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The University of Arizona Global Campus Reviews of Bachelor's in Accounting

7 Reviews

Locations:   Chandler (AZ) 

Annual Tuition: $47,685

50% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
43% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Accounting

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Accounting

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Reviewed: 6/5/2019

Degree: Accounting

ashford university has helped me get to the level im at now. I was stuck in a dead end job for years. once I finished my degree it took me a lot of hard work to land the job I always wanted. I now work in supply chain as a project manager for a credible company that is highly recognized in the new york city area. my current job has a program with ashford university where i can go get my masters. Dreams do come true.

Kat K

Reviewed: 8/10/2018

Degree: Accounting

Do not go here. This school is a scam. At first, Ashford seemed amazing. My request for more information about a bachelor's program was met within 10 minutes of an academic advisor's call. We immediately started the application process and things were going smoothly- my transcript was received and everything was in check. Then, Eric (my advisor) said classes were $1635- NOT INCLUDING BOOKS. For an online degree and 3 credit courses, that seemed like a stiff price. Then it gets worse. I asked if we... Read More


Reviewed: 4/19/2016

Degree: Accounting

I am currently going for my BA in Accounting. I am starting to see some things that bother me coming from the school. For an online school, they should have a working website, and if they have a mobile app it should be supported. When I accessed the student portal for the first time I encountered a problem with the web pages. Some links will load a whole new page, others will leave the banners at the top and side but load something new for the rest of the page. For some that left the banners they... Read More


Reviewed: 1/10/2016

Degree: Accounting

Dont withdraw, they will change your grades.....instructor will also chage your grade if you question them about something. Ashford is a poor choice for a school. I went there two years and tuition changed three times. DONT GO HERE! FORGET ABOUT THE DEAN.....JUST GETTING PAID!


Reviewed: 7/5/2014

Degree: Accounting

I am completely satisfied with my bachelor's degree in accounting. I've found the education at Ashford University to be very challenging for this specific major, comparing to San Diego State University where I used to take classes. The only thing I didn't like about the school is the structure the virtual classrooms; indeed, the professors were mostly lazy enough for providing any videos or video lectures. Other than that, it was a quite pleasant experience, and I know what I'm paying for.I am not... Read More


Reviewed: 2/8/2013

Degree: Accounting

I won't get on here and blast Ashford because some classes were pretty good in my earlier stages. I did think that the classes became a little too repetitive in that you would do an introduction, 2 discussion questions, and a paper. They might change a little around from class to class but i thought they should have put in some lecture classes where you could better communicate with the instructors.

However, as I got to my accounting classes, where I was required to dig in deeper I would have questions... Read More

Going through the core classes i didn't need too much help but going into my major, I wanted to fully grasp what i was doing and didn't feel that way. Decided this is my last class here at Ashford and going to another online school where they have lecture classes and I can also attend a local school if need be.

Tracey Pettway

Reviewed: 7/4/2012

Degree: Accounting

I think this school is awesome, I have had many medical situations and the staff and the school has been very helpful. They have wonderful disability services that can help people. The instuctors are usually very understanding. If someone is having difficulity they need to talk to their advisor. There is always recourses that can be done when it comes to any unfairness a student feels is happening against them from an instructor. I have had 23 classes and am almost done with my BS in Accounting.... Read More

I have ever had a problem with getting my dispersment checks or with anything I asked for. If I needed to move a class, I could, If I needed to take a break I could. I think that those folks that were having trouble maybe just did not ask the correct department or the right people. Sometimes we have to search and distroy to find the correct person that will listen to the situation. However there are always solutions to the problem if one looks for them. Some of the people that gave bad reports in my opinion could not have been more wrong.

This is agreat school and they give you more credit than other on line universities and it ends up being cheaper in the long run. I did check out other schools and I found many complaints in many of them. Way more than here. Please give it a try and make your own decision. I think you have nothing to loose. They give you ample time to drop the course without getting charged any money. And you can contact your advisor and have the course moved. Sometimes you have to sign in and post your introduction before they can move you depending on the situation but you can always ask to be moved from the class. I post poned one of my classes like 3 or 4 times. Now they have break requests that you can file when you are at the end of a course and it will automatically move your next course. I recommend still contacting your acamemic advisor though...have a blessed day!


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