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Purdue Global Reviews of Bachelor's in Information Technology

17 Reviews

Locations:   Indianapolis (IN) 

Annual Tuition: $14,436

80% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
71% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Information Technology

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Information Technology

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Mark Schnepp

Reviewed: 7/24/2023

Degree: Information Technology

I started my degree at Purdue with the promise that I would have my dream job at the end of my degree. That is not the case. There are many things that need improvement in this degree plan starting with the support the students get. The support I got was limited and I struggled to make it through because of the lack of support. The only reason I did not quit is because of the support I got from my student advisor and some of the good teachers I met along the way. The online learning environment also... Read More


Reviewed: 7/9/2023

Degree: Information Technology

Purdue Global is great for those who are working or just trying to finish their schooling after a long time and failed attempts at other schools. Do not be fooled though, it may start out easy, but it becomes progressively more intense the further you get and really test what you know the last few 10-week semesters. Overall, I am happy with the instructors and education I have received and have heard mostly good things from those who have used this school.

Bradley Minch

Reviewed: 7/8/2023

Degree: Information Technology

The class instruction was a great learning environment. The workload was perfect for someone that is also working a full-time career. I had tremendous professors throughout my degree pursuit and would highly recommend Purdue Global to anyone and everyone looking to further their education.

Shawn Whitter

Reviewed: 2/8/2023

Degree: Information Technology

There's many unnecessary classes that are required. My advisor tried to cancel my enrollment after 2 days of classes due to my " lack of participation" yet I attend seminars and complete assignments. They also don't offer almost anything when it comes to scholarships and loans either. The few teachers that I do have are a bit too laid back and easy-going but that's expected since they teach solely from their homes. If this program wasn't associated with the REAL Purdue, they wouldn't do as well.


Reviewed: 3/23/2022

Degree: Information Technology

Where to start? I'm currently attending Purdue global University for information technology. When I first started they told me that you would take two classes per semester and you would graduate in 3 years, which I thought was great because that's awesome relatively normal for the bachelor's degree. So I said sure I'll go to your school because my work is currently paying for it and it wouldn't be coming out of my pocket. I have taken so far one course per semester the last two semesters when I was... Read More

Dianna V.

Reviewed: 3/3/2022

Degree: Information Technology

It could definitely be better. There are areas that need improvement, such as their IT department. I’ve been having an issue since last week where my classes aren’t appearing correctly. The new term began yesterday and it worked for one day and then blocked me. When I reached out for IT support, it took 30 minutes before anyone helped, and even then he said it was an enrollment issue. It seems like they just want to get paid and not help. I’m planning on transferring to a university close by. The... Read More


Reviewed: 8/4/2021

Degree: Information Technology

The school itself is pretty great. The counselors are absolutely amazing, the student finance department is nice, pretty much everyone you speak to on the phone attempts to try their hardest to help you out. Some aren’t as helpful as others, but they can always connect you to someone else that is. The courses are sweet, they take a bit of time to balance over a traditional work week, but shouldn’t be too bad if you can manage a few hours to dedicate it to school work. An awesome college for active... Read More


Reviewed: 4/12/2020

Degree: Information Technology

I recently graduated from Purdue University Global. The degree challenges you to research, learn then prove what you know. There is an emphasis on detail and following directions. The course work was up to date and focused on real word situations & featured labs that allowed me to work on virtual machines for hands on experience. Of course nothing is perfect, I have had instructors that don't push and challenge as hard as others and some that one could argue is too tough but most are reasonable and... Read More

RUN. Please do not waste your money

Reviewed: 1/26/2020

Degree: Information Technology

Please do not waste your money with Purdue. I have to admit the admission process went quite well for me. Due to the fact that my admissions counselor was amazing and if it was not for her, my entire experience with this school would have been completely awful. I was enrolled in their ExcelTrack program and if you are not aware, ExcelTrack students success depends on prompt assistance. ExcelTrack students shouldn't have to wait 2-3 business days to receive responses or updates from student advisors... Read More


Reviewed: 11/18/2019

Degree: Information Technology

Don't know who's writing positive reviews... I started in January of 2019, it is the end of the year and I have decided to transfer to my state's local University. Oh wait, they don't recognize PG as a REAL learning institution and my credits are invalid? Great! Not only do I feel like I didn't learn anything in my 4 terms at Purdue Global, I feel like I got asked to pay $2,000 a term to do busy work and acknowledge the professors' God complexes. My Comp II professor last semester told me that I... Read More


Reviewed: 9/5/2019

Degree: Information Technology

For those with extremely negative review, it is what you make of it. If you blame the the University for charging money or having any negative experience, perhaps you didn't really pay attention to details and then come up with some assumption that it's their fault. Know what you are getting into and don't blame them for your own action. I don't know any university who will not charge a dime. For the guy who have issues with the courses such as Cultural Diversity: I hate to tell you this, but if... Read More


Reviewed: 8/6/2019

Degree: Information Technology

I felt like the professors were quite knowledgeable in their fields, the subject matter was challenging, and the course work rigorous. I also felt like I saved quite a bit of money by enrolling in the online program, as opposed to enrolling in an on-campus program, with room and board charges. I'm now employed in the technology sector, and I owe that to Purdue, my professors, and everyone who helped me along the way. Thank you, Governor Mitch Daniels and the entire Purdue staff and faculty.

Adam Helton

Reviewed: 7/25/2019

Degree: Information Technology

Don't listen to these negative comments. I've only been in school for a year and I'm already working in the IT Field, my professors are knowledgeable, and I haven't had a single problem with financial aid. The people posting negative reviews on here would have problems at any school as their issues are with themselves not PG. I can tell you that if you go here, study hard, and graduate you'll be set. Even my classmates are talking about the jobs they're getting.


Reviewed: 6/1/2019

Degree: Information Technology

I have attended Kaplan for almost two years and Purdue University Global for over a year and i am going to be blunt because the comments below are misleading. First off there are 10 week courses and there is alot of information that gets packed into each week, so yes you will do modules and write a 1000 word APA paper if not longer each week. Yes there is heavy reading as well what you would expect going to college. Yes this college is part of Purdue University, do your research. If you can not manage... Read More


Reviewed: 5/14/2019

Degree: Information Technology

Like the person below, the excel track gating was pretty much the last straw for me. I have already begun the process of transferring to another university following the current term. I started looking at other schools after my tenth paper, in two terms, on globalization, collaboration, and cultural diversity. I realize they are important topics but forcing them into the curriculum really does not seem to be beneficial in any way. Those that have ever had to write a 2 page paper on the importance... Read More


Reviewed: 5/12/2019

Degree: Information Technology

Beware the ExcelTrack programs as they have just become a scam. The ability to work at your own pace has just been taken away via module gating. This has been done under the guise of enhancing the learning experience through forcing you to take all 180 credits in sequence. You can no longer take more than one course at a time and are essentially held hostage by your instructors ability to grade your assignments in a timely manner. In what universe does a computer networking class build upon a composition... Read More

Adam Helton

Reviewed: 8/28/2018

Degree: Information Technology

I've had a good experience overall at PG. The professors seem to know what they're doing, and the I like how the seminars work in regard to scheduling. The only bad thing I have to say is there Career Services Department lacks the services that other colleges do. At my old school you would go to the career department and they would say something like "go to this company, they've hired out students in the past", or apply for these types of jobs. I've been in contact for a while now with Purdue Global... Read More


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