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The University of Texas at Arlington

171 Reviews

Locations:   Arlington (TX) 

Annual Tuition: $29,299

82% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
71% of students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student Reviews

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Alex E.

Reviewed: 7/29/2023

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)

I graduated from UTA with my MSN FNP. My whole program was online and I only set foot on campus for graduation. This is a great school. It is sad to see so many negative comments, but do not let that deter you from pursuing your goals. I highly suggest planning to invest 15 hours of your time studying weekly for every credit hour you're taking each term. I thought the classes were fair, the instructors were accessible and helpful every time I had questions, and I learned lots of helpful information... Read More

Starr T.

Reviewed: 5/10/2023

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Adult-Gerontology Acute Care)

Stay away from this school!!!! The school might be a reputable brand, but the nursing program is far from being worthy or credible. UTA has gone downhill. The NP instructors are not connected, the academic coaches are a joke, and it's so difficult to get support from anyone as an online student. The worst courses, by far, are the Assessment and Acute Care courses. The lectures are over 10 years old, references are out of date, and most lectures are instructors reading power point slides. It's literally... Read More

UTA Student

Reviewed: 4/26/2023

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (NP)

I do not recommend the online program to obtain your advanced practice degree in nursing. I should have listened to the reviews when picking a school but this was one of the few that provided the degree plan I wanted. Find a program with good reviews and if they assist you with finding your preceptor that's a bonus! This school is expensive, you put in all the work, and the cost does not reflect the quality of the education. They really should be held accountable for the material they are providing... Read More


Reviewed: 4/16/2023

Degree: Accelerated BSN

Please, stay away from this program if you love yourself. I did everything I was told to do yet couldn't get into the program. The most annoying thing is that these people kept calling me about this program on a daily basis. Then I decided to go for the program, and they waitlisted me. It still does not make sense to me, like I did not sleep for days. It felt like they tricked me. How do you call me on a daily basis for your so-called online BSN, and ended up not giving it to me, after I had transferred... Read More


Reviewed: 1/28/2023

Degree: Nursing

After going through the entire enrollment process only 46% of my associate degree credits transferred (which I have already completed and I'm currently practicing as an RN with) and only 42% of bachelor degree credits transferred. I had already completed a large number of credits toward my bachelor degree at my previous university. UTA enrollment advisors told me that I would have to submit a course syllabus in PDF format to petition for each course that was not accepted. I asked for a list of all... Read More


Reviewed: 1/20/2023

Degree: RN to BSN

I read the review when I was looking for a RN-BSN school. I saw all the negative reviews but again hundreds of students were graduating in the program. I had to decide to be among the negative students or join the positives and graduate. Definitely if they made it, why not me? thats what I asked myself.I enrolled at UTA and now about to graduate with high honors. I feel proud because I never listened to negative reviews. Just listen to your heart. Do whats required in the program and you will do... Read More

FNP student

Reviewed: 12/6/2022

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Family)

So I am currently 1 year and a half into the program. The beginning was not bad and most classes were a joke. I feel like at this point in the program they make the classes unbearable because they know that you are too far in to back out. I am about to take the final for Family 2 and this class had been my worst nightmare. The tests are short answer, not fill in the blank short answer, but they are essays. There's a total of 10 questions with sub questions. There is no way a person can memorize all... Read More

Hospital employee

Reviewed: 8/26/2022

Degree: Accelerated BSN

I'm not at all surprised how many bad reviews UTA RN prog.has. It's so sad! Students spent too much money/time to become an RN. Unfort., it's true they don't help you succeed- I'm not really sure what happens when they train and hire their prof's. but whatever they do it's like they don't care just repeat the class and pay again- but then again if it's your second fail you are automatically out of the program no matter if you were 4 months away from graduation. They simply DON'T CARE!

Current uta pmhnp student

Reviewed: 2/13/2022

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Psychiatric-Mental Health)

If you are considering getting your Masters in nursing as a PMHNP, I would not recommend UTA. The instructors do not teach. They literally copy and paste excerpts from text books with no explanation or lecturing of material and then they tell you to read books. While getting a Masters degree should require a hefty amount of reading and research, learning from instructors through lecturing is imperative. This program costs over $50,000, they should be required to provide students with quality lectures.... Read More

Catherine Marino

Reviewed: 9/15/2021

Degree: Accelerated BSN

This school is just after your money. Don't go here unless you're already employed in a hospital in the state of Texas and have experience or otherwise you won't get into the nursing upper division clinical. I went in and scored incredibly high on the TEAS examination as well as did very well in my Pre-Nursing Courses and still was waitlisted. The program here is a joke, save your time and money.


