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Southern New Hampshire University Online

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Locations:   Manchester (NH) 

Annual Tuition: $9,600

59% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
61% of students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student Reviews

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Reviewed: 4/19/2015

Degree: Mathematics

Advisors and professors have been incredibly helpful and attentive every step of the way. I did not feel like "another number"; I truly felt appreciated and encouraged to pursue my degree. Classes are well-structured and very clear-cut. Tuition was very reasonable, considering the quality of the education you receive. Fantastic experience all around!


Reviewed: 4/16/2015

Degree: Marketing

So far, I'm having a wonderful experience. The professors and advisors are very helpful. They do follow up calls and emails to make sure you're comfortable with the format. My professor always provides feedback positive or on what needs improvement when posting each grade. If they feel like you are unsure of what is expected or heading in the wrong direction they always make sure to touch base. The work load is a lot, but not overwhelming as with other online programs I've reviewed or attended. SNHU... Read More

Dylan Jones

Reviewed: 4/14/2015

Degree: Liberal Studies

I love SNHU, it was very different than my traditional college experiences. The personal focus must be higher as you are not on campus, its just you holding yourself accountable. Do your research and I would recommend a non-profit college. They have been helpful and seem genuinely interested in your success. You have one contact and the tech support is first rate. They are also veteran friendly. If you are looking for true online experience without the unnecessary layers checkout SNHU.


Reviewed: 4/12/2015

Degree: Environmental Science

This school will steal your money, force you to pay out of pocket or rely on loans because YOUR grants are unavailable or held by another school, excuse after excuse. And they cannot seem to keep to their promised Veteran pricing that they offered my wife or sister. I promise you will regret dealing with these thieves. It will blow your mind the amount of unprofessional representatives will lie about your problems. Do Not take their words at face value.


Reviewed: 4/11/2015

Degree: Mathematics

I am five-eighths of the way through my first term at SNHU online. This will be my third degree, the first two were from (different) brick & mortar state universities. I also teach developmental math at a local community college. And I taught one term at ITT Tech, which is a diploma mill to such a disgusting degree. I never returned. I am impressed with SNHU and with what they have been able to achieve. I am taking two classes, one of which I find extremely challenging, the other only mildly so.... Read More


Reviewed: 4/8/2015

Degree: Environmental Science

This school is a mess!!! It has been a headache since day one. First they kept giving me the wrong tuition rate. I qualified for active duty tuition and had to fix it twice. The financial aid office is even wrose! They were always telling me different storys on why my award amount was being changed and so much more. The teachers would take weeks to grade your paper or message you back. It is just a complete waste of time and money!


Reviewed: 3/29/2015

Degree: Environmental Science

Living in a rural area and being currently unable to uproot my life to be a traditional student, I was looking at online options. I was pleasantly surprised at the wide variety of programs SNHU offers, including degrees not normally considered to be available online. I am taking classes part-time which allows me to still be able to work full-time and have a life. SNHU also accepted all of my transfer credits (I have an A.S. degree and credits from 3 prior schools.) Tuition is reasonable and there... Read More

Student A

Reviewed: 3/18/2015

Degree: Business

I like SNHU. I attended two brick and mortar establishments (a private for profit and a state school) prior to SNHU. The private university proved too costly considering I was not working, and the state school was absolute garbage. I decided to go back to school once I had an employer who provided tuition assistance, and I chose SNHU. The reason I selected them (this was in 2012) was because they seemed reputable, the people I spoke with were friendly, and I didn't care much for the reputation of... Read More

Market Online - all about money!

Reviewed: 3/5/2015

Degree: Education

For online learning, You log in listen to a few chat, read a book, send in a paper, Hmm, that's NOT how one achieves a quality education. As an executive, I will never consider hiring someone from such a program. I took a class to "test" the quality of the program, they failed. I already have two Master Degrees. If you want the "paper" degree, fine. Also, There is major mismanagement of student case loads and student aid not processed correctly putting students in a spot where they own cash. I had... Read More


Reviewed: 3/2/2015

Degree: Public Administration

This is a great school and very helpful instructors and academic advisors. Worth the money but be prepared to write a lot of papers. Previous college credits will be applied and you'll be on your way to a great education. This school actually exists and not considered a 'diploma mill'.


