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Grand Canyon University Reviews of Master's in Special Education

18 Reviews

Locations:   Phoenix (AZ) 

Annual Tuition: $17,800

60% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
50% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Master's in Special Education

Student Reviews - Master's in Special Education

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C Fuller

Reviewed: 7/13/2022

Degree: Special Education

I recently graduated from GCU with a Master's in Special Education. I absolutely loved the program. That is not to say that it did not require a lot of hard work, with dedicated time to study and write papers, as well as make regular posts. There were many life events that I had to pass on so that I could maintain my focus and good grades. I had the opportunity to also be teaching in Special Education while attending school and every class aligned and helped me with my actual job. The online learning... Read More


Reviewed: 2/14/2021

Degree: Special Education

So, I'm 18 credits into my Master's, which is a 44 credit degree, and I have to say it has already benefitted my career quite a bit. The Special Education Law classes were particularly helpful. From reading other reviews, I think it helps that I was already working in Special Education when I started. I am an Alternative Routes to Licensure (ARL) candidate in Utah. Recently, ARL program candidates where changed from being considered a fully professional license to an associate educator license, which... Read More

Miranda Underwood

Reviewed: 10/12/2019

Degree: Special Education

The initial reason I chose Grand Canyon University to pursue my Masters Degree is because of how many recommendations I got from friends who pursued the same degree. Unfortunately my experience has been far different than theirs and I am extremely disappointed that I chose to get my Masters Degree here. While there are some professors who are very helpful and care about their work, many do not care and it ruins the experience. So many of my professors gave assignments that were hard to understand,... Read More


Reviewed: 2/17/2019

Degree: Special Education

The majority of the program was excellent. The professors are usually helpful and grade promptly. However, I had the worse experience with the two classes designed to help teach specific subjects (Math and English). The courses are not designed with students with special needs in mind. Instead, the classes are geared at general education classrooms. Instead of providing advice and techniques to teach students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities we are required to touch on that subject... Read More


Reviewed: 1/14/2019

Degree: Special Education

Grand Canyon University is a scamming institution and the other reviews here are accurate. I too feel dumb being duped and wish I would have looked at reviews before enrolling. They claim to be a Christian institution but act like money hungry heathens. I am a stay at home mom trying to get my masters in English Education and needed an online course to help my struggling family financially. They made all these promises and were so sweet on the phone. They take up hours of your time manipulating and... Read More

go girl

Reviewed: 12/5/2018

Degree: Special Education

Grand Canyon's online Master's program was the perfect program for me. It allowed me to obtain my degree while working full-time in my current job. The degree allowed me to advance within my company and as a professional in the community. The work required me to apply my education in real life situations through observations, teaching opportunities with partner schools, and through submission of a multitude of work. Great teachers that worked with you, especially in those times when a student didn't... Read More

You are simply paying for a piece of paper not an education.

Reviewed: 3/19/2017

Degree: Special Education

Save your money and go to a school that is actually interested in teaching you. GCU hires teachers across the country that are not involved in the online system, do not grade in any reasonable time and are simply lazy. Furthermore, they are far from qualified, I received a message from Tennant Leary, a professor that stated "I like meant to deduct 10%", I'm not sure of any level of education where a prof's articulation in that manner is acceptable. GCU is unwilling to do anything about their poor... Read More


Reviewed: 1/30/2017

Degree: Special Education

Took two graduate courses for additional credit on teacher's pay scale. I had an awful experience with 2 out of 3 instructors and would advise educators looking for this type of credit to STAY AWAY FROM THIS INSTITUTION. They are inconsistent with their courses in terms of actually having rubrics to guide expectations for work completion. They hire individuals who have equivalent educations and experience to the students (i.e., under-qualified instructors), and they do not and will not treat you... Read More

Gwendetta Jones

Reviewed: 7/8/2016

Degree: Special Education

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at GCU. I was battling cancer when I enrolled, and the admission adviser was very helpful and even told me that he understood if I wanted to delay my enrollment. The professors for the most part are very informative and got back in touch with me immediately when I had questions about assignments. I only had two dipsticks for professors; however, the others were very professional. I would recommend this school to anyone who does a lot of traveling because I was able... Read More


Reviewed: 3/11/2016

Degree: Special Education

This school supports their students no matter near or far. They are professional, organized and honest through and through. My professors were always there to help me with 24 hrs. However, I don't know if I will have the saw experience with my doctorate. All of my books were convenient and there at the drop of a coin!

