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The University of Arizona Global Campus Reviews of Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration

32 Reviews

Locations:   Chandler (AZ) 

Annual Tuition: $47,685

70% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
53% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Healthcare Administration

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Reviewed: 8/24/2021

Degree: Healthcare Administration

To describe my experience at UAGC, I first have to start in 2019 when the school was known as Ashford University. I was only 19 and didn't know much about college, I was truly only interested in the proper accreditation as well as getting my degree in a timely manner. The five week classes are truly unbeatable. This is one feature about UAGC that stands out and makes it a good deal. Being that I doubled up my credits, I was able to get done in about half of the time. That being said, the things you... Read More

Tamarsha Quick

Reviewed: 12/2/2020

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I truly enjoy my education with the school, but now that it is coming to an end (I graduate 12/21/2020), I have been informed by the financial aid department that I owe $537.88 out of pocket (which includes graduation fee - which is fine). Mind you even though you may have received a loan, you do not receive any money from those loans, they go straight to your tuition (which again is fine). I am an (A -B+) student, have done well throughout my whole school year have not had an academic problem that... Read More


Reviewed: 2/11/2020

Degree: Healthcare Administration

This school is awful! Let just start by stressing the cost for credits! They are a rip off.... I am paying half the cost at another university for better education. They act like they care yet every time I called regarding my back financial aide they said I wasn’t able to get it because I owed 1300 for failing a class which is fine but they charged me and took that from my credit refund so it didn’t make any sense why I still had a balance. So they sent it to collections and I withdrew from the university... Read More


Reviewed: 3/31/2018

Degree: Healthcare Administration

This school only cares about how money they can extort from the students and do not care about your education. When I first started aside from the financial aid being a complete mess and no support form the financial aid department. Then I started taking their classes, and everything was great, and then I started to run into one teacher after another that hardly reply to questions and when they do they are rude and spiteful and sarcastic. I have found that they tend to give you a bad degree, so you... Read More

Amber Alejandro

Reviewed: 1/12/2018

Degree: Healthcare Administration

The reason why I am sharing this negative review is because one instructor, Dr. G, and Associate Director of Academic Intergity, had absolutely no concern for the integrity of my grade in a course. Their online system, Waypoint, had been faulty to accept my class submission and absolutely no one assisted me in finding a solution to the error. I submitted hard evidence that I eagerly attempted many times to submit the assignment, but Waypoint would not accept it on my computer or other public computers.... Read More


Reviewed: 12/22/2017

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I had both good and bad experiences with Ashford University. In order to make it through classes you must apply yourself. I failed an Algebra two class and had to pay out of pocket! Yes, they had the funds I borrowed already allocated! The online tutoring was not helpful at all so be prepared to pay out of pocket for help; especially if you have not had math in quite some time or are weak in Math! You only get one full break for two weeks in December! You do have access to Career Services as well... Read More


Reviewed: 9/24/2017

Degree: Healthcare Administration

Ashford University is not an accredited school. I found that out when I tried to obtain a loan to attend the school. No one would touch this school. So my advise is if you want to continue your education go some where else. Because this school is WAY TOO expensive.


Reviewed: 9/11/2017

Degree: Healthcare Administration

While continuing my education with Ashford, it was difficult to get ahold of anyone in any department! I would constantly get a run around with them. Now that I'm trying to attend another college, I am getting same run around with my college transcripts! I would not recommend this college to anyone and please by all means attend anywhere else but here!!!


Reviewed: 8/23/2017

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I am a single mother working fulltime. Ashford was able to provide me with the education I lacked to grow within the health care field. I was able to stay at home with my children and receive my education. I did have a few issues with financial aid, but was able to resolve them.

Nickilee Jonas

Reviewed: 7/29/2017

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I attended Ashford University because my work schedule and home life were altered in such a way that online was the only option. I can tell you that Ashford has prepared me for my now graduate school at University of Miami. They are a good school, and if there are people out there that think you can't be challenged and educated via distance learning, I encourage you to give it a try.


