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Simmons University Reviews of Master's in Nursing

24 Reviews

Locations:   Boston (MA) 

Annual Tuition: $43,062

25% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
54% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Master's in Nursing

Student Reviews - Master's in Nursing

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Reviewed: 5/2/2017

Degree: Nursing

Caution !!very expensive & misleading. Recorded lectures horrible & class meetings, but still NO TEACHING. Registering for classes a nightmare, NOT be able to work FT and pass. Fail/drop rate for a few classes is 75%. Unfair and secretive testing. Brick and mortar school but, admissions reps are recruiters!! Selling that Simmons program is different but it really is the same or worse than other online programs. Some of the required textbooks were written by the instructors.

Smart nurse

Reviewed: 5/1/2017

Degree: Nursing

Just horrible, flaky and lazy instructors, they will retaliate if you complain, they do not teach you. For the money they charge, you can finish 2 FNP programs somewhere else. I do regret being lured into this program, will transfer into another program. They are not capable of designing sound test questions, always some mishap, questions end up being thrown out, they keep it secret too. I think they do not have their stuff together. In your online lectures you end up being split into groups and... Read More

Nursing@Simmons program review

Reviewed: 3/31/2017

Degree: Nursing

Simmons does an excellent job of recruiting. They discuss how "rigorous" the program is and the successes of the brick-and-mortar college (which have been plentiful). The online MS-FNP program, however, is NOT what it appears (or what you are told) to be. As someone with another graduate degree from another college, and a 3.98 GPA, I am not "disgruntled" because of "failing," I am not happy with the entire way this program is set up. The online weekly live sessions have the potential to be a wonderful... Read More


Reviewed: 11/21/2016

Degree: Nursing

I do not recommend this program. I am a good student just looking for a program that is accountable. They don't let you review quizzes or exams -so if you fail you never get feedback. This is a new rule but I wish I had done a different program. Many other problems such as poorly constructed exams and some bad teachers. Find another program.

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