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Rasmussen University Online Reviews of Associate in Business

7 Reviews

Locations:     Multiple Locations

Annual Tuition: $11,610

0% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
29% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Associate in Business

Student Reviews - Associate in Business

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Reviewed: 8/24/2022

Degree: Business

The platform is super consistent, which is nice. The issue is that just about everything else with the school is inconsistent. I constantly have to fight for better grades, but I am tired of it. I give up. The dean doesn't care about student success, so why should teachers? This school needs to monitor the work of teachers. There are teachers here that are way too underqualified and the experience is extremely inconsistent. One of my biggest frustrations is when the instructor does not know their... Read More

Age doen't matter

Reviewed: 7/13/2019

Degree: Business

I see all the negatives in these reviews, if they are all true, I must been in a different school. I have had nothing but an excellent experience since I entered school in November, 2017. My classes and instructors were all top notch. I spent 35 years in the business world before I returned to school so I some knowledge about what instructors were teaching having already experienced it. True, Rasmussen is not cheap, but I feel that I get my money's worth every quarter. I get my Associates in September... Read More


Reviewed: 4/11/2017

Degree: Business

I have a IEP and like the fellow before; was given the run around. they kept changing advisiors and I wouldn't get my books till the class was in its 6th week. They kicked me out after 2 Deans List Awards and the A's to go with them But.. I flunked accounting 2; 2x and they couldn't wait to kick me out. I owe $30,000 for nothing.I also asked for help.. I could not learn from him and then they made him my ... tutor. in his class room while it was in attendance with other students. I couldn't think... Read More

Bad School

Reviewed: 5/1/2016

Degree: Business

I made a huge mistake going to this school. I saw on our company intranet that Rasmussen offered 10 % discounts off tuition. I had wanted to go back to school so I contacted the local Rasmussen College. I wish I never saw that ad on the intranet! After hooking me in with their promises and lies I found it difficult to even get my advisor to connect with me after I enrolled. The instructors are non responsive when you email about assignments and the tutoring is useless. They tell you they cannot help... Read More

Awful School

Reviewed: 2/11/2016

Degree: Business

DO NOT ATTEND THIS "COLLEGE"!!! I enrolled at Rasmussen this year for my Associate Degree and planned on getting my Bachelors degree there as well. When I first contacted this school the advisor was very responsive. He called me back timely and was very nice. The minute I signed that form to enroll I never heard from him again. I was just another number in his quota of enrollees to get suckered into this school. The instructors aren't qualified to teach preschool let alone college classes. Basically... Read More


Reviewed: 1/24/2015

Degree: Business

I have been attending Rasmussen for 3 months now and I got to say it is not as bad as people say. Maybe it takes time , I don't know! So far my teachers are good in everything they do. They respond in a timely matter and they also are specific about what needs to be done for the assignments. My student advisor is also good , she is probably why I like the school the most! She emails me and checks up on me , she is always there when I have questions, she responds to my emails within 24 hours. it is... Read More


Reviewed: 9/25/2014

Degree: Business

Just like the rest they are friendly in the beginning and really excited to get you started, after that its nearly impossible to get in contact with someone. THEY FIRE AND RE-HIRE EVERY MONTH! I attended Rasmussen online for a year and a half and in that time I had 6 student advisers. Heed this warning, they are all about money and no one has even heard of them!!!!!! In my second year they switched from tangible text books to digital without the consent of anyone. They continued to charge you the... Read More


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