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Herzing University Reviews of Certificate in Licensed Practical Nurse

7 Reviews

Locations:     Multiple Locations

Annual Tuition: $14,200

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Student Reviews - Certificate in Licensed Practical Nurse

Student Reviews - Certificate in Licensed Practical Nurse

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Reviewed: 10/10/2023

Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse

Herzing advertise themselves very well at the beginning, hence as it is their job. Everything is all about business. I was skeptical at first because it's a private school and expensive. However, I was excited to start a new journey and to see how quickly these programs are, I was up for the challenge to attend school year round. The classes itself were decent. It was a smaller school setting. The teachers at the location I attended (WI) was amazing but the plot twist of having milestones pretty... Read More

Disappointed and discouraged current student

Reviewed: 6/27/2023

Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse

I hate this school real bad when I started out loving it a lot of things are not made clear upon enrollment I was doing well in all my classes until we got hit with a MILESTONE TEST which doesn’t help that you have other classes with exams all at the same time it’s hard to study or focus on one thing we were told that if we don’t pass we have to take a remediation class which I don’t feel is right specially when you have already spent so much time and money on your actual classes this is not fair... Read More


Reviewed: 4/18/2023

Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse

LPN Nursing students please do not choose to come to Herzing, teachers don’t care about your success at all!! You will have tone of stress trying to figure out how to keep up with the load of content, homework, lab and clinical without no support at all!!! Very strict instructor's that can’t wait to fail you !!!! Oh and a lot of self teaching at the end you still end up failing. Don’t waste your time with this school.

SCAM! Horrible Experience!

Reviewed: 9/8/2022

Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse

@Orlando Campus. The teachers read from the PowerPoint slides. The school breached the testing contract by giving the HESI Exit Exam in order to fail students to get more money. The exam wasn't required for the program for Practical Nursing Diploma yet.


Reviewed: 3/7/2019

Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse

I am currently in the LPN program at the Orlando campus and I will be graduating October 2019. The first thing that I want to address is my professor. She is very unprofessional. I participate in class discussions, I study hard, know the material and have yet to fail and test and still get treated like a child and disrespected by this professor. Teaching is clearly not for her. Not a peoples person and does not know how to speak to people. Another thing that I want to address is the disorganization... Read More


Reviewed: 7/5/2016

Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse

The Bham school is dysfunctional and unorganized. The staff and the professors seem nice at first. But dont let that fool you. If you have a family emergency the professors will tell you can make up the work. But in the nursing program they will fail you if miss something. They also charge $30,000 for a LPN program. Most schools charge that for a bachelors 4yr degree in a Nursing program and they want to charge it for a CERTIFICATE. Its a rip off and you will be wasting your time. When I saw the... Read More


Reviewed: 6/30/2016

Degree: Licensed Practical Nurse

Very unorganized school they have no clue on what they are doing. I decided to change school once I seen the total price. They are charging 30,000 for a Practical Nurse Cert. That ridiculous. Other school are charging only 8-9 thousands. Do Go There.


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