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Grand Canyon University Reviews of Master's in Psychology

20 Reviews

Locations:   Phoenix (AZ) 

Annual Tuition: $17,800

45% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
40% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Master's in Psychology

Student Reviews - Master's in Psychology

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Reviewed: 10/22/2023

Degree: Psychology

Attending this University was a negative experience. The student service office is lazy, dishonest, and disrespects the student. Some teachers know the problems in the unsupportive administration of this center, which is a joke, and they take advantage by disrespecting the students, etc.


Reviewed: 1/19/2023

Degree: Psychology

I am a student at GCU earning my Masters of Science in Psychology. Grand Canyon University has been a wonderful experience for me, the staff have been great, I have wonderful counselors, and been provided with plenty of resources to bring me success for my graduate program. From transitioning from undergrad to grad school, its everything I expected it to be. It is challenging, you need to have time management skills, devoted time to coursework, participate!!, and keep up with the work. I have heard... Read More

David W

Reviewed: 6/24/2022

Degree: Psychology

I recently completed my Master of Science in Psychology at Grand Canyon University (GCU). My emphasis area was Gero-Psychology. I love the elderly, subjects related to aging, and everything that goes along with the aging process. I absolutely loved GCU and recommend it to all! Ok, in fairness, I did not ALWAYS love the courses because they could be very stressful at times, due to complex subject matter or deadlines. But in general, I loved GCU and the Psychology program. The online GCU program is... Read More


Reviewed: 4/9/2022

Degree: Psychology

Stay far away from this University. They should close this place. No Christian oriented, but oriented for student's money. Unprofessional staff, they use recordings against the students and other nasty tricks to cover each others. No departments supporting students. Be careful.

Trapped Student

Reviewed: 1/8/2021

Degree: Psychology

I would not recommend this institution. I maintained a 4.0 throughout the entirety of my program and maintained an A throughout my research methods class. The course was online and the professor had a final exam in which she disclaimed that if the test had a glitch she would not reset it, which is an unfair policy with the current conditions of COVID. During the exam there was a glitch and the professor refused to reopen the test and let me complete it due to concerns with integrity of test. I asked... Read More


Reviewed: 11/5/2020

Degree: Psychology

I originally selected GCU because it seemed that they had everything that I needed to be able to actually complete a master's degree while still having a very busy life outside of school. Tuition is cheap, classes are accessible completely online, I only had to take one class at a time, and they seemed to have a very welcoming environment. All of these things remain true, which is good. The only problem is that the program is designed and run so poorly that I am starting to feel like I have just... Read More


Reviewed: 11/6/2019

Degree: Psychology

I enrolled in an online grad program with GCU. The first few days of class were treacherous to locate help. I dropped the classes in the first week. GCU staff explained I would not have any charges if I dropped the first week. A month later, I received a 900 bill for initiation fees which was placed on my credit. I really can't see how GCU purports Christian values when it's clear they arbitrarily charge whatever amount after a student has been enrolled. I asked multiple staff to apprise me (4 years... Read More


Reviewed: 9/12/2019

Degree: Psychology

This school has been phenomenal. The faculty are highly skilled and very easy to talk to and work with, even online. I have learned a lot, the syllabus is set up to really help each student win and it takes only 8 - 10 hours a week to do the work. The thing that sets GCU ahead of the rest is that each student gets a graduation team of four counselors, tech support and a librarian who are there for you and actually respond quickly.

Alma A.

Reviewed: 5/28/2019

Degree: Psychology

I am slated to graduate this October, 2019 with a Masters in I/O Psychology. I have enjoyed the courses and have learned a lot. I like the flexibility of going into the classroom on your own time and most of my teachers have been very responsive to any questions I've asked and also to posting responses to student DQ answers. I have two complaints and one is that the DQ questions and assignments are written very poorly. They are difficult to understand, the spelling is atrocious as well as the punctuation... Read More


Reviewed: 11/14/2018

Degree: Psychology

I am extremely disappointed in GCU. At first when they are receiving payment from you they are extremely nice and helpful but once you are done they do not care at all about you. I now have a Masters degree I can not do much with because of "miscommunication"about the practicum in which they do not offer for my degree and was not informed this until after I was close to the end of my program. I also called to see when I would receive my diploma and was told I have to pay another $150 to receive it.... Read More


Reviewed: 1/26/2018

Degree: Psychology

My personal experience: First of all I was a hard-working student, I obtained a degree, I was patient, but had to learn the hard way! 1. Enrollment counselors: At most schools, they are very pleasant. However, I had the most amazing enrollment counselor ever. 2. Instructors: I had few that did not care about the students only the pay. In fact, one behaved as if I was bothering him and was irritated at any question I asked. Some have poor social skills and should not be teachers. They lacking open... Read More


Reviewed: 1/24/2018

Degree: Psychology

Graduate school is a time to independently learn and work with given guidance and support. This school enforces students to truly learn because a student is required to prove their understanding of topics. I like the student resources, and the free Microsoft and SPSS programs was helpful and friendly. It was easy to reach out to my advisor and counselor.

