherman's Wharf., in the City of Monterey. The students have an opportunity to interact with all academic personnel due to its size. Brandman University is the only academic institution in Monterey County that offers a graduate program in Psychology with two emphasis; Marriage and Family Therapist and Clinical Counseling. This is so beneficial careerwise since, it facilitates the pursuit of two different venues that are in demand... Read More

Jacqueline Gall

Reviewed: 7/2/2013

Degree: Psychology

This program and the people in it are very hands on.


Reviewed: 1/16/2013

Degree: Psychology

This school has very poor communication and financial aid services. You wait weeks to get a response and there is always an excuse. If it wasn't for the speedy degree program I would have left. They are horrible but you do learn some interesting things and the teachers for the most part are great.


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