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National University Reviews of Doctoral in Education

32 Reviews

Locations:   La Jolla (CA) 

Annual Tuition: $13,320

54% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
41% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Doctoral in Education

Student Reviews - Doctoral in Education

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Reviewed: 2/27/2023

Degree: Education

I have worked extremely hard in the doctoral program and I carry almost a 4.0. I went to booth camp as well. When I finally became a doctoral candidate. My chair deliberately delay my feed back so I would go into a B session. I was also given a SME from Nigeria who looks down and provides personal critical feedback. I am so disappointed in the dissertation phase. The chair and SME gets plenty of time to return assignments, however, they delay to allow the University to make more money. This is no... Read More


Reviewed: 10/14/2022

Degree: Education

Northcentral University gives you seven days to drop a course, but makes it hard to do so. If you want drop a course their website states to call or email your desire to drop the course but when you call them it goes to voicemail and they don’t call you back and when they do you are told per their investigation you did not leave a voicemail, and since you did not drop in time you own us money. It’s incompetent for a university to that answer their phone, investigate themselves, and them pass judgement... Read More

Dr. Viranda Fason

Reviewed: 9/28/2022

Degree: Education

The professors at Northcentral University really care about your academic success. They will mold you into the person you desire to become. There are no handouts. You must be okay with constructive criticism. If you cannot handle constructive criticism, this is not the university for you. Trust that you will not be given a degree, you will work hard to attain your doctoral degree. Northcentral University has some of the best people working together to ensure your success. However, you as a person... Read More


Reviewed: 4/15/2022

Degree: Education

I would not recommend Northcentral University. If you are serious about your online education, do not attend NCU. The online department of this school is extremely unprofessional. They will disconnect a call if the employee cannot answer your question. They do not care about your GPA or how hard you work and take your education seriously. The school's agenda is to make money and impact the school's bottom line. You will not find the support you need to complete your program. My advisor quit and I... Read More


Reviewed: 4/11/2022

Degree: Education

I have attended multiple online schools and received multiple degrees (Bachelor and Master). I was at NCU for 4 years working on my PhD but I have since withdrawn due to their "for-profit" and unethical practices. First, throughout my courses there were a couple of red flags but all online schools have a couple of red flags. I had one instructor who refused to grade per the assignment rubric because she said she didn't create the course so she wasn't going to follow rubrics or assignment instructions.... Read More


Reviewed: 3/4/2022

Degree: Education

Unfortunately this review has been up and down. I have not felt supported by my committee at all. My loans are so much and I have made progress bit by bit and this has been with outsourcing my support from coaches and editors to assist with editing. I have hit delays after delay. Setback after setback. I have gone through almost every course sequence. There resources are there and I have used all of them. I lost my entire passion of completing this program. My only goal is merely to finish since... Read More

Angela Poinsett

Reviewed: 9/21/2021

Degree: Education

THIS IS A CORRESPONDENCE PROGRAM. NO TEACHING EVER OCCURS. You teach yourself and use computer generated feedback. IF you WANT to pay for ZERO LEARNING OR INSTRUCTION this is the place for you. ONLY CONCERNED if your papers are in APA FORMAT. NO consistency with “professors or feedback or information given in their HIGHLY recommended workshops MONEY GRAB the LOW, 30%, graduation RATE ISNT DUE TO QUALITY OF GRADUATES IS DUE TO students get wise and dropping out of ridiculous program.


Reviewed: 4/15/2021

Degree: Education

Northcentral University provides rigorous curricula delivered by scholars who are experts in their fields. Programs are well designed with professors establishing high standards of performance for students. NCU degrees are earned not given. Therefore, when the degree is conferred, it actually holds merit, and the recipient can be proud in knowing that their hard work in conjunction with guidance from true scholars got them to the finishline. I've attended courses and/or online programs at four universities...... Read More


Reviewed: 3/26/2021

Degree: Education

Unfortunately, after I enrolled, I learned this is a PHD program that accepts over 90% of unqualified PHD candidates who were rejected by accredited universities. The students here have poor academic records or backgrounds, so this program is their only chance to complete doctoral level work. The program is a series of templates and modules, not a rigorous PHD program. Run!


