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Keiser University Reviews of Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

6 Reviews

Locations:   Daytona Beach (FL)  (and 15 others)

Annual Tuition: $22,000

50% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
33% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Criminal Justice

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Reviewed: 2/26/2022

Degree: Criminal Justice

DO NOT GO TO KEISER UNIVERSITY!!!! They only care about you before they take your money, they are complete money grabbers. It costs an absolute fortune to attend the university, you’d expect the quality of teaching, the dorms, the food etc to be exceptional, but it’s everything but that. They give out FINES just to profit off you. For example, if you lock yourself out of your room, a simple mistake that anyone can make, they will charge you $10. If you step foot into a friends dorm, it’s an instant... Read More

Jason Allen

Reviewed: 10/23/2019

Degree: Criminal Justice

The Tallahassee Campus is great! Every teacher is very helpful and financial aid does their jobs very well. This review is mainly about the main campus and stipend request!! I'm a GI Bill student and decided to take out student loans to help with finances. The main campus denies me multiple times and then decides to take money from my account and give me hardly any money. So if you are a Vet like me, don't be surprised if they take money from you as well!! I'm getting ready to transfer!


Reviewed: 2/8/2018

Degree: Criminal Justice

Whoever is considering to go to school and get an education, Congratulations! That is a big step towards your career, future. Keiser University was truly a wonderful experience for me. I highly recommend anyone to go to this University. Reviews are good to look into but you have to see, try, and take that leap of faith on your own. If this school matches all what you are looking for then what is stopping you? Keiser was a great fit for me. The convenience, flexibility, EXTREME help, kindness from... Read More


Reviewed: 7/26/2017

Degree: Criminal Justice

I am currently in college right getting my MS in Criminal Justice classes are easy, but it is a waste of time 100% because what job am I going to have I am dropping out of a MS program to get my real estate license. Really??!! I'm in big time debt it's up to $50,000 Stay away from here


Reviewed: 5/15/2017

Degree: Criminal Justice

I really wish I had not came to the school. All I do is pay money and pay more money and pay even more money for things that I don't even know about. It seems like all this school is interested in is taking money. Did you know that the school get sued just about every year because of how much money they take from students? Anyways moving on from the money issue, the financial aid people are not ready. When I'm on campus no one says anything to me about financial aid or anything but as soon as I leave... Read More


Reviewed: 2/25/2014

Degree: Criminal Justice

My experience with Keiser was not the best when it came to the personnel in the front. I attended the Jacksonville, FL branch and things got so bad that I had to report three employees to the school president. I'm not sure if anything was done, but one of them for sure doesn't work there anymore. The business side of that branch is so unorganized and very unprofessional. Many of my classmates had complaints with most of them dealing with screwed up paperwork or disrespect.The professors in my core... Read More


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