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Independence University Reviews of Associate in Respiratory Therapy

20 Reviews

Locations:   Salt Lake City (UT) 

Annual Tuition: N/A

50% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
35% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Associate in Respiratory Therapy

Student Reviews - Associate in Respiratory Therapy

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Reviewed: 5/1/2020

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

After reading other reviews of people in IU's Respiratory Therapy program, I'm even more astonished that I was able to not only pass my registry exams, but was able to land a job. The sign up process was very quick and easy, and unlike the horrors that others had to go through, they did find a clinical site for me rather quickly, but that turned out to be another issue (more on that later). But just like everyone else, I wasn't told that the school was on probation before I signed up, but luckily... Read More


Reviewed: 10/9/2019

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

I recently graduated from Independence University with an associate's degree in Respiratory Therapy. My experience with the school was very good. I received a full scholarship and was able to maintain a 4.0, throughout the length of the program. The teachers were very helpful and made every effort to ensure that students could pass the classes. The whole program was designed for students to do well. Although the setup was not perfect by any means, it was definitely designed with the student in mind.... Read More

Matt B.

Reviewed: 9/22/2019

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

My experience at Independence University was positive from beginning to end, I graduated in September 2019. I was pleasantly surprised to receive a full scholarship and all of my concerns were taken care of in a very promptly. The free computers worked perfectly and helped me to complete my studies wherever I happened to be. The staff was pleasant with every conversation and helped in every way possible. I was able to complete all of my classes with no problems and even was able to take extra classes... Read More


Reviewed: 9/6/2019

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

Worst school ever! Don't waste your time. This school is a scam! They don't deliver on the things they promised you during orientation. Truly do your research on this school and find another. For the price that they are charging, you could go to one of the larger institutes. I even heard they are on probation. They don't care about their students. Check out the Better Business Bureau reviews as well!! I wish I had before I signed up.


Reviewed: 7/24/2019

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

This school is a nightmare. I TRULY wish I had read the reviews on the Better Business Bureau. I enrolled in the Respiratory Therapy program back in November. I've spent months taking psychology and "motivation" courses. Three weeks ago I was finally able to start my clinicals. When I arrived at the V.A hospital, all Respiratory Therapists began to ask me a series of questions to which I had no answer. These RRT's proceeded to tell me that Respiratory therapy is not something you can learn online,... Read More


Reviewed: 7/13/2019

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

This scam of a school is an overpriced institution that does not deliver what they promise, sets their students up for failure and is only out for your money. They do not research their clinical sites, much less prepare their students for what is expected of them when they go to the site. The experience was so bad, that the Veterans hospital decided to terminate their contract with Independence U due to us, the students, not even being prepared or knowledgeable about simple basics. They do not have... Read More


Reviewed: 6/23/2018

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

I am not currently enrolled in this school, and i do not recommend anyone to enroll. About a year ago i contacted IU and the first person i spoke with seemed not interested when i told him my age. When i finally got hold of someone i was convinced that i should enroll in the RT program. After taking all the required testing, i was offered a scholarship from the school to help pay for my classes, as well as i had Federal funding. The young lady i spoke with in the finance department was the most helpful... Read More


Reviewed: 11/2/2017

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

Learned their RT program was on probation and then learned they werent fully accredited as they say they are. I dropped 4 classes in when I realized what was going on and ended up owing a lot of money with classes that of course wouldnt transfer. Please dont make the same mistake I did and be very sure you know about EVERYTHING before making your decision to go here. I dropped and joined a school close by thats much cheaper and less time and am making the schedule work.


