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Southern New Hampshire University Online Reviews of Master's in English

6 Reviews

Locations:   Manchester (NH) 

Annual Tuition: $9,600

50% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
67% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Master's in English

Student Reviews - Master's in English

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Jeff Walters

Reviewed: 6/5/2019

Degree: English

This biggest issues I have is with the Administration and the poor customer service they provide to distance education students. I'm abhorred as to the treatment that I've been subjected to by their employees, which I can only assume are mostly part-time undergraduate and graduate students. The staff is profoundly incompetent and the administration seems to care less because they're probably vacationing in Adirondacks or Cape Cod for the summer and left the inmates to run the prison. I've literally... Read More

Heather B

Reviewed: 9/2/2017

Degree: English

Attending SNHU's online Master's program in English is one of the best decisions I ever made. I was able to find adjunct college teaching positions within two months of graduating. All of the professors were professional and helpful. The classes all helped me improve my skills not only as a teacher, but as a writer and researcher. I would highly recommend SNHU to anyone looking to further his or her education.


Reviewed: 11/12/2016

Degree: English

I previously graduated from a local school with my bachelor's degree. I decided to go to SNHU for my Master's and I wanted to do it online. I must say I was impressed. The online tools are exceptional. Each course is of course unique based on the instructor. Overall it was great. My student advisor was helpful and always available. The price was fair. The regional accreditation is the highest there is. All these are reasons I chose to go there. I'd do it again.


Reviewed: 6/30/2016

Degree: English

The courses are good, or seem pretty good, and some of the profs are very good. But there are major down sides. One is that you teach yourself. The design of the courses eliminates lectures and live discussion, which should be the heart of these courses. Worse, the vast majority of students in this program are unprepared. They mostly mean well, but have shockingly little writing or analytic skills, and many of them simply put little to nothing into the courses. Since the program is based on "peer"... Read More


Reviewed: 6/27/2016

Degree: English

Avoid this university. They pass everyone. I finished my BA and almost completed an MA. The degrees are meaningless, nobody takes SNHU seriously, and with almost zero overhead, they are becoming rich off teaching absolutely nothing and making you believe you can actually do something once you graduate.

Leroy B

Reviewed: 6/26/2015

Degree: English

Originally started this program because they are one of a few who offer this as an online program. Came within two classes of graduation and ran into a young professor with little understanding how to manage or teach an online class. When I dropped the class the university charged me for the whole class while refusing to address concerns. It is strongly suggested you consider other options for school.


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