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Purdue Global Reviews of Bachelor's in Accounting

11 Reviews

Locations:   Indianapolis (IN) 

Annual Tuition: $14,436

0% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
73% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Accounting

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Accounting

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Christopher Ballentine

Reviewed: 8/8/2023

Degree: Accounting

I started by bachelor's degree at Purdue University's main campus back in 1998. When I decided to finish my degree, Purdue University Global was the perfect fit for me. All of my previous credits, that I had accumulated over two years, transferred. Which left only two years to complete my degree. I enjoyed the virtual atmosphere. Since I work full time and have a family and house to take care of, flexibility was a necessity. I have been inducted into seven honor societies during my two years here.... Read More


Reviewed: 3/30/2023

Degree: Accounting

Before I chose to go with Purdue and after looking up college ratings I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how they were ranked #1 for online school. The ENTIRE process from start to now has been nothing but a joke and a headache. I received max grants, student loans and all the help The Government has to offer for a single parent. For ALL of the broken promises to the bull patty charges on my student portal I would consider this University very dubious. I have been attending virtual school & as of 3/30/23... Read More

Brigitte Maurer

Reviewed: 2/9/2023

Degree: Accounting

I had been out of the educational system for many years before deciding to complete my degree. My advisor at Purdue Global was fantastic - walked me through the entire process and prepared me for what to expect. All of my professors were available when needed and appeared to be truly interested in our success as students. The course load was not overwhelming and pertained directly to the course objectives. Overall, my experience at Purdue Global was a positive one and I have no regrets on my decision... Read More

Jessica Gonzalez

Reviewed: 9/25/2022

Degree: Accounting

My experience at Purdue was a wonderful. The courses were well guided and easy to follow. It was a great experience to interact with my classmates and Professors even via online. Professors were always available, the learning systems used were also helpful. Since many were in different timezones the assistance through the assignments were easy to follow.

James Dean

Reviewed: 4/14/2022

Degree: Accounting

This "school" is just a business cares little for the student experience. When my advisor told me to take two high level courses I couldn't have possible been ready for, I had no recourse. When my professor refused to help me, there was no recourse. They....don' They just want money.


Reviewed: 2/8/2022

Degree: Accounting

Purdue Global provided an excellent learning environment. The professors provided excellent instruction and were all readily available to provide instructions and feedback. As a father that works full time, I have made multiple attempts to complete my degree. Purdue provided the resources and structure which finally allowed me to complete my goal.

Stacy Bragg

Reviewed: 1/12/2022

Degree: Accounting

I’m a full time working mom of 4! I graduate in 2 weeks! I did it!! Purdue University Global has created a seamless online learning experience. Each class is set up the same and that’s nice because there’s less confusion when moving from term to term, professor to professor. I highly recommend PUG!

Joshua Parke

Reviewed: 6/29/2021

Degree: Accounting

My experience was overall satisfactory. I would add the one negative was the clearly biased opinions of the instructors and the college as a whole towards extreme liberalism. As a conservative, I have to share that the tone and messaging from the school hugely turned me off. I would have preferred to simply attend my classes and attained my degree without being bombarded with social justice and politically oriented statements from the professors and school as a whole. I wrote a complaint letter about... Read More

Sherri Lutes

Reviewed: 6/1/2021

Degree: Accounting

This was an excellent experience. The flexible class schedules worked very well with my full time work schedule. The professors were extremely helpful and the discussion boards were very interesting and a good way to get to know my classmates. I cannot say enough about how great Purdue University Global was.


Reviewed: 3/13/2020

Degree: Accounting

PLEASE DO NOT GO HERE THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT YOUR MONEY! THIS IS GOING TO BE LONG, BUT I WANT TO MAKE SURE PEOPLE READ THIS SO THAT THEY DON'T SCREW ANYONE ELSE OVER. First of all, I felt very pressured to enroll right away. I had expressed that I wanted to save and sort out my finances before commiting and starting classes, but was told the "sooner I enrolled, the sooner I could figure out those finances". I was also told that as a newly enrolled student I would be able to try out the classes for... Read More


Reviewed: 5/21/2019

Degree: Accounting

While I currently attend this school, I'm upset at how the financial aid office is ran. I had a disbursement from the VA to the school 4/16/2019. The previous semester, I was told that it takes up to 21 days for non tuition disbursements to be sent out to students. Now, it has been 5 weeks today, and no change to my account. I am beyond done with this all. I have called and emailed them, and every time I contact them, I get told something else. A week and a half ago, a request was put in, and it... Read More


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