Reviewed: 8/22/2016

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

I graduated from Independence University in 2015 I would recommend the school only if you currently work in the field you are trying to get your degree and it's hard to teach yourself respiratory I luckily worked around respiratory therapist they were able to help me on a daily basis if you have this kind of support system this is a wonderful way to get your degree without having to work part-time because you're able to do your classes around your work schedule I was able to work full-time and still... Read More


Reviewed: 2/21/2016

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

I'm am currently attending Independence University. I began my education in July 2015 and so far it has been going good. If you choose to attend this university beware you will need to focus and study for each and every class. Every month you have to take 2 courses and with each course comes weekly exams and assignments which you will need to turn in by the end of the week. I have already started my Clinical's and so far it has been good, I'm learning a ton and I can't wait to see what else I learn... Read More


Reviewed: 1/14/2016

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

Do NOT enroll with this University! I understand flexibility the enrollment office sales you on plus the "free" computer. First I attended one full year Nov. 2014-2015 after taking personal leave I have not been able to re-enroll. I have been told I would have to repeat any courses below a B- and financial aid may have changed. This school bleeds over 20,000 in financial aid a year while you will have to do ALL leg work. My preceptor told me he is not a fan of the school and IU students are usually... Read More


Reviewed: 11/3/2015

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

Don't go here unless you want the run around about every question you ask. They have a team of people to find you clinical sites who I am convinced are unqualified for their position. The general consensus in my state(including coming from the board) is that IU has a bad rap. Hospitals don't want to sign contracts to take students for free with no preceptor teaching them. Period, and its offensive to ask them to. Some states think that even though IU meets the minimum requirements from coaarc, it... Read More


Reviewed: 10/26/2015

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

Let me start off with the positives.I enrolled at IU over the summer. I was so excited finally found a online school that was accredited in Respiratory Therapy. The teacher were hands on if I had questions it was answered right away. Grades was posted in a timely manner. Class work load was a lot but you have to manage time effectively. After going to the school for 2 mods I got a email stating I was going to be dropped from the program as a FALSE START due to financial Aid. It also stated that I... Read More


Reviewed: 9/23/2015

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

This school, like any school has its ups and downs. I just graduated this month and have many opportunities ahead of me in the near and distant future. This school is great for those of us that are too busy for the usual brick and mortar school (kids, family, job, etc). The downside of this school is that you pretty much have to teach yourself for the most part in the first year. You will not have clinicals until you are close to your second year. A great thing now is the school just recently started... Read More

NC Student

Reviewed: 7/27/2015

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

I just graduated this week July 2015 from the Respiratory Therapy program at IU and while attending I did have a few issues. I started in September 2013 after I transferred from a local college following a illness and doing online would make it easier so it would not matter if I had to miss class. I didn't have clinicals at the time, so I was not worried about being too sick to go to clinicals either. I started school and had a lot of classes transfer from my previous school, and by the time I recovered... Read More


Reviewed: 6/8/2015

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

I am a current student of IU and I love this school! the program is acreditted and very well put together. I work as a respiratory therapy assistant while in school and I was hired because the program is recognized and approved by the CoARC. I am already seeing better opportunities for myself and I must admit it is difficult to find a clinical site, but start looking for one as soon as possible and once you have found one you are all set to study and complete clinical. I have been to a local college... Read More

RT Grad

Reviewed: 4/7/2015

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

I would not recommend this school to anyone unless your only option is online. The curriculum is very hard if you don't have someone in the field to ask questions. Find your clinical site BEFORE you start!!!! If you are a visual learner you may not find this course easy, also just because it is online the course load is Heavy!! Expect at least 20 - 30 hrs of class work a week.


Reviewed: 1/29/2015

Degree: Respiratory Therapy



Reviewed: 7/9/2013

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

The online classes made it easier for me to work while going to school. I didn't have to work my schedule around school, I could just do my assignments when I wasn't working.


Reviewed: 1/4/2013

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

This "University" is a joke just another way for them to get your GI Bill or Pell Grant Money. I was in the program for two years, went through many advisors who were a joke, and so unorganized. They did not help me at all, they actually created more problems! The college is so disorganized, all of the syllabus' are old and do not pertain to the class or material you need. You have no idea what to study for on your exams. You basically will not have a life for the whole time you are enrolled. Be... Read More

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