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The University of Texas at Arlington Reviews of Bachelor's in Liberal Studies

6 Reviews

Locations:   Arlington (TX) 

Annual Tuition: $29,299

83% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
83% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Liberal Studies

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Liberal Studies

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Adam Isch

Reviewed: 11/13/2018

Degree: Liberal Studies

UTA is a great school with a unique atmosphere. Unlike most campuses, UTA is a primarily commuter campus with many students living off campus. This, for me, gave it an atmosphere of immediacy. When a group activity was necessary most people did not waste time in accomplishing their goals. My specific program was university studies, it was necessary for me to earn this degree as I was in a hurry to graduate and I had a lot of random credits from my community college days. The staff at the Universit... Read More


Reviewed: 3/4/2017

Degree: Liberal Studies

THe University of Texas at Arlington is a good school. I've enjoyed my time there very much. THe staff and faculy are very dedicated to their students and help facilitate numerous opportunities for internships and jobs along the way. The tuition is not terribly expensive, the school offers lots of great amenities and services.

Kristen Wilson

Reviewed: 7/15/2016

Degree: Liberal Studies

The University of Texas at Arlington prepares its students for the workforce because the curriculum is rigorous and challenges students to become diligent in studying as well as succeeding in a future career. The advisors are insightful and they give a clear example of a structured degree plan. Also, they give recommendations that will encourage a student to complete his or her degree. The campus has a diverse atmosphere of students and professors. Furthermore, there are new apartments that are in... Read More

Ryan Rutledge

Reviewed: 8/29/2013

Degree: Liberal Studies

My degree was in physical education and we also had to take some exercise science classes and a few sciences like Anatomy and Physiology 1 & 2. I teach math so I took math in addition to those so I feel really well rounded in my education.

Jay Ballauer

Reviewed: 8/28/2013

Degree: Liberal Studies

I went to school to study something I liked as opposed to something that would better my standing in this life. Should have listened to my dad. :)

Marie L

Reviewed: 8/28/2013

Degree: Liberal Studies

I am a teacher. I would not have a job without my degree. It is a requirement.


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