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Independence University

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Locations:   Salt Lake City (UT) 

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49% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
54% of students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student Reviews

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Jerjuan Toles

Reviewed: 9/15/2023

Degree: Healthcare Administration

The school provided no assistance to find jobs, then shut down, I believe they took out more in my name and kept it, you never got a refund check, and yet I’m stuck with the debt, in which has done minimal for my life. Why is this fair to the students?


Reviewed: 10/16/2021

Degree: Graphic Design

I attended in 2019 the experience was cool to start with. Certain teachers I had just would not help with any assignments and the second I did not login or do homework they blew my phone up. I have an entire loan from them and I can’t afford it. I feel that if you cannot find a career in the field you studied for you shouldn’t have to pay

Hakeem The Dream

Reviewed: 6/5/2021

Degree: Graphic Design

So a bit of backstory, I more or less joined this university right after high school and I come from a household that makes under $20,000 a year. I saw this school as a stepping stone to my bachelor's degree as I'd only get my AAS in graphic design here to make the other cheaper. I'm one of only two members of my family that I know of that have gone to college at least once. And finally, one of my siblings at the time was in the military and required my help as I was the only one available to help... Read More

Memorie Harris

Reviewed: 6/2/2021

Degree: Medical Assistant

If I could give 0 stars i would. This was a complete waste of time. All they care about is MONEY!!!!! They will call and email you several time throughout the day,but when you need help or have a question they are hard to find or they take weeks to get back to you. And their laptops are CHEAPPPPPPPP maybe cost you 150 in the store but they charge you a minium of $850.


Reviewed: 4/25/2021

Degree: Health Sciences

enrolling in this school was the biggest mistake of my life and if i can turn back time to never doing it i would. i have two more MODS left and i still havent done my externship. my site advisor told me that i should find somewhere but nobody will take me. i am paying so much for this school and passed all my classes and worked hard but im afraid i will have nothing to show for it but a huge bill. i wish i wouldve done my research first

emily johns

Reviewed: 2/21/2021

Degree: Graphic Design

This school isn't really what I thought is was going to be. I can't ever get a hold of an instructor when I need help and can't get answers when I need them. This school could do better hope things change but i don't see it. I may look for another college but I am trying to stick with this one.

software developer

Reviewed: 1/31/2021

Degree: Computer Science

DON'T LISTEN , these people who are saying bad stuff . I been in this school sense 019 , done in april next year this school been good to me. Student advisor calls every other week and. We talk about courses and if I need help in this class, the teacher do actually care about students. These people are complaining about this , school probably drop outs or . Don't ask for help , because they think the teacher won't help them. If you put in the hard work , then you will be successful in this school.... Read More

Kendra Jackson

Reviewed: 1/26/2021

Degree: Healthcare Management

I love this school I was able to earn my associates and now I am earning my bachelors since re enrolling I feel that I will be more prepared for my career. I am working with career services to get me into my field. I love everything about the school I love the tutoring services that they have I go two to three times a week and my instructors get back with me right away.

Poor communication

Reviewed: 1/8/2021

Degree: MBA in Healthcare Management

My career advisor has very poor communication. I guess I could say it was VERY easy enrolling on the phone and signing up for my fafsa with them. I am trying to start, but every time we have a phone meeting she makes an excuse as to why she did not call me at the time that was scheduled. I am regretting this! I am looking for a new college; I hope this doesn’t mess me up or anything. I have signed everything I am supposed to even signed up for Fafsa. I have not paid anything. (First year in college)... Read More

Velia H

Reviewed: 12/24/2020

Degree: Business

I have been with this college almost 19 months now and as of January ill have my associates degree, and I'll be honest I at one point almost considered dropping out because I didn't think I could handle juggling work and my kids plus college, but with help from my professors and from the dean I was able to not struggle as much and pass all my classes. My advisor is amazing she calls me twice a month to check in on me and make sure I have everything that I need. And ever since covid hit the financial... Read More