Reviewed: 9/2/2021

Degree: Nursing

I would not recommend UTA to anyone especially not for the nursing program. The courses are definitely difficult, but I enjoy the challenge and enjoy science. Once you start the nursing program you will spend the first year to two years in non-science related courses like Texas history for example. The courses are incredibly strict with grading, due dates, and testing environment. Be prepared to never hear from your advisor even if you email or call them a million times. Advising appointments usually... Read More


Reviewed: 7/23/2021

Degree: Nursing

I wouldn't recommend University of Texas at Arlington RN to BSN program for my rat. Once they have you sign up for the program , they will just leave you wondering what to do next, what class to take and so on. Then, you'll find your self begging for help. I'm feeling like I'm in educational gamble. At UTA what you hear is not what you get in reality. Education department should stop this scammers. They post all five weeks assignments on canvas without any explanation. Those videos on modules are... Read More


Reviewed: 5/24/2021

Degree: Information Technology

The communication between staff (academic advisors, etc.) is horribly lacking here. All student services take forever to get back to you (student conduct, financial aid, etc.). This university has so far made me feel more like someone they can get money from rather than a student they supposedly care for. Also parking is a nightmare. However, there are some really great professors here, unfortunately they seem like rare gems compared to the rest. I don’t have experience with it, but I’ve heard wonderful... Read More


Reviewed: 3/12/2021

Degree: RN to BSN

I attended UTA RN-BSN Program recently honestly wish I would have just went to a HBCU instead. Never had a issue in any of my programs I received my LVN in 2016 went and did my RN-ADN in 2019 currently completing my BSN. While attending UTA I was taking promoting healthy lifestyles one of the most simplest courses. All you do is tell these people about your lifestyle that’s it. I received a “B” in this course once I logged back into my transcript I see that my grade was a “I” for incomplete. Professor... Read More

Borderline Insulted

Reviewed: 3/8/2021

Degree: Education

Unfortunately, I transferred here during COVID protocol. I have never received such a poor education experience. Courses are insultingly disorganized. Even worse, most professors don’t care about teaching. They only care about their research projects. They assign absurd amounts of homework, mostly on material you haven’t gone over in class, then tell you to talk to the TAs for issues. Zero time to actually read material. Severely restricted student resources. You will basically pay $15k+ per year... Read More

NO way

Reviewed: 11/21/2020

Degree: Nursing

I'm doing the ADN to BSN. I have only the capstone left. I HATE IT. All the classes have been discussion post due on Wednesday, Quiz and Homework. Have I learned anything? No, I'm pretty much using everything I learned in my ADN program. I have just spent an unrealistic amount of time on the class assignments, forget getting to the reading and lectures. I can't count the times I've been frustrated by no explicit instructions, no examples, and being docked points for annoying things. I could go into... Read More


Reviewed: 10/22/2020

Degree: RN to BSN

Don/'t waste your money and time here! I started attending UTA RN to BSN online program in 2015. At the time I started the program I was a Texas resident, halfway through my program in 2016 I relocated to Washington State I continued to take courses through 2018. I then had to take time off due to family/financial matters, little did I know I had taken too much time off and if I wanted to continue in the program I would have to apply for readmission. At this point I only had two courses left to complete... Read More


Reviewed: 10/5/2020

Degree: Nursing

Not there for the student. I am taking online courses due to working full time and having a family. I have taken six courses over a 3 semester period. Had a problem 3 different times in 3 different classes. The first one, I had a family member pass away unexpectedly and was going to be gone from Friday-Sunday with no internet. I let my coach know and she told me to send something showing that I someone passed or was having a funeral. Ok, no problem, I sent her the obituary, she gave the information... Read More


Reviewed: 8/26/2020

Degree: RN to BSN

Be very careful before you enter into this program. The advertised price of $8,895 is deceptive. You will have to take at least five to six additional classes even if you have a previous bachelor's. Plan on at least thirteen to fourteen thousand dollars at a MINIMUM. If you need help, good luck. There is an advising team but you will never speak to the same person twice. The rules for this program are different than the rules for UTA in general. I dropped a five week class based on what was posted... Read More


Reviewed: 7/17/2020

Degree: Nursing

I am a California RN who began my AOBSN program through UTA 08/2019, immediately following becoming licensed. The admissions process is very easy, the classes themselves for the most part aren't bad. The student support is subpar at best, though (which isn't an issue if you can self teach and navigate the courses on your own), often academic coaches in classes don't answer questions in a timely fashion (if you're in an accelerated class that's only 5wks long, you better ask all of your questions... Read More


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