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San Juan College Reviews of Associate in Veterinary Technician

11 Reviews

Locations:   Farmington (NM) 

Annual Tuition: $4,546

67% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
36% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Associate in Veterinary Technician

Student Reviews - Associate in Veterinary Technician

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Reviewed: 3/13/2023

Degree: Veterinary Technician

I loved attending the distant learning vet tech program. I felt extremely well prepared to take the VTNE once I graduated and did pass the VTNE on my first attempt. I loved that this school had teachers available to answer questions. I also appreciated the semester based schedule and the deadlines on assignments and exams. I felt that was nice to help keep me on track with the program. The video portion of the program was difficult, but it is extremely doable. I am an extremely motivated person and... Read More


Reviewed: 8/3/2022

Degree: Veterinary Technician

I loved this program for the first year I was taking it doing online courses. But after the first year I began video courses. These are unbearable. They use the excuse that students have to retake these classes in order to pass. Which is something that is ridiculous to even say. It has caused so much conflict at my current clinic I don’t even want to be there anymore. But that’s not an option because my graduation date has gotten pushed back another semester for a 3rd time. I could understand if... Read More


Reviewed: 7/14/2021

Degree: Veterinary Technician

I attended this program for over 5 years and don’t have anything to show for it. I finally decided to leave the veterinary profession and pursue another career. I recommend this program when I was first started but once I got into the video section I could never move forward. I finally gave up. The expectations are so unrealistic and it causes so much conflict for my OCCI. All the doctors and the techs I worked with couldn’t imagine I wasn’t passing. I actually had a mental breakdown last year and... Read More

Friendly VET tech in traning

Reviewed: 3/7/2020

Degree: Veterinary Technician

Avoid this school at all costs, the first few tiers are great however once you get to the video's you basically have to just stage each one to mimic the school requirements. The video classes are there to set the students up for failure. If my credits transferred anywhere I would have already tried. This school is dedicated to ensuring that you do not pass the video classes they are too critical and honestly put the patient at risk due to the amount of explaining the student is required to do while... Read More


Reviewed: 2/12/2020

Degree: Veterinary Technician

His school is so confusing and super strict. Their courses have no room for error. The moment you fail a quiz/exam/discussion board you fail the whole class and are required to RETAKE the course. Sounds like a huge set up to me! Run away fast !!!!!!!

DogCat RVT

Reviewed: 8/3/2018

Degree: Veterinary Technician

I decided to write because I was tired of the strange reviews on this site. I did not start my AAS here. I started with another distance learning program. It can be difficult to find an online program that has a high VTNE pass rate. Needless to say, I had a difficult time communicating with the instructors at the old school and felt that I was a number. I really wanted more help than I was getting there and my coworker was taking classes at SJC. I transferred after my second semester and many long... Read More


Reviewed: 5/9/2016

Degree: Veterinary Technician

This school ranks as one of the best online vet tech degrees, but because of this, I believe they must have far too many students and they cannot handle it, leaving you without much help. Sherry the director of this program takes weeks to email you back, wont return your phone call after the initial one to get you enrolled. You have to schedule phone appointments weeks ahead of time because there is virtually none to help you figure out there very confusing enrollment process or answer any questions... Read More


Reviewed: 3/21/2016

Degree: Veterinary Technician

I love this college, the advisors care so much! i am an online student but i feel as if i am sitting in class with everyone else because the advisors are so attentive and punctual to all my needs! Thank you San Juan College for all the help and for truly caring about your students!


Reviewed: 10/30/2015

Degree: Veterinary Technician

The Vet Tech Distance Learning program is great at first, however, the last 10-15 units are very difficult. Dr. Wright mentioned that many students fail out of the video courses and are required to take them over again. The professor was not helpful at all and there is no remediation plan regardless of what the assignment paperwork states-- you will not be helped to come up with a solution when your veterinary practice doesn't do the type of procedure directly as stated in the video courses. The... Read More


Reviewed: 12/21/2014

Degree: Veterinary Technician

I went here and everything was great in the beginning. Then I began to get further along and they don't help you find a place to intern but there are rigid requirements. Once I found a place, they told me that this place did not qualify for certain other classes. Clinics must be AAHA certified which few are and must do each thing in house. Forget the future when you are told that if you cant find a large animal practice in the city you have to fly across the country to attend a short program. I also... Read More


Reviewed: 4/10/2013

Degree: Veterinary Technician

San Juan is a great school. The admission team is very friendly and helped me plan out my future at San Juan.

I never had any technical issues or anything. The instructors were all very nice and willing to help in whatever capacity they could.

I would definitely recommend San Juan to anyone who wanted a degree in the veterinary field!

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