Reviewed: 11/19/2020

Degree: Business Administration

SCAM!!! This school is the biggest scam. They charge $74,000 for tuition but aren’t there for their students when they need it. They used to call me everyday when I was applying to make sure I get my financial aid done but once I got that done they stopped responding. The same financial aid advisor I had calling me everyday would message me 2 weeks later. Not only that but the teachers don’t even know anything. I don’t think they even graduated high school. I have a lot to say but this is a classic... Read More

Shan S

Reviewed: 11/19/2020

Degree: Medical Assistant

I think this is a great school, or at least it could be more better.. I am about to graduate in 2 months. I am now in my externship phase and havent re received a school refund due to me and I have been in school 18 months. Seems to me that they don't care if you have a job, kids, or other duties. Life DOES NOT REVOLVE AROUND THIS SCHOOL. Be understanding and give me my money since I have to pay it back anyway because I have read about the trouble this university is in.


Reviewed: 11/2/2020

Degree: Computer Programming

I would not recommend this school to anyone. My wife attended for Business management and I attended for Computer Programming and Cyber Security. My wife had better grades than I did and they told her that she wasn't meeting their grade requirements of 65% when actually she was making an average of 90% which is more than enough to pass. She was then told that she is being dropped from her program and that she is required to pay back her student loan. As for myself I was averaging an 80% because due... Read More


Reviewed: 9/22/2020

Degree: Medical Assistant

I have been attending IU for a little over 4 months now, and I love it. The staff and professors are amazing. Everything dealing with this school is amazing. I can't believe how much I love attending school here. They make you feel like family, and you can tell in everyone's voice that they want you to succeed. Every time I speak to someone from the school it feels like I'm talking to a friend and can talk to them about anything. My student advisor can call me and we stay on the phone for, forever... Read More


Reviewed: 5/1/2020

Degree: Respiratory Therapy

After reading other reviews of people in IU's Respiratory Therapy program, I'm even more astonished that I was able to not only pass my registry exams, but was able to land a job. The sign up process was very quick and easy, and unlike the horrors that others had to go through, they did find a clinical site for me rather quickly, but that turned out to be another issue (more on that later). But just like everyone else, I wasn't told that the school was on probation before I signed up, but luckily... Read More

Rosanna Eberhardt

Reviewed: 3/28/2020

Degree: Healthcare Administration

I am currently enrolled at Independence University for my bachelor's degree in Health Service Management. I would recommend this school to anyone who has the self-discipline to attend an online college. I have found the communication to be excellent and everyone genuinely seems to care about my education. The instructor's have all been very attentive to my needs as a student. My experience has been wonderful!

Samantha Londo

Reviewed: 2/21/2020

Degree: Accounting

This is probably the worst school you can ever attend online. Go to University of Phoenix, you're better off that way. IU doesn't care about students, or if they've gone through mental health crisis, all they care about is the money they get from the government. It's a sad school.


Reviewed: 1/27/2020

Degree: Business Administration

The school courses are a joke. They lecture one day a week for one hour if you can call it a lecture. There is basically no Instructor help with this online platform. Its just all about writing papers. If you can write you will get an A if you can’t, you will fail. You can spend 80K for this education or go borrow some books from the local library and do it yourself because that basically what you are getting into. I have friends at online University’ (who are not on probation like I.U.) , pay less... Read More


Reviewed: 1/17/2020

Degree: Healthcare Management

I would never recommend this school to anyone EVER, anyone who takes pride in actually doing the work and making sure they are on top of their game wouldn’t make it at this school , as the communication is horrible . IU will call you a million times as much as possible for fasfa or to collect money or if your attendance is off but will not answer or respond when it’s about important things regarding classes or your degree , or anything at this point . I wish I had did more research on this school... Read More


Reviewed: 12/12/2019

Degree: Medical Assistant

I've been enrolled with Independence University for only 3 weeks now, but over the course of this 3 weeks, I have ZERO complaints about this school. The communication is 10/10, the amount of information I'm given is a 10/10. All of these negative comments are very mind-blowing to me. I've gotten what I was told I would receive already, (my tablet) I'm going to get the laptop in a couple more months too. I love my instructor, Christine Bailey. Overall, so far I think I made the right decision choosing... Read More


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