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Troy University

66 Reviews

Locations:   Troy (AL) 

Annual Tuition: $13,520

81% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
77% of students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student Reviews

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Malik Amri

Reviewed: 6/10/2021

Degree: ESL

I want to tell you guys about my experience with language institute at Troy University. I studied here a year and half, and I enjoyed studying here with my teachers, especially with ms. Jones. She is so kind and friendly with international students, and she is an amazing teacher. In Troy I met ms. Wood, and she has helped me a lot. She was my teacher in level one and two. My roommate was my teacher in level one and two, and he is so helpful. In level three, I talked to mr. Noe, and I told him I don’t... Read More

J. Cromwell

Reviewed: 11/9/2020

Degree: Education

I attended this University for Undergraduate and Graduate. I had two issues with professors in Undergraduate. One professor never attended class and decided that I deserved a D in the class when I learned nothing, and when I complained the Dean of the school said he would always side with his colleagues and when I said I would be asking for a refund for the class and I would be taking to to Jack Hawkins, miraculiously my grade was changed to a B because he didn't want me and my classmates to go complain... Read More


Reviewed: 11/4/2020

Degree: Human Resources

If you are working full time, while serving your country part time...stay away from this so called school, especially if you picked it for the convivence of finishing your degree online. My Art teacher insist that the midterm does need to be proctored in person and not on proctorU...what is the point of having a online platform when students need take time off work, just to take an hour test, cant wait to be done with this degree and switch back to my old college.

Dominique Kelly

Reviewed: 12/26/2019

Degree: Political Science

I attended my college for four years; it was nothing spectacular and nothing flashy. Instead it was a simple college town and the biggest store in the town was a Walmart. I believed that was helpful though because there were less distractions. The course work was not rigorous enough and I do not believe that in your first two years I was ever challenged or encouraged to learn more that was absolutely necessary. Instead, at Troy they simply want you to be able to memorize and recall information, exams... Read More

Ivonne Jones

Reviewed: 6/30/2019

Degree: Criminal Justice

Troy University is a school that not only cares about your education but also about your well-being. Staff is excellent in responding to you in an adequate amount of time. Troy is very flexible with your classes, and the cost is a lot cheaper than other colleges. I recommend Troy university to anyone that wants an education on a flexible schedule at a more affordable price.


Reviewed: 7/23/2018

Degree: English

I honestly didnt learn that much while pursuing my degree. Maybe its because I do better with online classes or because the instructors had habits of talking about whatever was on their mind and not the subject of the class they were teaching. I definitely learned more in classes I took online than in the on-campus classes at this school. Overall, decent education and the school is well-respected. Mostly helpful instructors. Administration was a nightmare though.

Michael Mitchell

Reviewed: 6/24/2018

Degree: Criminal Justice

Troy is exactly what you make it, some professors are great, some are n ot. They do their best to support military tudents through a unique staff (if military), but sometimes you inherintly have to work with TA/Financial Assistance Staff, whom through my last 6 years with Troy (Of which I am beginning Graduate Work) you cannot find quick resolution. My wife on the other hand (Working her Undergrad at Troy, previous military), is having a hard time, and the school counsellors she uses are not even... Read More


Reviewed: 4/25/2018


Caution! To any soldiers on active duty if you are thinking about attending a school Troy Univ is not the one you want to attend. I was a soldier in Ft Benning for a few years and I enrolled then dropped my classes due to my crazy training schedule. I thought I dropped it per my guidance counselor BUT I was wrong. Years later I'm going for my VA loan and what comes up deep in my credit check?? A debt due to this institution for $1500, here I am years later and I'm just hearing about this debt now.... Read More

Sara Zylstra

Reviewed: 3/6/2018

Degree: Exercise Science

Troy is an incredible school. The faculty at Troy are some of the nicest, most helpful people I have ever met. They genuinely care about your success, and will do everything in their power to help you succeed. It is like a family here; people want to help you, even if they barely know you. Troy is a very diverse school- we are Alabama's International University. This means there are always free events on campus hosted by the international students where students are able to learn about other cultures... Read More


Reviewed: 11/20/2017

Degree: Management

All and all Troy is a diamond in the rough. Great teachers and students. You can definitely tell this school cares about quality and they are dedicated to making the process of higher learning simple. I have had zero issues with administration and on top of all this the school is starting to boast some positive athletics. The football team is doing great things once again and I could see them upgrade conferences if they continue to do so.


