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The University of Arizona Global Campus Reviews of Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership

11 Reviews

Locations:   Chandler (AZ) 

Annual Tuition: $47,685

44% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
64% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Organizational Leadership

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Jake Walsh

Reviewed: 3/12/2018

Degree: Organizational Leadership

This school is a complete rip off. They cut your transfer credits down so you have to take more classes with them, hence more money. Also the Instructors, especially the ones that are so called Doctors try to fail you at every opportunity, so of course you have to take even more classes. Some of the Instructors are also insulting to students. Making snide remarks on papers. And some treat the papers like they are doctoral thesis, instead of undergrad weekly course work. Avoid Ashford, there are much... Read More

16 Years Army Vet of Two Wars

Reviewed: 11/10/2014

Degree: Organizational Leadership

Ashford U. is a pushy school that cares about your money and not the student. They will pursue you if a faint interest is drawn from the potential student. The "recruiter" even said he was a former Marine but didn't care to talk about his service in the Corps. About 70 percent of the professors are open for questioning via email. The other 30 percent of my experience could not be reached by email at all, and it seemed though it was a disruption of their day to assist where I had questions. There... Read More


Reviewed: 7/6/2014

Degree: Organizational Leadership

Ashford's Organizational Management program provided me an opportunity to improve my position with my current employer. Ashford's online program provided technology that assisted my studies "on the go" where ever I might be. Communicating with teachers, discussions with classmates, researching subjects, and submitting assignments, were all made possible with the up to date technology that Ashford provides. With the addition of the authoritative Forbes organization, I believe the program is even better!... Read More

H.J. H.

Reviewed: 2/17/2014

Degree: Organizational Leadership

This is my third year at Ashford and am two weeks away from finishing the last class for my B.A. in Organizational Management. I have never had one problem with this school. I have had teachers that I did not like, and one actually killed my 4.0 GPA, but that was in my first year. There was one other class I did not attain an A in and that would have killed it for me anyway. That was all on me. This experience was smooth going, outside of some of the classes I stayed up until 3 in the morning to... Read More

Natsuo, W.

Reviewed: 1/18/2014

Degree: Organizational Leadership

Ashford University provided me the opportunity to finish my degree while working full-time and raising a two year old child with my Wife. My experience with Ashford was a positive one. I greatly improved my communication skills, which in part also improved my leadership skills. I would definitely recommend this technology savvy university to anyone that is looking to improve their career prospects/outlook.

Bob J.

Reviewed: 12/20/2013

Degree: Organizational Leadership

First of all, I notice the only reviews "Yelp" recommends are the positive reviews. This public should see all of the reviews without navigating the maze of pages here to find them. I often stay away from reviews because all to often we see a timed emotion, which doesn't describe the entire experience from a student while at this institution. I have attended two online universities and lack just a few classes from obtaining my BA. You may find grammatical errors in this post, but it does not take... Read More

TJ Claus

Reviewed: 7/26/2013

Degree: Organizational Leadership

Tell us about your college experience.

Enrolled at Ashford in 2010 for a BA in Organizational Management, graduated in Dec 2011 and started my MA in the same field in Feb 2012, finished June 2013. I found the online courses interesting, and enjoyed the discussions. Access to the online library makes research and preparing papers easy if you apply yourself. The majority of the instructors were very good and remained engaged with the class.

Would you get the same degree if you could start over?

The only... Read More

What advice can you offer other students?

Do your research first and find a school that will fit your needs. Once that is accomplished, do whatever it takes to get the most out of your education.


Reviewed: 7/12/2013

Degree: Organizational Leadership

Tell us about your college experience.

I have attended Ashford for over three years and have never experienced any issues. I am very pleased with the support and interaction that I have received from the staff and instructors. If you are not a self starter or have the discipline to read instructions and complete the required work without someone telling you to do so.....this school or any other on-line school may not be for you. You must have realistic expectations and realize that you have decided... Read More


Reviewed: 5/13/2013

Degree: Organizational Leadership

I am finishing up my BA in December. I will be transferring to the University of Phoenix for my MBA however. Having to constantly look at my degree progress to make sure they don't add or change any classes around is annoying. Several times they have randomly taken out previously transferred classes or added more classes onto the degree progress page.

Obviously I have the original degree progress printed out. Luckily when I mention these issues to the adviser they are "surprised" and they change it... Read More

I will be getting out of this school asap after graduation and getting into an MBA program before they lose there accreditation in June 2014 since they are under review at the moment. Good luck to everyone else. And yes they are Military Friendly, only because of our GI Bill.


Reviewed: 4/19/2013

Degree: Organizational Leadership

I would recommend this University to anyone. You get what you put into it. The teachers are fair and knowledgeable. In all honesty, it may not be the best school, but it met my educational needs at the time.

The school is very technology driven. It utilized i-phone apps and online tools that really assisted me in my studies. I could virtually study, research, and submit all my work electronically and/or online.


Reviewed: 12/16/2012

Degree: Organizational Leadership

I graduate from Ashford on Nov 2011, with a B.A in Organizational Management with a concentration in Engineering for classes I took in another school and the Degree is well respected and accepted. Right now I’m attending the MBA program at Florida International University (FIU) and was no problem at all with the transcripts.

If the University is regionally accredited the credit will be accepted by other regionally accredited institutions. Who is saying that have a problem to enter a graduate school... Read More

What is true is the inefficiency of their Financial Department; they are a joke and push students to look for other alternative to achieve their academic goals.


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