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Student Reviews

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Damien Nolan

Reviewed: 11/24/2023

Degree: Criminal Justice

I have been extremely offended by members of your staff when inquiring about my school loans they are the rudest staff I have every encountered and I was going to continue my education with the law school but after this experience I have had I will no longer be entertaining that process and I have friends that we’re interested in going to Purdue and I will bet letting them know how rude and unprofessional your administration staff is with their students

Crystal l Moquin

Reviewed: 11/16/2023

Degree: Allied Health

All the instructors were extremely helpful and emailed me in a timely manner. The instructors seemed genuinely concerned about my education. I received excellent instruction from all the instructors. I had nothing but a positive experience throughout my time at Purdue.

CJ McAllister

Reviewed: 11/14/2023

Degree: Business Administration

Successfully completing an MBA at Purdue Global was a great experience. The information was exemplary, and the flexibility of the Excel Track program allowed me to complete the degree program around my work and life schedule. The instructors were knowledgeable and helpful with information throughout the course, and the remote administration kept my progress running smoothly. Further education is a lifelong goal of mine, although integrating any new information into my work and life is equally important.... Read More

Philip Andrei Green

Reviewed: 11/10/2023

Degree: Cybersecurity

The B.S. in Cybersecurity - Excel Track degree program online from Purdue Global is an excellent choice for students who are fast learners and work at their own pace. I recently graduated from Purdue University Global, and overall I am extremely satisfied with my experience. As a disabled student, I struggled to find a university or college teaching cybersecurity that could accommodate my disabilities. Purdue Global's Excel Track is a self-paced degree program where students engage in hands-on labs,... Read More

Robert Gottfried

Reviewed: 11/3/2023

Degree: Finance

Purdue Global made it easy to go back to school after 20 plus years. It was the best decision I ever made. I earned a degree in Bachelor's of Science in Finance and a Master of Science in Finance. This would not have been possible 10 years ago. I would like to thank all of those who helped me on this long journey.

Caroline Kyeyune

Reviewed: 10/31/2023

Degree: Healthcare Administration

A great university everyone should be proud of! They made me who I I’m today. Thanks Purdue Global University. Professors are great listeners! I enjoyed all the discussion engagements because they allowed students to have an opportunity to express themselves. I would recommend all those interested to apply to the institution because they will never go wrong.


Reviewed: 10/30/2023

Degree: Business

If you are a working adult, don't waste your time, My first class there was over 15 different "portals" I needed to access in order to complete classwork. The so-called professor was of no help and gave no direct answers to questions when emailed direct. PG wants you to watch video after video where 80% of the content is of no value to the process in assisting your educational goals. The portals and sites you need to access are confusion, there are too many and there is an extreme lack of assistance... Read More


Reviewed: 10/22/2023

Degree: Organizational Leadership

Disappointed due to no support, no good advice from counselor. No flexible schedules for adult as they claimed. Everything is an essay the lazy way to teach and is not the professors fault is the university curriculum. Robotic seminars with no time to address anything. Inefficient discussion basically another essay. Deadlines catered to full time student not working adults.

Tavarus Shurelds

Reviewed: 10/18/2023

Degree: Nurse Practitioner (Psychiatric-Mental Health)

This is a great school. You do have to have self discipline and teach yourself, but that’s to be expected with graduate level school. The only thing that was difficult and could use some improvement is clinical placement. There should be more support with helping to find preceptors.

MJ Ortiz

Reviewed: 10/14/2023

Degree: Health Sciences

Purdue University Global provided me with the opportunity to accomplish a life long dream while still working and being a father. The program, professors, and instructors were exceptional, and I am proud to say that I am part of a long tradition of higher learning and alumni of a well respected institution.

Amy Spencer

Reviewed: 10/5/2023

Degree: Healthcare Administration

Purdue Global made the process of returning to school at age 51 so easy. I would recommend them to anyone. I will be return for my Masters and have every confidence in this institution. They give you so many ways to learn and be successful. Staff have been very knowledgeable and they care about our success.

Jessica LaSalle

Reviewed: 10/5/2023

Degree: Health Sciences

My experience has been great! Professors and support staff are incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. I feel confident with the knowledge I have acquired through my time at Purdue Global. The exams, assignments and final project has equipped me for my career. Thank you!


Reviewed: 10/4/2023

Degree: Business Administration

I have had a great experience at Purdue Global getting my Bachelor’s degree in business administration. All of my professors have been amazing and very helpful in addition to my advisor who has been very helpful in scheduling my classes and with anything else I have needed.

Craig D.

Reviewed: 10/4/2023

Degree: Communications

Every college experience is different and personal to the person attending. While at Purdue University Global, I always felt my personal needs for my educational success were met on a regular basis. Every person who worked in admissions, my student advisor, student support, all the way to each of my professors, my personal success and goals were at the forefront of their teaching week after week. Each professor would provide accurate and timely feedback on discussion boards or assignments that not... Read More


Reviewed: 10/2/2023

Degree: Public Health

I've had a great experience with Purdue Global. I am in my final term of the MPH program and I couldn't be happier with how things have gone. The coursework is applicable and all of the professors are outstanding. I cannot speak for any other program areas but I would recommend the MPH program 100x over to someone who was interested.

Josh Chambers

Reviewed: 9/25/2023

Degree: Health Sciences

You had better hope you never have an issue, need a transcript, want to talk to someone, etc., because they make it horrible. Especially after you have graduated, it leaves a bad taste in your mouth and makes you forget the schooling was not half bad.


Reviewed: 9/22/2023

Degree: Nursing

I had really high expectations for the quality of education that would come from a name such as Purdue. This was my first time doing any sort of formal adult education online, everything else was years ago in person. There was a lot of support at the beginning and my advisor checked in every couple of months during the process so I felt supported that way. My issue was some of the poor teachers. I probably had (just guesstimating) 10-15 teachers and only about four were really good and felt like... Read More

Katelyn Walters

Reviewed: 9/22/2023

Degree: Criminal Justice

This is a great school that helps get your anticipated needs for your education for your future occupation. The only thing I would recommend is providing books for those who are taking master degree courses. Sometimes it is hard to access those books


Reviewed: 9/21/2023

Degree: Criminal Justice

Instructors were outstanding!!! Not just academics. Extensive experience in the real world. Great experience with Financial Aid. They were always able to answer my questions and solve any issues. Student Advisors - I had several. 1st one at the beginning was very helpful. Then pretty much never heard from her again. 2nd one helped somewhat, then never heard from them again either. 3rd one was the best. He tirelessly answered all my questions, and worked until all my issues were resolved. Kudos to... Read More

Joseph Andrade

Reviewed: 9/20/2023

Degree: Organizational Leadership

Absolutely some of the best relevant classes I have ever attended. I felt that the instructors actually cared about my success and wanted us to succeed as a class. They always made themselves available, some even giving out their personal numbers. Overall I would recommend anyone to attend and proud to have graduated here.


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