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50% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student Reviews

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Derick Daniels

Reviewed: 10/7/2023

Degree: Business Administration

I have good and bad well I graduated which is excellent, as far as career internships or partnership with companies to help with career advancement per degree, none. Now let's go into official transcript takes forever for whatever reason that is ultimately preventing me from starting Graduate School at another University it's crazy but if you were continuing with STRAYER you could start ASAP. Are you not needing to be conferred before starting or is it the school will expedite the process to continue... Read More


Reviewed: 9/23/2023

Degree: Business Administration

Classes are mad expensive compared to other universities I've been to and for no reason at that. I think the curriculum Is trash. Not much learning going on when professors are using the same exact assignments every semester with answers that are easily found by using Google. Literally for every assignment. They don't offer too many good programs. Overall it's a good school to waste money and while trying to get through a bachelor's program as quick as possible just to say you did.


Reviewed: 8/5/2023

Degree: Nursing

My degrees has not helped at all. It was a waste of time and money. No promotions or nothing. I’m very embarrassed that I went to this educational facility. Do not got hear. They want your financial aid money. The deans are always changing. I should have went to a public college, they are expensive. Take my word for it.

Tatiana Pearson

Reviewed: 7/6/2023

Degree: Project Management

I attended Strayer for only two semesters. In that time I completed 18 credits. The courses are insanely easy, including Sophia, which only requires a 70 to pass, no challenge, no real education. It did not take me long to discover that this was a diploma mill business. The discussion boards are filled with....well you'll see....people asking when they'll get their disbursement checks, asking for money to pay their rent, asking to add people on IG and face book to "hang out". If your a true scholar... Read More

Shakirah Johnson

Reviewed: 6/8/2023

Degree: Business Administration

The online format was great for gave me the flexibility I needed. I’m a dialysis patient and was able to continue my studies, even when hospitalized. My family is proud of my accomplishments as an Honor student, mentor and Strayer Ambassador. I enjoyed the online interaction. The professors want the students to excel.

B. Bryant

Reviewed: 1/31/2023

Degree: Information Technology

I am a vet that decided to pivot to IT during the pandemic after some financial setbacks and other life problems. The VA pushed out the VRRAP program and I am very thankful for this as my other military benefits were exhausted. I am able to relax a little while I earn my degree from home, but I am not gullible! I just put a sock in it and "kept my head down" once I realized I was thrown into the trap. I am not dumb, I understand and it has been made clear that Strayer University is a for-profit institution.... Read More

April Brown

Reviewed: 11/12/2022

Degree: Instructional Technology

I graduated the top of my program and have not been able to find employment. I am in debt big time and cannot find a job and I am unable to get the school to return my phone calls. I am very disappointed with Strayer University I graduated 2020. Currently I drive for Uber due to not being able to find employment with my “Masters Degree”


Reviewed: 7/10/2022

Degree: Public Administration

I have to be honest. I was in a Master's of Public Administration program and was one class away from graduating. I ran out of funds when I stopped going. The classes were easy. If you just want a degree without learning anything or putting in much work then this school is perfect for you. If you actually want to learn or be challenged this isn't the school for you. I had professors that just gave A's without actually looking at your work. In one online class I was taking I used to turn in the same... Read More


Reviewed: 4/25/2022

Degree: Business Administration

I have been employed in the healthcare industry for decades, and only needed the degree now because my company was acquired by an organization that requires it for me to advance any further. I already earn as much if not more than others with a degree because of my experience. Strayer is ok, but your experience will vary class to class depending upon the professor. Some just don't give a damn, others are awesome. I am in a class now that has quizzes each week, 4 major assignments, and tons of reading... Read More


Reviewed: 1/27/2022

Degree: Human Resources

I must say that the professors here are amazing! On the other hand I will say that many of the support team members (Student coaches) have no idea what they are doing. In my 15 months I was assigned to approximately 5-6 student coaches. With that said, the only time that I ever heard from a student coach was when it was time to sign up for more classes. Outside of registering for more courses, it was like pulling teeth to get a coach on the line. They will not return calls, but will send random e-mails... Read More