Reviewed: 11/27/2019

Degree: Education

I have attended four different universities that offer online courses and programs. In comparison, NCU is by far the highest quality education. The curriculum is rigorous, and expectations for academic performance are high, which (in this day and age) is appreciated by people who set high standards for themselves. I felt like I earned my degree. My education at NCU has enhanced my professional perform and and options, and I'm proud to be part of the NCU alumni. Additionally, professors are expert-scholars... Read More


Reviewed: 11/20/2019

Degree: Education

I dropped out because the assignments are rather dumb. You'll be asked to create PowerPoint presentations as assignment for a graduate-level course. Where's the research? I also had a problem with a professor who 'only graded on Monday's and Tuesday's" instead of within the 4-day timeframe. She was making up her own rules.


Reviewed: 8/16/2019

Degree: Education

Terrible place. I had a professor who refused to give me a grade on any of my assignments during a whole course because she did not like my already approved future dissertation topic. At the end of the course, she gave me an F with no justification. My academic adviser told me there was nothing I could do except pay to take the course again. I retook the course with a different professor, turned in all of the same work, and received an A. What a joke. Once the dissertation started, everything was... Read More

C. Smith

Reviewed: 6/18/2019

Degree: Education

This school was a complete waste of time. They outsource your learning to a Peregrine system and the professors are clueless. Do not waste your time or money...seriously!!! They have zero problem solving skills, zero interest in students and horrible follow up.

Timothy Patridge

Reviewed: 5/28/2019

Degree: Education

Entered the Doctoral Program in Education. Successfully completed all course requirements and began myPhD candidacy . The Dissertation process was devastating!theiir personal The chair person was very subjective and provided no objective support. I felt I was writing my dissertation for their benefit. No thesis or subjectcmatter was right. I am going to complete the program regardless.


Reviewed: 10/9/2018

Degree: Education

I think the instructor's were good until I hit the Dissertation phase. Dissertation chair was unhelpful and I asked for a new one and got a better one. I felt like I was not getting enough direction with the Dissertation process and had to figure everything out on my own with the first chair person.


Reviewed: 12/28/2017

Degree: Education

I am poised to defend my doctoral dissertation. Thinking over the past four and a half years, there is no doubt that my experience has been positive. The work is as rigorous as at brick-and-mortar school, maybe even more rigorous. Although it has taken a little longer for me to complete my program, I am satisfied with my experience at Northcentral University. I found the faculty supportive and usually available to answer questions or provide any ecessary clarification.

An Excellent Program Guided by Expert Mentors

Reviewed: 10/27/2017

Degree: Education

The doctoral program at Northcentral University is designed for serious students. It is asynchronous, follows a written curriculum, and is evaluated using course rubrics. You will have a one-on-one relationship with your mentor (who will guide and support you) but you, the learner, has the more active role in your learning success.


Reviewed: 4/26/2017

Degree: Education

They keep raising tuition every few months or so. I wish I had chosen a college that guarantees no increases after you begin (they do exist). Advisors have been rude and have enrolled me in incorrect courses, then would not correct their mistakes nor return calls or respond to e-mails. I regret spending my time and money here; it is very difficult to transfer credits in Ph.D. programs, so I will have to start over if I go elsewhere; however, I cannot continue at Northcentral with the frequent rate... Read More

Graduate and PhD Receiver

Reviewed: 3/25/2017

Degree: Education

I cannot with a good conscience recommend this school. You teach yourself and instructors are paper-graders. Faculty and staff pretty much come and go. They had several different provosts during my stay. There are lots of issues with good instructors who feel they are not valued, nor receive tenure. The coursework is relatively easy. The comprehensive exam is a little challenging. Then the dissertation is a nightmare. What makes it more difficult is that being an online school, the student does not... Read More


Reviewed: 3/6/2017

Degree: Education

I'm not sure if many people get that ALL universities are FOR PROFIT now... even if they don't say that, and many people pay a lot of money for colleges and still get treated like crap. I was at UVA... it cost $40K a year and most of the the professors never had time for you. I had a STAT's 2 teacher who couldn't speak English clearly and no one in the department would help me. I had an advisor who was nuts - even got arrested for grand larceny, but he's still there. So please don't think that in-person... Read More


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