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The Art Institutes Reviews of Associate in Graphic Design

7 Reviews

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Annual Tuition: $19,354

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Student Reviews - Associate in Graphic Design

Student Reviews - Associate in Graphic Design

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Lauren T

Reviewed: 12/5/2019

Degree: Graphic Design

I am currently trying to apply to grad schools for public health, but I went to one semester at the Art Institute. The branch I went to is closed, so I can't contact the registrars office there, there is no headquarter or customer support phone number that works anywhere, and I guess the two transcript request forms I sent in got lost somewhere? I am currently in limbo, possibly not able to apply to grad school, because this one school is so incompetent it cant set up a working transcript transfer... Read More


Reviewed: 10/31/2018

Degree: Graphic Design

i shouldve listened to the reviews. this school is absolute TRASH they care about nothing but the money in your pocket. theyll do everything in their power to help you get enrolled and get your papers in sooner than later, but the second you have any kind of problem? they disappear. and you cant get in contact with them. and you decide to leave because they dont HELP and find yourself in debt. this school can choke.


Reviewed: 8/29/2017

Degree: Graphic Design

This school is a joke! The computers and software are out of date, the teachers were subpar at best and they tripled the cost of renting an apt for students just because they had to roll it in to their insanely high interest loans. My school was SUPPOSE to be in the middle of a downtown, however it was 10 miles from center city and within walking distance to other. I was moving from the other side of the country and didn't get to visit or that'd obviously been noted upon visiting. They separated... Read More


Reviewed: 8/29/2017

Degree: Graphic Design

I learned the minimum, I don't have enough knowledge to even use my degree. The teachers for the most part were not very helpful. Many of them told students to ask their neighbors for help, instead of assisting them. One class, the instructor had a medical issue, so they had a teacher from a different field, who admitted to never using the program, teach illustrator. He said that it would be a learning experience for him too. Not professional at all in my opinion to have someone teach an entire course... Read More

Micah Jung

Reviewed: 8/29/2017

Degree: Graphic Design

I repeat do NOT go to the art institute of Washington. I want there and thought I was going to get a good education. Teachers didn't know what they were teaching or if they did they didn't have there degrees in Photoshop or Illustrator. The Teachers or brochure said they had connections to WB Nintendo of America and guess what there connections were to the local print shop! If you wanted to work with someone they brought in they wanted you to go through them and not the person that talked to you... Read More

Graphic Design Program Graduate

Reviewed: 8/28/2017

Degree: Graphic Design

One true to life part of this experience, the truly valuable teachers were not in positions of power or appreciated while the portfolio teacher deciding your fate was feared and believed to know all despite not having worked in the industry for years and knowing literally nothing about technology. One positive result. I was hired for a job in my profession as a temp at the 'high' wage of $14/hr after graduation because the resume reviewer had so gone to AIS, knew about the debt and false promises.,... Read More


Reviewed: 1/4/2017

Degree: Graphic Design

I went to the New York campus and I started in July of 2013 and didn't graduate until June of 2016 because I got held up with their rushed Internship "class". I started with one academic advisor and she disappeared - same with the financial advisor as well. There were some good teachers and some that are god awful. There's favoritism over one major over the other (i.e. the Fashion dept. is more important than the Graphic Design or Web depts.), leaving some opportunities slim. With the Internship... Read More


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