Reviewed: 5/31/2017

Degree: Healthcare Administration

Ashford University has good instructors and teaching materials. But when it comes to finances the school is very terrible. The business office and some students advisors are very misleading. I have had some many lies and misinformation about finances and finacialaid which put me into debt. I have two courses left to complete my BA in Health and Human Services with specialization in Healthcare Informatics. At the beginning of my second to the last course they said I am owing and they withdrew my classes.... Read More

Jazmine Tokalautawa

Reviewed: 5/17/2017

Degree: Healthcare Administration

Ashford University made returning to school less of a hassle being a single mother as well as working full time. The staff and Professor that I had dealt with on a daily basis throughout my education were always understand of personal circumstances that would arise due to my sons health. In addition, they are fast at responding to email and phone calls regarding my education and always willing to help the best way that they could. Even with being an alumni of Ashford I am still contacted by staff... Read More


Reviewed: 4/24/2017

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I was all for Ashford the advisor was amazing. They help and explained everything great. I felt very comfortable with going to school here I was enrolled and going to classes online, very easy, self explained. Enjoyed the program !!.....until life unexpected happened and I felt that it wasn't the best time to continue with school for the time being. Everything change at that point! I was told I was a quitter, a drop out and that I was running away. It went from guidance and helpfulness to being bullied... Read More


Reviewed: 4/19/2017

Degree: Healthcare Administration

Ashford University is not a good school the advisors don't explain everything to you clearly are your either told one thing and it another I really feel like their unprofessional and not knowledgeable at all. The school is not a god school I repeat don't attend.


Reviewed: 2/15/2017

Degree: Healthcare Administration

Ashford is a great school , all the resources are provided for you to achieve your goals . If you are looking for a easy way out Ashford is not the school for you. You must put forth and effort to achieve your goals . Hard work leads to successful results ! 2 discussion post and assignment due once a week is simple .


Reviewed: 1/11/2017

Degree: Healthcare Administration

Overall attending Ashford University was a blessing. The scholarship opportunities they offered was substantial. The school being smaller with small class sizes and that was one of the many benefits. The instructors were very helpful to provide services for any students to be successful. Overall, being a part of the last class to graduate from the campus was such an amazing experience.

Ashford University

Reviewed: 8/30/2016

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I did learn a lot at Ashford. It was perfect for my schedule and it allowed me to obtain a degree while working two jobs. It definitely requires dedication and the ability to be a self-starter. You do not get a lot of breaks along the way either, but it is nice to only have to concentrate on one class at a time. I would highly recommend this school for those who are looking for a way to get their degree while working or caring for children and for those who are dedicated and willing to put in the... Read More

Graduated, but................................

Reviewed: 7/31/2016

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I recently completed my Bachelor's in Health Care Administration. When I first started at Ashford, I was so excited and I was receiving calls every other day from the staff (financial advisors, student advisor, etc) to ensure my experience with the online courses. After about 2, maybe 3 months, I didn't receive any calls and it was hard to contact staff when you had a problem with online classes, financial aid, etc. I had to repeat two classes and now I have to pay out pocket for financial aid being... Read More

Gina Bee

Reviewed: 7/29/2016

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I have enjoyed my time at Ashford. The reps were always helpful and courteous when I called the school regarding any concerns that I may have had. Online schooling has been very convenient being that I am very busy throughout the week in my personal life. One concern would be the extravagant papers that we had to write. Writing 10 -12 pages on a topic is a bit much and makes me feel like I'm repeating myself. Other than that, the experience was great!


Reviewed: 4/9/2016

Degree: Healthcare Administration

Overall I was happy with my experience. I didn't like the fact that I completed the requirements but lacked just a few credits therefore I had to "find" one more class to take. The way the courses are set allows you to work, be a parent or volunteers and still have time for school. You MUST be very disciplined and committed to achieve in order to be successful. Reading and originality are a must! I like that you can offer a review of your instructor because some of them need help understanding the... Read More


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