Excited to teach

Reviewed: 4/9/2015

Degree: Special Education

I was fearful to attend the online program. I read several negetive reviews and had not been to school in over a decade. My advisors are just amazing, and they put my mind at ease. The work is intensive. I've spent many sleepless nights. I suggest that if there are any quizzes to NOT click on the quiz until you are ready to take the quiz. I failed a quiz because of my curiosity. Also to recieve full participation points have 3 days of posts in addition to your inital response of EACH discussion post.(total... Read More


Reviewed: 3/22/2015

Degree: Special Education

I hesitated joining this school due to reviews but I'm almost at my financial aid limit. I'm a single mom and just graduated with my M.B.A. last year. It was hard but I could manage it. I'm not sure if I'm going to drop or not though at GCU. The material is great but the work load is overwhelming. I'm up til 3 a.m. every night and still can't get it all done. I knew at enrollment that we had to post and comment three separate days during the school week for the hefty participation points. That was... Read More


Reviewed: 2/1/2015

Degree: Special Education

I have attended online schools as well as State Colleges, Universities and Community Colleges. I have enjoyed each experience and disliked different aspects of each school. Overall, I would say that Grand Canyon University (online) has been my favorite school. I felt that two discussions plus three replies a week was a bit much but it was not difficult to do. I enjoyed the assignments and completed my Masters program with a 4.0, my undergraduate was a 3.67. I received a good education here and as... Read More


Reviewed: 1/24/2015

Degree: Special Education

I literally just started in 12/14. I read reviews first...some great some bad. I know some ppl just complain though out of pure nature. I'm not looking for a degree hand-out. I have my M.B.A. from University of the Southwest. Why I didn't look there for teaching, not sure. I realized I can't work 40-60 hours a week in business as a single mom, I love kids and want to teach. This may seem silly but it's a potential deal-breaker for students. They have two online discussion postings a week and you... Read More

Dee Morrison

Reviewed: 11/11/2014

Degree: Special Education

If anyone went to a traditional institution do not attempt this online debacle. The program is long, redundant, and full of "instructors" that have never taught in the field. The assignments are pointless (powerpoints, pathlets) long drawn out assignments that they do not read. There are a few courses with instructors who like to be overly meticulous on format but not content. There is no actual learning at this institution. You pay your money, you get a degree.

Beverley Allred

Reviewed: 7/16/2014

Degree: Special Education

Group work within the classes can be frustrating because all the students are in different time zones.


Reviewed: 8/20/2013

Degree: Special Education

Tell us about your college experience.

My experience simply was not good. I have had numerous errors, including being one of their top students, but receiving a letter that said I was failing so badly I was on Academic probation (at the same time that I had an A average). I also have had a horrible issue lately. A student was rude to me and excluded me from a CLC assignment and then told the instructor that I was not part of the CLC. I had done one CLC assignment and completely pulled my own weight,... Read More

Would you get the same degree if you could start over?

I want out of Special Education - this school ruined that for me. The field of Education itself is fine - I just want to transfer to another school.

What advice can you offer other students?

Check out reviews and how highly rated online colleges are before you sign on the dotted line. About GCU - run away as far and as fast as you can!

Lisa Moore

Reviewed: 5/7/2013

Degree: Special Education

Grand Canyon University does not help their students. They are only out for money and that is all. I had a family emergency, put my family first and it has cost me more money than anything. Thy are holding my transcripts, so I can't start another school or anything with my education. They are not willing to help the student out, who are the ones that PAY their salaries.

I signed a MOU to begin classes in February, and since there was a balance on my existing account they would not let me start any... Read More

If you are thinking of this school, I would run the other way. They are only out for the money.....sad but so true! and they say ''we are a Christian College'' they can sell that bull to someone else, because this student has become starter now!


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