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Ultimate Medical Academy Reviews of Associate in Human Services

37 Reviews

Locations:   Clearwater (FL)  (and 1 other)

Annual Tuition: N/A

70% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
84% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Associate in Human Services

Student Reviews - Associate in Human Services

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Sherrie Thornhill

Reviewed: 12/5/2023

Degree: Human Services

I love attending UMA! I love the structure and ease of attending online. The instructors are always there if you need assistance and there are tools at your fingertips when you need them. I love the learning environment and the indepth lessons. I am learning more than I could have ever imagined and I know when I graduate I'll be ready to excel in my career and future endeavors.

Floyd Sewell IV

Reviewed: 10/31/2023

Degree: Human Services

It’s a honor to have the opportunity to go back and further my career. Choosing to attend UMA has been the best decision I have ever made when it comes to attending a school they not only help you to achieve your goal, but always there to support and motivate each student regardless of what the concern may be. The teachers and student support team go above and beyond in making sure we reach out goals and potential to be successful in our career.

Shanice Strickland

Reviewed: 10/9/2023

Degree: Human Services

UMA has given me hope to continue school and further my career where I’m able to still the community. Nursing school took a choke hold on me and failing out at the end I worked a few months and realized I can still help with furthering my career in Health and Human Services.


Reviewed: 9/26/2023

Degree: Human Services

This is an amazing school. The instructors are amazing and the resources are unlimited! They offer an amazing experience and learning is made easy with all the help available. I would recommend this college to anyone. I am happy an Ultimate Medical Academy Puma!

Dara Efhan

Reviewed: 7/20/2023

Degree: Human Services

My overall experience with UMA school online has been Amazing they give step by step instructions on how things need to be done and how to get it done. If ever you should run into a situation there is tons of support services, there to help you. and for the most part always available. At UMA they treat you literally as if you are family they are always checking in on me motivating me and to be honest a great support network. .

Chase Gebby

Reviewed: 7/20/2023

Degree: Human Services

Ultimate medical academy has been an awesome transition for me leaving the military. With a full time work schedule and young children I can do my school work in the evenings online. Attending UMA has been one of the best choices I’ve made! Go UMA!!!


Reviewed: 2/12/2023

Degree: Human Services

UMA allowed me to complete my degree in HEALTH & HUMAN SERVICES at my own pace. I am pleased to say the affordable distant learning offers student resources that will help you educational journey. -Trust the process and enroll Now this is worth it

Merri Harris

Reviewed: 1/31/2023

Degree: Human Services

Reasons why I like UMA is that they care about the students as a whole person. UMA makes it easy to work and get an education. I love the tools provided: virtual library, learning services, online tutoring, tutorials on every topic in addition to the books, access to the instructors. Taking online courses at UMA is like having an entire team working with you each step of the way. You have someone to help you at all times, you are never alone even though you’re online. They want you to succeed and... Read More

Angela Bell

Reviewed: 11/8/2022

Degree: Human Services

As a 47 year old woman who wanted to go back to school to better myself but was afraid since I had been out of school for so long, UMA made me feel I could do it and was by my side the whole way. With all the help I'm proud to say I'm now a honor student.

Cymphoni Holley

Reviewed: 9/26/2022

Degree: Human Services

Very great school. I have been attending online classes since July. It has been an easy journey since the very beginning. Everything you need is available to you with an click of a button. Staff and advisors are very useful and helpful when it comes to progression. Highly would recommend UMA to anyone who is considering starting a new career journey or advancement in healthcare to try this alternative route of learning. 5 stars for being “So Far So Good”

Wanda Rosa

Reviewed: 5/23/2022

Degree: Human Services

UMA has been a really great support ever since I enrolled. Everything arrived to my house on time and if you ever need help with anything. There is always someone willing to help you. When your in your first week the staff are always checking in to make sure everything is alright and to make sure your not having any issues with anything.

Naquana Diggs

Reviewed: 3/24/2022

Degree: Human Services

I am so excited that I chose to Ultimate Medical Academy. This program has enabled me to learn more of myself and what I would do in real life situations and how I would react to situations of chaos and praise. Let's be clear, in real life not everything is lemonade, we sometimes get lemons. My experience has enabled me to grow as a human and actively learn and appreciate my work ethic and growth.


Reviewed: 9/23/2021

Degree: Human Services

This was the absolute worse educational establishment I have ever been a part of. From counselors, to instructors to classroom interaction. If you are trying to get a degree where you actually learn something DO NOT GO HERE! The classes are a joke, the only worth while part would have been the discussion portion but it felt more like being on a social media tread, even from instructors responses. If you need help or want clarification, you cannot count on the instructors who never get back to you,... Read More

Brenda Steffy

Reviewed: 4/6/2021

Degree: Human Services

My experience at UMA has built my confidence that I can still grow academically and learn new things. I am blown away by how the Admissions process was a piece of cake with guidance through the start of my classes. The Instructors care enough to help and see their students succeed. I have taken college classes where the instructors did not care if you passed or failed, or even showed up to class. An individual needs to put forth the effort and time to study, but the tutorials and interactives help... Read More

Juanita B. Reszkowski

Reviewed: 3/8/2021

Degree: Human Services

Doing the online classes at UMA was the best experience of my life. I wish I has started sooner with finding UMA. Graduating has fulfilled my dreams of being a college graduate. I am now working in a field that I have always enjoyed. Caring for others has been my lifelong calling and UMA has helped me to continue in this endeavor. I appreciate all the help I received from my instructors and the staff at UMA. They are wonderful at what they do. Thank you UMA for making my dreams come true.

Ricardo Braaten

Reviewed: 3/1/2021

Degree: Human Services

UMA has given me the opportunity to advance my education in a way that is convenient for me. As I approach the end of my program, I have already secured a position in my degree field due to my academic success here at UMA. I am thankful to the staff for all of their phone calls to check-in to make sure I am doing well, and especially a big Thank you to my advisor Ann Marie; she is the most caring, compassionate person that I have ever met.

Nathesha Lowrey

Reviewed: 2/7/2021

Degree: Human Services

My experience with UMA was exceptional.If I had to or could do it all over again I Most certainly would.My experience was phenomenal from my first interview from admissions to my current experience with career services to assist with job search to utilize my associate’s degree in health and human services

Margaret Griffin

Reviewed: 1/27/2021

Degree: Human Services

I am in my third set of classes. The work is regular college level work but the instructors are fair and willing to hold the student’s hand until we get off and going! Learner services offers tutoring and I have personally called in several times when I needed extra help and they were wonderful!

Christina Heim

Reviewed: 1/25/2021

Degree: Human Services

I have never been more satisfied with the college experience before Ultimate Medical Academy. The professors are amazing. Learner services are just as amazing, and the academic advisors are there every step of the way! The website for the online school is absolutely amazing as well. Very user friendly

Alma Coll

Reviewed: 1/25/2021

Degree: Human Services

UMA has sharpened my education and brought me to deeper understanding placing me in the right direction in the healthcare field. Online education brings me deeper independence. Thank you UMA, I am proud to be a PUMA! UMA has made my world is much brighter!


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