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National University Reviews of Doctoral in Business

31 Reviews

Locations:   La Jolla (CA) 

Annual Tuition: $13,320

58% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
35% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Doctoral in Business

Student Reviews - Doctoral in Business

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Reviewed: 2/27/2023

Degree: Business

Worst experience of my life. The rules in place for students are broken by staff when it’s convenient. I applied for a grade and never got a response. Weeks went by without review of weekly assignments. No accountability. Do not attend this money sucking university.

Shameka J.

Reviewed: 9/20/2022

Degree: Business

The absolute worst experience EVER! Don't waste your time nor money. I'm over $100,000 in debt and still no degree....on top of the fact they they target black and brown by keeping them from graduating. The professors aren't knowledgeable and they switch staff like there's no tomorrow. A HUGE WASTE OF TIME!


Reviewed: 9/11/2019

Degree: Business

Dear Prospective Student, Please google this school before attending. The class action lawsuit says it all. I had a strong GPA, 2 chapters from completion, 7+ years of work %26 close to 100,000 in student loans just to be dismissed from the University because of one Professor. The Dean, Provost, President %26 staff could care less about their students. I had 5 chair changes (just during the dissertation process) and numerous advisers and they considered this normal. Please be careful! Best, Lisa

J. Francis

Reviewed: 8/27/2017

Degree: Business

The professors are great, very knowledgeable and supportive of students. However, the administrative personnel/associates like the academic and financial advisors are poor communicators. They make major changes like large increases in tuition, and additional fees, without ensuring that each student is contacted and informed about the changes so that they can make decisions about their future at NCU or not. So a student only discovers these changes after it is too late to withdraw from a course or... Read More

Doctoral Student

Reviewed: 8/7/2017

Degree: Business

Academically, I found the school was OK. They did have challenging course work from which I benefited. My ability to write in APA style went up dramatically. Most of the professors were responsive. I did find they were light on feedback about content and graded mostly for APA style. However, I do have a strong GPA so my work might have just been good. What makes me give a bad review is the administrative aspect. I switched from one program to another, and they forced me to retake a course in APA... Read More


Reviewed: 4/7/2017

Degree: Business

The staff at NCU, though in a business school, have *no* concept of change management. Students are getting moved in the middle of classes, having to switch between two portals (with 2 different logins) and simply can not get some of their assignments completed. As a long-time student, I will be getting my first F this week, as there is no longer access to the metrics needed, and the login process is near inherently broken. Perhaps more time on practicing what they teach and less time dealing with... Read More

Very please graduate

Reviewed: 12/21/2016

Degree: Business

Overall, I am please with my choice to attend NCU. I was challenged by the workload, pushed by my instructors, and forced to think differently. I believe this is the purpose of education. I would gladly recommend NCU's doctorate program. It will not be easy, but if you want easy, you should not be pursuing a doctorate degree. My dissertation chair was phenomenal!!! He stayed on me to get things done timely and when he saw me getting discouraged, he encouraged me!! Which, to me, is going above and... Read More

Dr. Linda Weitz-Stone

Reviewed: 9/20/2016

Degree: Business

I found the program to be excellent. The instructors were always available to the students. At the beginning of each class a personal call was made from the professor to the student. During the class, personal calls were scheduled if needed. In addition, the professors would respond at anytime to personal emails. The staff was highly efficient. The Doctorate program was difficult, as should be expected. I highly recommend Northcentral University


Reviewed: 3/15/2016

Degree: Business

The NCU curriculum is remarkably poor. Although the school does a very good job organizing and presenting its content online, the academic rigor and grading standards are extremely disappointing. Most professors use copy-and-paste techniques for evaluating work, literally copying pre-generated responses to assignments from a template for your feedback. I've also noted that none has reputable degrees. In my exchanges with professors throughout the first three courses in the DBA, I found them to be... Read More


Reviewed: 3/8/2016

Degree: Business

I had a great experience for the first two classes, but the administration is very disorganized. There is a lack of interest in your success. There is also a problem with mentors that are very busy with other daytime jobs and rush through the assignments. The tuition went up in January, yet they are not investing in quality educators. I had a mentor tell me that it was hard to keep up correcting the weekly assignments because she had too many students. The assignments were graded late and I could... Read More

