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Southern New Hampshire University Online Reviews of Bachelor's in Accounting

12 Reviews

Locations:   Manchester (NH) 

Annual Tuition: $9,600

71% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
58% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Accounting

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Accounting

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Reviewed: 7/11/2023

Degree: Accounting

Felt good about the quality and level of difficulty that I experienced for each course. Yes, they have good instructors and a few bad instructors as well. However, the hood by far out weighs the bad. I am going back for my Masters degree in Accounting for this fall. This school is not a diploma mill. Online is tougher because you have to be willing to put in the work, but you still have to meet the deadlines just like you would if you were in a face to face course.

Anthony Moye

Reviewed: 4/24/2023

Degree: Accounting

Please sort your options this institution is not worth it. I have had better experiences at University of Phoenix and Everest compared to this institution. The instructors are retalitory and just petty. Do not work ahead because the Professors will find any excuse to bring you down to size with the dumbest deductions.

John Smith

Reviewed: 9/21/2021

Degree: Accounting

SNHU has great career services. They are quick to lean in and help when I need it. The instructors are pretty good. Not sure yet if this degree will help me get the job I want but I'm definitely hoping so. The online format works well because I'm pretty busy.


Reviewed: 7/18/2019

Degree: Accounting

I am currently a student at SNHU. This is only my 2nd term with them and I have had the best support from both my advisor and my instructors. I feel bad for whoever has had a horrible experience here, but I receive call backs same day from my advisor and my instructors have even provided me with their cell phone numbers for quicker response times. Yes, there is alot of reading and assignments but what else would you expect from an online school? Again this is only my 2nd term but I love it.


Reviewed: 5/1/2018

Degree: Accounting

I had mixed feelings starting a program online to turn my associates into a Bachelor's degree, I saw negative reviews and was very nervous starting at this school and doing is online. The courses are challenging and of course some professors are hard to grasp, but it is beneficial to reach out to classmates, advisors and other resources to complete work. reading everything about the class, webinars are very helpful and 90% of my experience with teachers (even the small few I did not enjoy) all communicated... Read More

Rosa Agosto

Reviewed: 8/1/2017

Degree: Accounting

SNHU Online is a great program for people like me that have already started their career and want to finish their degree but it's difficult to take classes in campus due to all of life's demands such as work, family and church. I would definitely recommend the program, one day after I finished I had already found a position within my filed of study.

Accountant 1

Reviewed: 6/24/2017

Degree: Accounting

So I've seen quite a few mixed reviews regarding SNHU and thought I would post some personal insight based on my own experiences. I currently work as an accountant for one of the top five companies in San Diego and completed my first bachelor's degree from a top tier university in the midwest. While I did not go to school for accounting, through a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck I was promoted into the financial field. Since I didn't go to school for accounting and am preparing to sit for... Read More


Reviewed: 4/6/2017

Degree: Accounting

The professors are terrible. I failed an assignment without a reason. it shows on rubric "visit writing center for help, assignment was not professional, not APA style". I reached out to both 'advisor" and professor. No response or help. at least with other colleges they would show you what you did wrong/ how to improve. This college they don't bother. All the assignment are linked with each other, double graded. What I mean is week 3 homework you will turn in, polish and turn in again on week 8.... Read More

Greg F

Reviewed: 12/27/2016

Degree: Accounting

Last week I received a phone call from my academic advisor that I have an outstanding balance of $520 on my account which will need to be pay within a week in order to remain activate in the program. I was never informed of this issue until I have completed my first term. Every week I have reviewed my financial aid website and nothing was mention that there was a balance. Nor did I receive any statements. I have tried several times to speak with a manager in both Academic and Financial Aid but no... Read More


Reviewed: 8/30/2016

Degree: Accounting

The online program has lots of confusion. It is so hard to follow the instructions. I am so struggling for weekly assignment. You cannot find help from the department. Professor Mona did not very help for online students. She is unprofessional. Think before you take this professor.

Carl Webster

Reviewed: 3/25/2015

Degree: Accounting

SNHU is a University have big issues on their administration it really doesn't matter what department for the time I have been in this school there has been a huge strugle to get anything done the advising center is nothing but garbage they will loose your forms there is a probability that the forms have to be submitted at least 20 times before they will do anything if you need to speak to somebody good luck you probable will have a better chance resurrecting the death

Alicia Harnitz

Reviewed: 8/6/2014

Degree: Accounting

SNHU is an excellent program to be able to do at home, online. It is some of the best classes I have taken, alongside with some of the most difficult. The instruction and interaction is much better than some of the online programs I have done.


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