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National University Reviews of Master's in Special Education

13 Reviews

Locations:   La Jolla (CA) 

Annual Tuition: $13,320

30% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
15% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Master's in Special Education

Student Reviews - Master's in Special Education

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Frustrated student

Reviewed: 7/14/2023

Degree: Special Education

Do not be fooled by this college’s incessant calls prior to registration. Once they have you, it will be nearly impossible to make contact with anyone who can do anything for you. Pros: The classes are organized well. Classes are relatively easy which is great when you are a single parent working full time. Not a lot of textbook fees. Cons: You can never get in touch with anyone ever. My advisor never enrolled me in my second class and when I realized this, I sent her multiple emails and calls and... Read More

Unhappy student

Reviewed: 4/28/2023

Degree: Special Education

RUN AWAY FROM THIS SCHOOL. DO NOT IGNORE THE REVEIWS. I have been here for a month and can't get any calls returned. The school advertises false promises. You get a lot of calls and motivated returned calls from enrollment specialist in the beginning. I think they like are on commision. Once you enroll and attend (gotcha) it is a whole new ball game. I am trying to stay positive and hope this nightmare turns around. I am not one to write reviews nor am I a complainer. This school is worth warning... Read More


Reviewed: 11/29/2020

Degree: Special Education

If you are looking for an expensive way to pay for your degree, this is it. If you are looking for an engaging, interesting, and professional university experience, it is not. I am no stranger to online education; I completed the last year of my undergrad in an online format (pre-pandemic) and loved it just as much as in-person. It was the exact same quality of education, just made more flexible. Now, I am in the freshly “revamped” Masters Education/Credential program, and unlike the other poster,... Read More


Reviewed: 12/10/2018

Degree: Special Education

Stay away!!! I am so disappointed with the teaching credential program. I graduated from a four year university with my undergrad and decided to try out National for my masters and teaching credential...worst idea ever! Not only are they not helpful, the classes are not worth the 1,935 dollar. You can go to a different school and probably learn way more. I seriously think they only care about money since they did not help me with anything. They also delayed my whole program by a month because they... Read More

L. Mello

Reviewed: 9/11/2018

Degree: Special Education

I ABSOLUTELY do not recommend National University Fresno. I have had my advisement report "recreated" 3 different times now. My credential specialist will not return my calls or emails. I have to drive 2 hours to the University to contact her. She has pushed my credential back 5 months, forcing me into more classes, that were not initially agreed upon. Every time I speak with her she assures me after this class I am FINISHED. Then the next month tells me there is one more to take. She is inconsistent... Read More

John Cleaver

Reviewed: 7/10/2017

Degree: Special Education

A joke. This program is worthless. A complete waist of your money. Look at CSUSM, USD, UCSD or anywhere else. This program is designed to get you in, take your cash and give you absolutely nothing in return. I am seriously hoping that you choose an actual post graduate institution. This place is a con.


Reviewed: 11/5/2016

Degree: Special Education

My experience with NCU has been a positive journey and very rewarding. Everyone from the teachers to the advisors were very helpful and concern about my academic status. If I had to state one concern about NCU is that the advisors should contact the students on a weekly or monthly bases for encouragement.

Another student screwed over by NCU

Reviewed: 8/12/2016

Degree: Special Education

They are a RIP OFF. They LIE to lure you in, then hit you up with nickel and dime new monthly charges. They hit you up a month or two into your program to charge you for "Materials" each month even though there are none. They tell you weeks into your program that they will charge you monthly for books that you can not keep. They LIE about the amount of work that will be assigned and time needed to complete in order to get you to enroll. They LIE and add on frivolous charges AFTER you enroll and pay... Read More

NU Grad Student

Reviewed: 11/8/2015

Degree: Special Education

I decided to choose NU for my second post-grad credential. It was a mistake, and I'm nearly finished, but after spending a lot of money, going through Professors that don't know the content or procedures of the class, speaking with advisors and staff that don't seem to have managers or know what is going on, a huge financial aide fiasco this year "because they switched systems," but can't correct it, I would rate my experience with them as a nightmare. My under-grad and first post-grad certificate... Read More

Michael Cohen

Reviewed: 8/23/2015

Degree: Special Education

I had a very positive overall experience with NCU. In particular, I enjoy studying on my own and at my own pace and NCU gave me that flexibility. Moreover, syllabus instructions were direct, and easy to understand. I also felt the professors provided fair and positive feedback. That said, if you need "hand holding" or a "classroom experience", then perhaps this isn't for you. Personally, I wouldn't hesitate to continue my education at NCU and feel proud to be an alumnus.


Reviewed: 4/2/2015

Degree: Special Education

I was excited about going back to school. I spoke with my advisor/recruiter at length about what I was looking for and was reassured that NCU would be the perfect fit. I have been teaching for 17 years in a public school and wanted to obtain a degree in Special Education but specified I had no intention of ever taking an administrative position. EVERY class I took was geared to being a Director of Special Education. I spoke to my advisor about this numerous times and she reassured me that this would... Read More


Reviewed: 10/26/2013

Degree: Special Education

I have attended National University for eight courses and have received A's in all of my courses. I am leaving at the end of the month to finish my graduate education elsewhere due to a change in goals. Even if I were not changing my objectives, I would still be leaving National. I feel that National has been one of the most expensive mistakes of my life. Yes, they are accredited and can get you your degree and teaching credential. Even so, the quality of instruction is not stellar. After all, how... Read More


Reviewed: 3/12/2013

Degree: Special Education

National University has been one of the worst experiences in my life. The professors are o.k. but everything else about the way it is run and it's efficiency is absolutely terrible. It has already taken me 6 months longer than they told me the program was. I have never failed a class and have been enrolled full time the entire time.

They are constantly messing up scheduling. They has accidentally changed my program twice and had to fix it which set me back and had me take unnecessary classes which... Read More

Their student teaching/internship program is absurd and there is a 80 year old woman doing my observations. Her feedback is incoherent. It takes several weeks for anyone to get back to you when you have a question or need something taken care of. If you are considering National, I would strongly recommend running away while you still can. Enroll in a program at ANY other school if you can.

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