Dr. Master

Reviewed: 2/23/2016

Degree: Business

For those of you thinking of obtaining a graduate degree, online programs seem to be a convenience solution for working adults. However, not all online schools are alike. Most are private institutions that are about making money rather than providing a quality education. Northcentral University (NCU) is one such case. NCU is a for profit business owned by a private equity firm. The focus of NCU is revenue generation derived from continuous enrollment and high retention numbers. For high enrollment,... Read More

Nick M

Reviewed: 12/7/2015

Degree: Business

Very solid teaching-oriented (not research-oriented) school. A bid of an "old-style" though, a lot of self-learning but no on-line MOOC-like video lectures, which is unfortunate. In general - good mentors, interesting an challenging courses. Have my PhD defense scheduled later this month. Can't wait!

Texas Nerd

Reviewed: 11/29/2015

Degree: Business

I am about 1/4th the way through a PHD degree. Before I started my PhD friend told me to just go into class and no matter what say, "yes sir, nor sir, You're right sir." She told me to just agree with everything faculty said; and when i got to my dissertation just agree with whatever criticisms they had no matter if they were right or wrong. So far I've taken the professor is always right attitude and have made all As in every class. It seems like a fine school. I am reading on here that people said... Read More

Unhappy Student

Reviewed: 11/1/2015

Degree: Business

Large tuition hikes and poorer service are the hallmark of this college. The Dean of the Business School won't even talk with students. Academic advisors change every 3 to 6 months. Instructors are OK but I agree with other students in that the Dissertation Chairs are unprepared. A tuition hike was justified by touting that the dissertation chairs would be full time. Never happened. Find an institution with integrity and good service if you want to pursue your dream.

Dana B.

Reviewed: 6/9/2015

Degree: Business

Just like you, I was interested in reading current and former students' opinions of their experience at NCU. I can tell you that you will hear a TON of negative reviews. Yes, the graduation rate is lower in general for PhD programs than the national standard (37% versus 57% in 2005). But just keep in mind that not everyone is cut out to earn a PhD. It is supposed to be hard! Don't let that deter you from choosing this school. If you are looking for a solid education with amazing support staff and... Read More


Reviewed: 6/3/2015

Degree: Business

I decided to write this review because I wished I had listened to the complaints I read before enrolling and do not wish this school on my worst enemy. Like others, I surmised that these complainers were biased and were most likely emotional at the time they wrote their complaint. I withdrew from the university in March and decided to take time to cool off before sharing my experiences. I thought I was pretty thorough in my research before deciding to attend the university, reading reviews and complaints,... Read More

ncu student

Reviewed: 5/19/2015

Degree: Business

Ask about grad rate and time to grad. I had a poor learning experience. The curriculum was outdated. The texts were old editions. The disertation process changes many times. The class schedule is flexable. Most profs would not talk with me. One said she was busy and could not take a call.

Rodger O Young

Reviewed: 2/25/2015

Degree: Business

Initially I was very satisfied with Northcentral University. However, during my Comprehensive exams I was provided with a unqualified professor causing a retake, and afterwards a uncooperative and unchangeable Chair. With continuous changes in Review, Academic and Ombudsman processes; creating extensive delays in the learning process. I have dropped NCU after seven-years and would not recommend NCU to any professional wishing to better them self.


Reviewed: 2/21/2015

Degree: Business

I am in my last 3 core classes before my comprehensive exam. I have a lot of reviews about how hard the courses are and my only response would be...Its a Doctorate degree! This journey isn't supposed to be easy, nothing worth having is. The workload is demanding and some of the teachers are rough, but it is to make you prepared to defend you dissertation. I like NCU and have a great learning experience here. No matter where you go, you will need to put the blood, sweat and tears in to be successful.... Read More


Reviewed: 1/18/2015

Degree: Business

I have read a number of reviews on NCU. I can only say that folks who complain about turning papers in on weekly basis, being stalled during the dissertation process, books only available on the book store, ramifications of not citing properly have not fairly reviewed the course. I am in PhD program and it's hard. It is designed to teach curriculum related to your area of expertise (15 courses) then teach you to be a researcher by focusing you on your dissertation process. My wife and I have had... Read More


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