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Southern New Hampshire University Online Reviews of Bachelor's in Management

9 Reviews

Locations:   Manchester (NH) 

Annual Tuition: $9,600

33% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
56% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Management

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Management

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Reviewed: 2/22/2022

Degree: Management

I'm currently enrolled in SNHU taking the BS.OMA.PMA degree plan (Bachelor's in Operations management with concentration in Project Management) I felt the need to write this review because of some of the very low stars I see on here written by probably younger students or those who are not great with computers. After my first year attending my only hope is that more students are failed for there blatant inability read instructions and write semi-coherently. I've maintained a 4.0 GPA thus far by simply... Read More


Reviewed: 8/4/2021

Degree: Management

SNHU is a good school if you are a full time employee, active duty military, a single parent/stay at home parent, AND you are not paying for it (Gi Bill, scholarships, etc.). The price is outrageous for the education I received. It is only good for meeting that minimum qualification requirement that many employers have. Did I learn a lot? eh. more than I knew going in, but not as much as I really should have. I blew through the courses on President's list, making all A's with a few A-'s, mostly to... Read More


Reviewed: 9/16/2019

Degree: Management

Garbage! Pick any other school. 1-No proctored exams, no cameras needed, (essentially anyone can take the course for you). No tests, even quizzes are multiple choose and all over the internet. My companies required online training is more controlled. I, for one will not hire anyone with a degree from here. 2- every class had major contradictions with the rubric. The assignments don’t match the grading guide. What was graded was not asked. When confronting the instructors, and yes, every course and... Read More

Military Retired

Reviewed: 7/31/2019

Degree: Management

Horrible school with crazy policies and poor student services support. I had 1 Professor that was obviously biased and graded to whatever standard she wished with no regard for the rubric. I complained to the school about the unfair grading procedures and they said they would have to review all my work for Plagiarism, I agreed and they still returned a verdict that sided with the biased and possibly racist professor. I quit immediately and will find another school with some more credibility. I am... Read More

Military members, stay away

Reviewed: 7/6/2018

Degree: Management

Terrible online school. Yes, they gave me quite a lot of credit for my military career. But the instructor's are all ego-centric and there is not accountability for them. They publish a Rubric you must follow, but they do not grade off of it. They can give a poor grade for anything and no one double checks their grading. You bring it up and they automatically label you as a trouble maker and you will not get another good grade. So many better options for veterans. I highly recommend staying away

Dan F

Reviewed: 10/26/2017

Degree: Management

I see that most of the negative comments here are from students that are either in debt or are not suited to be in an online program. An online program is designed to be self-paced, not instructor-led. The instructors are their to guide you on your way to finish the class. All the rubrics and resources that you will ever need are provided for you; if you don't have the motivation to go look for them then that is your fault. Honestly, this would not be a university to attend right out of college.... Read More


Reviewed: 11/7/2016

Degree: Management

I have read mostly the negative reviews, and I have to say that the experiences described there have not been mine. What I really find frustrating in the reviews are the people in their first year complaining that it is the worst college ever, or the people in their last year rating it really low based on a single class. I have had all the resources I need to succeed in class. If you need more than is offered, perhaps online learning is not for you.

Brent S.

Reviewed: 5/26/2016

Degree: Management

After a couple different local colleges, I decided to try the online approach. This was a second degree for me and I work in a career where I support computer technology so this seemed like it might be a good fit. I would not recommend this approach to a first time college student. I found the grading somewhat easy, relative to an in-class environment. Some professors very engaged other just mailing it in. All in all not a bad experience. I was disappointed at the end, though. Received my degree... Read More

Adam C.

Reviewed: 3/17/2014

Degree: Management

I had to write a review because of the one star review which I thought was unfair. I have been around the proverbial block with online schools. I have audited or enrolled and withdrew within the refund period of about seven online schools and have attended my local university in a traditional setting. I have found the staff at SNHU to be the absolute best when it comes to dealing with the students. All of my academic advisors have been spot on and caring and have gone out of their way to answer any... Read More


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