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Saint Leo University Online Reviews of Master's in MBA

6 Reviews

Locations:   St. Leo (FL) 

Annual Tuition: $26,050

0% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
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Student Reviews - Master's in MBA

Student Reviews - Master's in MBA

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D Horton

Reviewed: 1/20/2022

Degree: MBA

Their online MBA is a scam. I've had so far only 2 teachers who were SOMEWHAT knowledgeable about the topic they were teaching. The rest of "professors" are fake - you can't find them anywhere on Linkedin, and if you do, their profiles have nothing in the "education" field in LinkedIn, or,at best, their "PhDs" are from an online university with a 100% acceptance rate. More often than not you get "professors" who have no idea about the topics they are teaching. In addition, if you are lucky enough... Read More


Reviewed: 9/22/2021

Degree: MBA

As wonderful as the campus of the university is, I cannot say the same thing in relation to students. First of all, student success coaches are not reachable. When freshmen (especially, international freshmen) need to register for classes, student success coaches do not pick up the phone or respond to the emails. Second of all, the university always looks for a way to make money of the students. This year, for example, the university implemented a mandatory health center fee (note: not related to... Read More

Blair Roberts

Reviewed: 6/3/2021

Degree: MBA

I had to drop a class due to a medical issue. There was some friction, but it was tolerable. Unfortunately, I had to discontinue a second class--also due to a documented medical issue--and this time I am being charged nearly 2000 DOLLARS for a class of which I received NO BENEFIT! I have been fighting the inconsistent application of their policy FOR 18 MONTHS! I cant transfer, I cant register, I cant move on. I have contacted the school nearly 100 times and have been given the run-around for nearly... Read More

Andrew Lifka

Reviewed: 1/22/2021

Degree: MBA

The undergraduate program and living on campus is fantastic. Professors are great, you are encouraged to stay active and involved, and there is a huge focus on leadership development. However, I began my master's course online and seeing how I am a happy alumni from here I figured it'd be a good program. It is absolutely horrendous. This experience was not at all what I got from my undergrad. The professors are complete bigots who think they are God and treat you like a peasant although you are already... Read More


Reviewed: 5/28/2020

Degree: MBA

A horrible experience from the start. No one you talk to knows what is happening or why. From the Dean of the program to the financial services people- none of them can fully explain even their own portion of the program. Classes are beyond simple, professors are 50/50 either awesome or obviously just there to pay a bill and don't care what you get from them. Course cost changes on a regular basis so you never know what your paying or why the cost changes, so really dont bother with this program... Read More


Reviewed: 1/16/2017

Degree: MBA

Incredibly unorganized. Students have no idea classes get canceled. Students have no idea what book to get and Saint Leo forces students to purchase new proprietary books by hiding the authors names in the book store. They have no original content, but instead put the Saint Leo name on a book, change the cover and force students to buy it from the SLU bookstore and pay over $100 each time. They use a Pearson app for the books and it is a busy distracting nightmare that is at times impossible to use... Read More

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