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Purdue Global Reviews of Certificate in Medical Billing & Coding

12 Reviews

Locations:   Indianapolis (IN) 

Annual Tuition: $14,436

50% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
50% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Certificate in Medical Billing & Coding

Student Reviews - Certificate in Medical Billing & Coding

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Kourtney Hotaling

Reviewed: 9/8/2023

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

It's a fairly affordable option for people who need to do school on the side. I take two classes every 10 weeks, and it's worked out great for me personally. With an apartment and two dogs to take care of, this program was able to easily fit into my schedule. This is a great option for anyone looking to get a degree/certificate to put on their resume to appeal to more employers. It shows them you are capable of learning difficult topics and broadens your job capabilities.


Reviewed: 3/14/2023

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

This was my first Online learning experience. The program moved very fast (10-week semesters) and I understand that the instructors don't have time to tell us everything. I was not prepared for the amount of homework we were given. I was not prepared for how difficult it would be to find an entry level position. I contacted Career Services a few times, they were helping me with my resume. I heard back maybe twice and then I never heard from them again. Overall I would say that it was a really good... Read More


Reviewed: 12/16/2022

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

Nothing about this school is transparent or straightforward. The education is great but the student experience otherwise is absolutely dreadful. I just received a bill for over $5000 after graduating from my program and receiving my diploma. I have been completely blind-sighted like this multiple times throughout the 13 months I attended here. The financial department is a joke, student services are a joke, they don’t care once they’ve got you reeled in. I’m so disappointed in the way this school... Read More

Ruby Davis

Reviewed: 6/22/2022

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

I won't be returning (as they want you to) or recommending. I had maybe two good professors and one great one (notated below), but the other bad/mediocre ones and the administrative/"support" staff make it unnecessarily difficult and intolerable. Hindsight is 20/20. I should have gone through AAPC. Many employers require certification through AAPC or AHIMA anyway. Professor JJ is one of the great professors for the Medical Billing & Coding program HS292 course. If you do end up attending, request... Read More


Reviewed: 5/17/2022

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

If you are looking for a school where you don't really learn much, but it's easy and backed by the name Purdue, then this is the school for you. When I first found PG I was excited because the cost per credit hour was really good compared to other schools. Then when I saw how many credit hours each course was, it made a little more sense. A normally 3 credit hour course every where else was a 5 credit hour course at PG, so the credit hours might have been cheaper but there were more of them. The... Read More


Reviewed: 5/17/2022

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

Purdue University Global is a great school. The classes are wonderful and really prepare you for when you’re ready to do job applications, interviews and credibility! The professor are the nicest teachers I’ve had. I feel this school has helped me a lot with my future career in Medical Billing and Coding.


Reviewed: 9/30/2021

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

From the very beginning it seemed like a good idea to pursue this school but the way you are rushed through the paperwork without the proper explanation of how things work with paying for school and when it came time to pay back and ways to get assistance I had a very poor experience. The online courses are informative but half the time emails are not responded to and there is poor communication throughout the whole facility. I have talked to my advisor maybe twice since I have started here a year... Read More

Casie Short

Reviewed: 6/23/2021

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

I loved pg. Just don't care for my student advisor. She never contacts me or asks how I am. When I had Laura mason she was amazing, not I have affeecion and she is not good at all. She never calls me or reaches out ever. It bothers me that she is not at all helpful. She even scheduled my last two classes at the same time seminars and wouldn't change it


Reviewed: 5/31/2021

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

I have had some amazing instructors who have thoroughly grasped my attention and help me to gain a deeper understanding about the medical and billing field. I look forward to graduation and starting a new career! Overall my experience with Purdue Global has been extremely easy and I would definitely recommend you to other people that are interested in a career change.

Jessica Padron

Reviewed: 11/13/2018

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

This online course was awesome. I took a few classes at my community college and did not pass. When I attended Purdue Global University I did pass. This school gave me great material to learn and pass those courses. I am a mother of two and I made this happen with Purdue's help! Im absolutely ecstatic i was able to accomplish this and find some better employment! Thankyou!


Reviewed: 9/14/2018

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

This school is C*****. I hate them worse mistake I ever made. So I caught the flu and ended up hospitalized they treated me like c***, dropped me from classes and sent me a big bill. Yeah don't be fooled it is not self paced and they do not care about you.

Purdue/Kaplan Scam

Reviewed: 6/15/2018

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

Terrible school, only concern is being able to enroll you as soon as possible in order to take your money. Academic advisors and financial aid supervisors tell you what you want to hear and never what you need to know. I finished the medical billing and coding program and tried accessing previous course material that all students who participated PAID for and was told I am unable to access it anymore since I havent decided to continue on with any other programs. So basically youre screwed if you... Read More


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