Cassie Thiesse

Reviewed: 3/20/2017

Degree: Psychology

I would recommend GCU to anyone looking to get into a great college either out of high school for their bachelor degree or someone looking to go in to get their secondary education degree because I have continued with GCU for my Masters and I will be completing my 2nd degree this year!


Reviewed: 1/7/2017

Degree: Psychology

This university should be renamed university of jokes instead of Grand Canyon University I took to classes and seen the school was only interested in your money nothing more don't waist your time going to this university so sad it is not good for adults OMG


Reviewed: 12/14/2015

Degree: Psychology

I chose GCU because the admissions staff actually listen to what I had to say about my career and personal goals. I was looking for a Masters program that would support my schedule, finances and career. I also like the fact that it has been around since 1949, Division I and a beautiful campus.


Reviewed: 11/17/2015

Degree: Psychology

Overall the school is good. I have had many great professors and one that was so rigorous that I wanted to quit, but I stuck it out and received an A- in the class. My only problem with this school is the SSA (Financial Aid). I was offered an Alumni Scholarship that would cover the 95.00 fees for each class and this is my 4th class and the scholarship still has not been applied to my account, despite speaking to my SSA several times. Initially they said they never received the form for the scholarship,... Read More


Reviewed: 6/28/2015

Degree: Psychology

This is my first experience with online education, but not my first experience as a college student. I already have BS and MA degrees but have never taken online courses before. I am two classes in to the MS in IO Psychology program at GCU, taking classes online, and my opinion of the program so far is that it is not very rigorous. The online posting and collaboration in the online forum requirements are a joke and add very little value to my personal enrichment and learning, There are no actual... Read More

Student at GCU

Reviewed: 5/21/2014

Degree: Psychology

Every advisors were friendly during the enrollment. First class was great. The second class was given by Dr. G.. Dr. G. never reply on time, he is not able to help the student to improve a grade and the individual assignment it is vague. His expectation is too high but the instruction in regard the assignment do not clarify what he really want in the individual assignment. Many students are having the same issue with this teacher. The adviser promise to help with the material by providing guidance... Read More

Jeneen Gabriel

Reviewed: 7/23/2013

Degree: Psychology

Tell us about your college experience.

My financial advisor never was around, she filed the paper work wrong so I did not get my loan, now the school will not give me my diploma or transcript until I pay them over 954 dollars for their mistake.

Would you get the same degree if you could start over?

No, I was told that I would not need a GRE and that My degree would be good anywhere. Not so, I can not get my doctorate in psychology the degree is not any good.

What advice can you offer other students?... Read More

Don't Attend Grand Canyon University.


Reviewed: 5/15/2013

Degree: Psychology

Financially appealing. No requirements to get in. No out of state tuition.

They issue you a graduation team (of students I think). They call you every week it seems, but have no idea of what your progress is. My team swapped 4 or 5 + times in 3 segments.

The academics are a bit of a joke online. Responses/grades/notes are copy pasted on your work. When I figured it out, I literally put "This won't even be read, so I made this project up", in the middle of a paragraph between to conflicting points,... Read More

Academic assistance is a bit of a dupe as well. When I actually needed help, I got a no replies to communication attempts. When I finally did, the instructor was overwhelmed, and wasn't able to help. She was a part time instructor for online courses, and it was a supplemental job for her. Turns out I had an undiagnosed learning disability. So I was getting easy A's, and had no idea there was an issue until it was too late. Then at the first sign of trouble, the graduation team vanishes. No one contacts you back. Then the billing department starts calling.

University's reporting system is flawed. I ended up losing 200 points on my credit score because the registrar's office got behind in reporting, and I kept getting dinged for late payments while supposed to be in deferment. When I attempted to later contest the flawed reports, I got the run around. I ended up having to wait it out and rebuild my score. I will emphasize that this was while attending class, receiving grades, and in the middle of a segment. Not while out of school.

Online: You have to prove attendance by answering questions, and posting online. You then have to reply to other's (quantity depending) posts. At no point did a single instructor mediate the posts when they got off topic or incorrect. It is a religious school, but you would think that when discussing something like psychology, genetics, etc... "God made them that way" would never be an actual answer. Another example is quoting your pastor as a source.

It is what it is. There are people who will fool themselves into thinking it is a great institution, because it is easy and unchallanging.

I hope this helps someone. Don't be fooled by the potential morality of the school. It is a business, and they just want the money. They fool a great deal of people. School doesn't have to be hard to be effective, but interaction with instructors is a must. You have to have the opportunity to try, then get real feedback to progress. This is not the place for learning. It is a great place to pay for a degree. Hopefully your employer doesn't research the school.


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