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Purdue Global Reviews of Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

24 Reviews

Locations:   Indianapolis (IN) 

Annual Tuition: $14,436

67% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
83% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

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Damien Nolan

Reviewed: 11/24/2023

Degree: Criminal Justice

I have been extremely offended by members of your staff when inquiring about my school loans they are the rudest staff I have every encountered and I was going to continue my education with the law school but after this experience I have had I will no longer be entertaining that process and I have friends that we’re interested in going to Purdue and I will bet letting them know how rude and unprofessional your administration staff is with their students

Katelyn Walters

Reviewed: 9/22/2023

Degree: Criminal Justice

This is a great school that helps get your anticipated needs for your education for your future occupation. The only thing I would recommend is providing books for those who are taking master degree courses. Sometimes it is hard to access those books


Reviewed: 9/21/2023

Degree: Criminal Justice

Instructors were outstanding!!! Not just academics. Extensive experience in the real world. Great experience with Financial Aid. They were always able to answer my questions and solve any issues. Student Advisors - I had several. 1st one at the beginning was very helpful. Then pretty much never heard from her again. 2nd one helped somewhat, then never heard from them again either. 3rd one was the best. He tirelessly answered all my questions, and worked until all my issues were resolved. Kudos to... Read More

Logan Spejewski

Reviewed: 7/27/2023

Degree: Criminal Justice

School was very easy here overall. I rarely struggled with getting my work done and getting good grades for the 3 years I was here. It was nice being able to go to school here while keeping a consistent schedule for work, and I worked two different jobs during my time here. I feel like I learned a lot too, since this was my second university, most of my classes were actually related to my major.


Reviewed: 4/20/2023

Degree: Criminal Justice

I love Purdue Global. I like how administrators contacted you often so you wouldn’t have to worry about finances, scheduling, what classes to take next, etc. I also liked my professors and how thorough they were with classes. I just didn’t like how I was all online because I wanted on campus experience and be able to do hands on labs for the particular field I’d be in.

Keith W

Reviewed: 1/20/2023

Degree: Criminal Justice

Purdue University is a fabulous school and the idea of being able to take classes on-line in an accelerated format worked for my education goals. The professors and instructors were all very informative and well educated in the course of instruction they taught. I wanted to attend Purdue University Global for the recognition of the school and it's reputation within academia.

Steven Vincent

Reviewed: 1/17/2023

Degree: Criminal Justice

I initially learned about Purdue Global because the company I work for offered a certification through the university. My company paid for 98% of the tuition and I completed four ten-weeks sessions with a 4.0 GPA. I then applied for a scholarship for the bachelor's program through my company and was accepted. After learning about the experiential learning program, I decided to pay my own tuition for it, and was awarded nearly 40 credits upon completion. The ExcelTrack program at Purdue was not covered... Read More

Carli A

Reviewed: 12/23/2022

Degree: Criminal Justice

I enjoyed my full 4 year program here ! program went very smooth, wonderful professors and great assistance when needed . I definitely recommend everyone who is looking to go to college but want to be online in the comfort of your own home , to definitely attend Purdue .

Jeremie D Trujillo

Reviewed: 8/9/2022

Degree: Criminal Justice

Since attending from the beginning the enrollment process to graduation, everything has been spot on with how easy it is to enroll your classes to every professor that I have learned from, and the accountably that they put on you as a student on ensuring that what you do and what you turn in is up to the school standards.

Grace Medina

Reviewed: 4/27/2022

Degree: Criminal Justice

This school was so easy to navigate in my classes and even making sure they had the program that I wanted. Their websites are easy to use and maneuver. All my professors were nice and knew what they were talking about. I feel like I didn't learn anything that I did not need to. The assignments and discussions were always well written and explained well. There pricing is also fair. I will be going back here for my Masters next year.


Reviewed: 3/31/2022

Degree: Criminal Justice

Officer of the registrar for returning students isn’t helpful. Nothing like trying to further your education with someone who doesn’t know answers to basic questions. Student advisors stop advising when you hit sophomore level, even when you reach out to them. To think, you need guidance and they are unable to guide you because they don’t know say the masters side but you can’t talk to a masters SA unless you have enrolled completely in said masters program. I’m two weeks from graduating, have no... Read More

Tyler Sasser

Reviewed: 3/1/2022

Degree: Criminal Justice

I have done my Associates and Bachelors degree through this University. Since the time I have started I have been on two European rotations, multiple field cycles, and different long term trainings in different locations, and had a baby. The work load has been manageable (with proper planning and time management). The instructors will work with you if something comes up. I highly recommend earning a degree from this university.


Reviewed: 2/13/2022

Degree: Criminal Justice

Transitioning to Purdue University Global was exactly what I needed in my life. It allowed me to work more and to continue my education while deployed. The faculty was incredibly flexible during my deployment schedule and allowed me to work ahead when possible, and to catch up when needed. The flexibility offered during the courses was incredibly helpful when working overnight or when traveling for work or for the military. I found the content to be engaging, the coursework appropriate in difficulty... Read More

Jeremy G

Reviewed: 12/8/2021

Degree: Criminal Justice

My Purdue University Global journey was excellent, and allowed me to apply knowledge and experience I had gained in my career to my experience in the classroom. I would recommend PG to anyone, especially full time workers and parents. They offer an excel track program that is completely online. The schedules are flexible and the workload is manageable.

Roger McIntire

Reviewed: 6/24/2021

Degree: Criminal Justice

Attending Purdue Global has been a fantastic experience, I have had my ups and downs but overall the experience has been worth it. I was challenged and inspired by the professors who instructed each course and had great interaction with my fellow students. I was a bit late getting started and finishing my college degree program but it didn't matter I was motivated to complete my degree for personal and professional reasons and Purdue Global goal facilitated that for me. I have learned that it is... Read More

Jacqueline Mejia

Reviewed: 6/5/2021

Degree: Criminal Justice

Purdue University Global has been an amazing experienced. All professors are understanding when it comes to the hectic military life. When I first enrolled that was my biggest fear that I would fall behind due to the last minute "to dos" within my job in the military. If a question was ever asked either to the professors or to different departments, they were always quick to respond. Professors always gave their students their personal cell phone numbers making it easier to reach them when unexpected... Read More

Joseph Vincent Graziano

Reviewed: 5/28/2021

Degree: Criminal Justice

Purdue offered me a tremendous program that allowed someone like myself who works full time the option to successfully achieve a degree I have been pushing off. The Excel track was fantastic and every conversation I had with Purdue and their staff was top-notch. I intend to pursue my Masters's Degree through them.


Reviewed: 3/2/2021

Degree: Criminal Justice

Very professionals instructors for the most part. Curriculum was pretty satisfying and insightful. The were a few occasions in some of the classes were the instructor was a little condescending, but holistically is was a good experience. The work load was very manageable.


Reviewed: 12/21/2019

Degree: Criminal Justice

I feel this is a worthless degree School makes employees meet monthly Enrollment goals MIT School in Massachusetts guarantees their students jobs that pay $120 an hour PUG was Kaplan And I feel that I did not get what I had hoped for , I wish this school was better for me

Lyle V

Reviewed: 10/31/2019

Degree: Criminal Justice

I really enjoy the online format with live interaction and explanation from the professors and chatting with other students. I have read some of the negative reviews and they make no sense. I am an older student finishing up my BS of Criminal Justice/Homeland Security in April, 2020. The workload is manageable, but one has to get into a rhythm and stick with it. Stick to a schedule and you'll be fine. They also understand that life and work happen and that sometimes they interfere. As long as you... Read More


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