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Keiser University Reviews of Bachelor's in Legal Studies

6 Reviews

Locations:   Daytona Beach (FL)  (and 15 others)

Annual Tuition: $22,000

100% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
83% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Legal Studies

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Legal Studies

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Sandra Bencomo

Reviewed: 10/2/2017

Degree: Legal Studies

As someone who is active duty military and doing pure online classes through K.U. for over a year now, I haven't had any issues with the school. They've been extremely helpful and supportive through my odd situation. Even had two situations where I had no internet on deployment and was not able to log on my blackboard account, but was able to communicate with my professors through email to send him all due assignments for the week. Yes, it is expensive. As is any university. Was hard work but now... Read More


Reviewed: 2/9/2016

Degree: Legal Studies

Let me start by saying that I completed my bachelors at Keiser and went on to graduate from my first choice law school in my state. It is unfortunate that Keiser continues to be stigmatized as a result of false reports. First and foremost, Keiser is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) just like UF, FSU, UCF, USF, UM, and all other major Florida universities. So the statement that credits from Keiser will not transfer is a lie. Second, the comment "I would rather... Read More


Reviewed: 2/2/2016

Degree: Legal Studies

I am an undergrad alum of Keiser and am currently matriculating at an ABA accredited law school. I think it can be reasonably concluded that if Keiser University were (as alleged) an inept, money hungry, degree mill (I love the "you are buying a degree" comment), I would not likely be a semester away from obtaining a Juris Doctor. For prospective students, please do your research and seek advice from reliable sources. Do not be swayed and misled by the disgruntled opinions of bitter (ex) students.... Read More

Current Student

Reviewed: 8/31/2015

Degree: Legal Studies

Today I was given a "Do Not Admit Slip" by financial aid. I go to handle the situation & I was told that I'm FORBIDDEN to be in class til I do so. Mind you, I pay $50/month just to attend there. & as far as classes go, don't bother wasting your money cause we barely use the textbooks anyway cause it's a month by month institution. There are good resources we use in class to help you in the legal field but hardly any good material is spoken about in class. Mainly gossip about irrelevant things or... Read More

G. Hill

Reviewed: 6/4/2014

Degree: Legal Studies

I can say that I have the benefit of comparing a state college to a private university. I will never go back to a state college or university again. I have enjoyed my time at Keiser University, the instructors go above and beyond to help students in my opinion. As far as the monthly fee, that is explained upfront before enrolling and that is something that you agree to do, so when they want their money, yes, they want their money. Plus, the office is willing to work with you. At least at my campus... Read More

Nabeel M.

Reviewed: 4/9/2014

Degree: Legal Studies

I am a new student to the legal studies BA program at Keiser. After reading all of these negative reviews about the school, I had to write one of my own. Clearly the students giving this school a bad review are the illiterate ones who cannot even help themselves. So far, my experience at Keiser has been truly exceptional. Nobody, even the financial aid office, has come off as rude or unhelpful. Everyone has been very helpful thus far. I have two friends who graduated in two different fields from... Read More


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