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Penn Foster - Healthcare Reviews of Certificate in Medical Billing & Coding

9 Reviews

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33% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
78% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Certificate in Medical Billing & Coding

Student Reviews - Certificate in Medical Billing & Coding

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Reviewed: 3/23/2023

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

Penn Foster is an affordable accredited option for working adults who may have missed out on college opportunities earlier in life. I have completed two career diploma programs through this school and both have launched successful career paths for me. (Pharmacy technician in 2010 and Medical Billing and Coding in 2022) I have nothing but great things to say about this school. SO much so that I am currently talking with student services on getting credits from my previous programs transferred to count... Read More


Reviewed: 1/12/2020

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

I have nothing good to say about Penn Foster. What they di prey on people who are trying to do something with their own lives. I have a Double Degree. I wanted to update my credentials in medical coding and billing. It has been 10 since I last did this and ICD 10 is new to me. Penn Foster assurred me that I would receive coding information to get my certficate in coding and billing. Nothing was ever sent to me but a bill. They promised to send course materials. Information was never received i also... Read More


Reviewed: 9/25/2019

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

I definitely would not recommend this program. After working in the medical insurance business as a claims examiner for 14 years with extensive knowledge of CPT, HCPC and ICD codes, going through the program itself was pretty easy. What they don't tell you is that even after passing the AAPC test for a CPC certificate, if you don't have 2 years of actual coding experience on the job, nobody will give you the time of day. All of the prior claims experience meant absolutely nothing. The certification... Read More


Reviewed: 4/20/2019

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

Waste of money. No help whatsoever. Their online format is all over the place and not user friendly. I've called there and get attitude on the phone. Theres no teacher to get ahold of. I'm not learning anything and just wasted $700. I dont know the first thing about MB&C and theres no way I can get a job with this crap of education. I shouldve gone with Ashworth.


Reviewed: 7/21/2018

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

I started my Medical Billing and Coding studied with Penn Foster in January 2017. I finished in the beginning of September 2017. I applied for a Medical Claims Rep position in January 2018 and I got the job. My education was very beneficial from Penn Foster. I enjoyed going to school from the comfort of my home. I learned a lot and loved the hands on studies with Coding and electronic health records. Penn Foster will prepare you for the job you are looking for.


Reviewed: 11/10/2017

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

At first, I wasn't going to submit a report on the school. But finding out they are now charging me money without sending my information off to the VA Is ridiculous. Do not attend this school. The work was really simple not really pertaining specifically to my field of practice. They are now charging me 500 dollars. If they would have sent my enrollment off to the Va I would of had money to send them. Financial aid and their va department sucks.


Reviewed: 10/8/2017

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

Completed the certificate in Health information management. Excellent. Now doing medical billing and coding diploma. The student services are excellent and the education you receive is very comprehensive. I possess a BS degree and over 25 years in health care field so I can say I have been pleased.


Reviewed: 6/3/2016

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

So, as I stated in my review of the Medical Billing and Coding Program for Ashworth College (I am still enrolled in that one), I was looking primarily for an inexpensive online CPC certification course that I would include medical terminology and anatomy. I got that with this program! Advisory for prospective enrollees: You have to know what you're getting into before you sign up and start the coursework. This is a for-profit school so while they are affording you with a low-up front cost and flexibility,... Read More


Reviewed: 11/19/2015

Degree: Medical Billing & Coding

This is the worst school I have ever attended. The "teachers" are graders, they don't actually design the coursework. There is a lot of filler, work that is similar for many of the degrees, that has nothing to do with the content you want; ie, if I wanted to learn how to write or learn MS Office, I would have taken the course for them. The material is not that up-to-date. They encourage you to use tutoring because it is cheaper for them. "Teachers" simply grade and give no guidance at all. I was... Read More


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