Reviewed: 10/10/2017

Degree: Journalism

Troy University in three words are: Diverse, Amazing, and Opportunities. When I came to Troy I was amazed by just how Diverse Troy really is. During my time here I have met countless people from multiple countries and was given the opportunity to learn about their cultures and languages. One of my favorite things about Troy is that it may be a small, more traditional campus here in Troy, AL, but it is a global campus as well. I have visited two other Troy Universities in Canada and Spain and was... Read More


Reviewed: 9/1/2017

Degree: Computer Science

Master's program offered classes in the evening/night time for those that had jobs. I really love that option.

c brown

Reviewed: 8/10/2017

Degree: Criminal Justice

Troy is a very diversity college. They do have classes for all ranges of lifestyles. They do have amazinh opportunities for military and their imdependences. Easy access to blackboard. Staff is always available especially online. classes are very fluent.

Mary Elizabeth Heath

Reviewed: 6/26/2017

Degree: Accounting

Troy University's Accounting program prepared me for my internship I had greatly. I was able to analytically think about various problems I faced, along with prepared me to properly communicate with those in the field of Accountancy. The professors I had encouraged me and became mentors.

Social Work

Reviewed: 5/28/2017

Degree: Social Work

My experience at Troy University exceeded my expectations for the most part. The professors were always available and made sure to inform classes of office hours, email addresses and many even gave students their personal cell phone numbers. Curriculum varies by professor as does classroom attendance and test types. Parking is an issue, I suggest that commuters take early classes to avoid searching for parking for hours. My unpleasant experiences were not with the professors or curriculum. The employees... Read More

Malcolm Harris

Reviewed: 4/30/2017

Degree: Psychology

If your a student looking for a small traditional campus then Troy University is for you. I enjoyed having small class sizes because the instructors know you by name. If you enjoy learning about different cultures get to know the international students on campus. I've met students from Belgium, Switzerland, England, Japan and Brazil just to name a few. If your sports fan Troy has Division one ncaa sports teams. Most students attend the football games in the fall. Troy is known for teacher education,... Read More

Marcus Brown

Reviewed: 3/20/2017

Degree: Criminal Justice

Troy University has a great program. The online resources are top notch and the staff at their facilities were extremely helpful. if you want to earn your degree fully online or hybrid, this is the school for you. I was able to finish my degree while working full time thanks to the flexibility of the curriculum and the understanding and caring faculty.

Kiffany Perlote

Reviewed: 3/20/2017

Degree: Counseling Psychology

Troy University Augusta prepared me for my career and community. Classes were flexible and professors were accessible. My classes were held at night, so it was easy to drive over after work and spend my evening with other students like me. We became a family and have networked with one another for an extended period of time. I recommend Troy University to to anyone who is looking to achieve more and be more.

Jada S.

Reviewed: 3/6/2017

Degree: Graphic Design

Attending Troy University is one of the best decisions I have ever made. While it will be much easier if your parents managed to save up for your college tuition, for the most part, the school's financial aid office will help you so that you can finish your degree.

Jariza Brewer

Reviewed: 2/20/2017

Degree: Social Work

Troy University's Bachelor of Social Work Program was perfect for students with children. I attended the Phoenix City campus and it truly helped me to be able to raise my daughter and continue school full time. Many of my classes were hybrid, either on campus or online. The classes that were on campus were normally after 5:00 pm, and it was awesome for me because my family didn't get off work until then and were able to watch my daughter. I am currently attending University of New England's Graduate... Read More


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