Christian Believer

Reviewed: 12/29/2021

Degree: Business Administration

Strayer University was a great investment. Upon graduation I noticed a major increase in interests from employers. I have gained confidence in areas such as marketing, financial statements, and business operations. Strayer does a great job of breaking down complex material and delivering it in an easy to comprehend fashion. This is not a cake University and you will have to earn your grade especially in the latter courses. I am shocked at how many new skills I've gained from this program. This is... Read More

Cynamon Curry

Reviewed: 10/22/2021

Degree: Business

This school is terrible! I can't say that enough. I feel cheated! They put me in a degree program. Then changed it after I took 5 classes starting they did a mistake. After all this they claimed they were getting financial aid but handed me Bill for over $10k.


Reviewed: 10/20/2021

Degree: Management

Do you want your assignments graded on an assembly line from a part time employee who is not your teacher? Well, at Strayer, that is exactly what they do. It will be hard to find a career with a degree at Strayer University compared to a degree from other institutions. They might be regionally accredited and care about their students, but it ends there. Strayer University is still a for-profit university, and they want your money. Faculty will seldom grade your assignments and responds to your emails.... Read More


Reviewed: 8/17/2021

Degree: Business Administration

The school is geared towards working adults. It has met the requirements I had expected going into the program. It has assisted with progressing in my career, and put me in a position to pursue a higher degree. You must be self motivated to learn the material, and to be successful in the program. The support can be hit or miss depending on the professor, but it is comparable to other schools I have attended in the past. Negative reviews of the school are almost always geared towards financial aid,... Read More


Reviewed: 6/1/2021

Degree: Business Administration

I have no complaints of my experience with Strayer. I really think when it comes to online learning, it takes a self-motivated person to succeed. If you are not motivated to meet deadlines and put for an effort on your own, then you will not have a very positive experience with any online school. My professors were very knowledgeable and helpful. The learning program, Blackboard, was very user-friendly. I learned a lot and I can apply it to my job.

Mr Stanley

Reviewed: 5/20/2021

Degree: Cybersecurity

Basically and transferring to the school I was explained that my prior phospha that was approved less than three weeks before transferring to Strayer University would transfer over no problem with the change of the school code guys I have been scanned by the school they pay for my classes they denied my Pell Grant this has been the worst experience of my life I recommend that if you're looking to go to the school please keep going please keep going they will scam you

Spencer Fort

Reviewed: 2/15/2021

Degree: Computer and Information Science

I would not recommend attending this school at all. I have been a student for 3 years and have been on the Dean's list for most of those years. The success coach i have been assigned does not return any of my calls or emails and has completely ignored me. This has led to me getting dropped from classes and signed up for classes that are not pertinent to my major. I have made requests to have a new one provided but this has not happened. This school is happy to take your money but that is where it... Read More


Reviewed: 1/27/2021

Degree: Psychology

Strayer has nothing to offer an actual student. As a former student I experienced unprofessional professors, no advisor support, difficulty in getting Strayer staff on the phone for any questions and financial services stalling my every request. My personal experience was like pulling teeth no matter which way I tried to go with them. Strayer lures you in via false advertisements and a false sense of support but you don't realize it's too late until you interact with fellow Strayer students and see... Read More

Robert Aziz

Reviewed: 9/14/2020

Degree: Business

Nice people to work with but I have found that the degree is not respected in the workplace, mostly because it is open admission. Better to start at a community college for free, then transfer to a traditional four-year college to finish. Do not recommend.


Reviewed: 2/29/2020

Degree: Accounting

Strayer is barely a school. The professors don't help and you can't fight your grades. They pretty much don't care and just have everything graded on automation or hire others to grade it for them. I went 6 classes writing papers and get to class 7 and that professor tells me I have everything wrong with the way I write papers. I asked them how I wrote everything incorrectly, they didn't tell me, just that I needed to submit my paper to the virtual writing center. I do now before I submit it to the... Read More


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