Reviewed: 2/27/2015

Degree: Psychology

Very terrible. After I withdrew and disagreed with them, they sent my account to collections wanting 6,000 dollars. I contacted SNHU who in turn blocked me. In the past when the recruiter called me I said I found a better college, she loudly sighed and hung up the phone.


Reviewed: 2/23/2015

Degree: Business

I was a little skeptical about SNHU (and online education in general) when I first decided to go back and finish my bachelor's degree in late 2013. I have attended both a traditional brick and mortar state university as well as an exclusively online experience at SNHU, so I have a decent amount of experience in both settings. Overall, I have been fairly happy with my experience while attending SNHU when I compare it with my experience at a state university. First of all, you have to be comfortable... Read More


Reviewed: 1/14/2015

Degree: Criminal Justice

Great online school they encourage you every step of the way but you must do the work not a school for lazy people

Joseph S.

Reviewed: 1/13/2015

Degree: Information Technology

They are awesome. You cannot find a more affordable school that is online with the amount of degrees they have available. Awesome awesome awesome

Joy Rockwell

Reviewed: 1/12/2015

Degree: Accounting

I'm in Arizona and was enrolled at SNHU Online. I had completed 2 courses with no issues. I paid for the tuition up front and my employer reimbursed me at the end upon evidence of course completion with passing grades. However, when my company announced layoffs, I was unsure if I could be reimbursed if I was no longer employed when I completed the course. So to be safe, I sent my advisor an email within the required withdrawal period explaining my concerns and requested to withdraw from the class... Read More

Brian P.

Reviewed: 1/7/2015

Degree: Business

Excellent school. I have read some reviews speaking bad about SNHU and it poor online degrees, but if you look at all the major universities they are all going online. PSU has a masters that is online, Georgia Tech masters online, a ton of undergrad programs from top schools are online. The argument is flawed to say online is not a worthy degree otherwise it would have died out long ago. I highly recommend SNHU and other online programs from established accredited universities it is worth it.

Lori Young

Reviewed: 1/5/2015

Degree: Computer Programming

I love the help I have received through every course. If a person fails at this school, it is because he or she does not do the work at all. All any student has to do is ask for help or let the instructor know he or she is struggling with the material and help is given by other students, tutoring, the instructor, the adviser, and online material like Khan Academy.

SNHU Alumni

Reviewed: 1/5/2015

Degree: Business

Before its nationwide mass marketing campaign two years ago SNHU offered an excellent online education to its students. It was top quality with great value. I know, I was a student at one time and so impressed I later became an adjunct instructor for the program over a period of several years. Now with its push for rapid expansion nationally it resembles more of a for profit diploma mill. It seems more is spent on advertising than on the quality of education they offer. This is a true loss for any... Read More


Reviewed: 12/17/2014

Degree: MBA

Ive gained more as a student in my time here (Jan 14-Present) then I did in my undergrad from (Sept 2008-Dec 13). Some classes are more challenging then others, and yes there are some professors online who really dont care. However I believe that the you find more who do care. Nothing is perfect. I have had in class professors who don't care as well. If you apply yourself it will get noticed. The amunt of effort and time you put in, will be seen by professors and you will be rewarded for that.

Frank Rigaud

Reviewed: 12/8/2014

Degree: History

SNHU is running a grift on its students. Note that it gives you 3 credits for 8 weeks of work, instead of the normal 16 at a real college, but you pay as if you're at University of X or X State University. This system is in place so SNHU can suck down massive amounts of federal aid, not because it is the best way of providing quality education. SNHU exists to make money for SNHU ... tho' it is a not-for-profit unlike Phoenix and the other thieving dens. Regardless of the on-line schools' for-profit... Read More


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