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Grand Canyon University Reviews of Master's in Counseling

24 Reviews

Locations:   Phoenix (AZ) 

Annual Tuition: $17,800

50% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
63% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Master's in Counseling

Student Reviews - Master's in Counseling

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Reviewed: 3/28/2023

Degree: Counseling

Please believe these students when they tell you this is the worse school ever! What Jennifer stated is exactly true! I am going through the same thing now. I have not received my disbursement and it's going on 2 months. When I asked for thr financial aid department they said that they did not have one and I could only talk to my studen service counselor which handles both. I asked how is this legal?? How can you call yourself an university with no financial aid department! I was appalled. I even... Read More


Reviewed: 3/10/2020

Degree: Counseling

There are some good things to say and some not so good things to say. One disappointment I noticed early on in the program is the quality of students enrolled at the graduate level. At this point of an academic career, students should be able able to write in complete sentences. I have been embarrassed by some of the class posting by how poorly they are written. With that said, you get out of the program what you put into it. Like anything in life, you reap what you sow. I personally enjoyed the... Read More


Reviewed: 10/23/2019

Degree: Counseling

This school is great! the staff and teachers really care about your success. I love the curriculum. I started my Bachelor's degree there in 2016 and completed it on time. They have a wonderful math tutoring service to assist in a wide range of hours for online students. The tutors are very patient, and will make sure that you are confident prior to ending your session. I am glad that I continued on to my Master's program there as well and will be graduating soon. I get random calls to check up on... Read More

Paul E

Reviewed: 7/5/2019

Degree: Counseling

I found the quality of the instruction to be excellent. The quality of some of the student online assignments could have been better but I got the most I could out of the program. I was hired at my practicum site after completing my last course. I received a raise in pay because of the M.S. and was put in charge of a new outpatient program. Thanks GCU.

J. Moore

Reviewed: 10/29/2018

Degree: Counseling

I chose GCU because I remember the quality of education that was provided years ago. The fact that it was a Christian university also added to my decision. I chose GCU because I work a very demanding full-time job and wanted something that was a hybrid. Well, my experience has been less than pleasurable and for the most part has added a large amount of extra stress to my life. First complaint is regarding financial aid. Students are NOT allowed to speak to anyone in financial aid, at least that is... Read More

Ripped Off

Reviewed: 9/27/2018

Degree: Counseling

Dont be fooled . The nice but very annoying counselor will NOT be with you through out your program. This place is ALL about the money. They will offer free textbooks ebooks that will not load. And a scholarship to Alumni another joke. Please dont choose this school and waste your time and money .


Reviewed: 5/13/2018

Degree: Counseling

My experience was mediocre. I can say that my experience was not bad but I did encounter to much turn around. This school uses Christianity to sell a product,your money. Keep in mind for people pursuing a grad degree in counseling. It would be better to choose a school that is CACREP. Unfortunately this school is not. Personally I should had did the social work program at another school

Psyched OUT

Reviewed: 7/3/2017

Degree: Counseling

I read the poor ratings before signing up for classes. I figured that the students who wrote poor comments were most likely poor students and that I would surpass those students because I did very well in my bachelor degree programs and career. I was so wrong and have a huge student loan to prove it! I never had the same counselor or instructor for very long. Many did not make it through the semester. Students without jobs, careers, or ambition tend to perform best. They were able to sign into the... Read More


Reviewed: 6/12/2017

Degree: Counseling

Very poorly run! Very disorganized. Definitely don't care about the students. They will change guidelines in the middle of the program making it next to impossible to finish the degree! Not worth the time or money! Most professor just give a grade without any explanation or even reviewing the work. I have had five different advisors in two years.

Angry Student

Reviewed: 4/23/2017

Degree: Counseling

These people showed up marketing at my job. Never heard of them. Not one person completed the program. Once the advisor gets you on board, you are on your own. They don't care about the quality of your work, only quantity. Don't waste your $!! Graduation rate is very poor for this financially failing college.

Rheanna Schmidt

Reviewed: 3/20/2017

Degree: Counseling

I've always believed in the saying "the cream rises to the top." That thought is certainly true at GCU. Although most for profit schools are upon difficult financial times, GCU has found a way to rise above and continue to provide a excellent education for it's students. The school mascot is an antelope, and the motto of the diverse student body is 'rise up.' That motto is carried across all facets of the school. You see and feel it everywhere! Not only in the education you receive, but the friendliness... Read More

Carol Ryan

Reviewed: 11/8/2016

Degree: Counseling

This program and school are top-notch! Everything they said they would do, they did. I have no complaints with Grand Canyon and have recommended them to many, including family, friends, and colleagues. I learned an incredible amount in this program. I have been working in the field for 3 years now and find that I am as qualified as the rest of my counterparts that attended a brick and mortar school in person. I am very thankful for my education at GCU. Excellent program! Excellent university! Staff... Read More


Reviewed: 8/14/2016

Degree: Counseling

Most of the staff that I have contacted at GCU have been helpful & friendly; however, the student services advisor that I was assigned to has been somewhat rude and not very knowledgeable. I asked about completing my online degree in another state and the advisor replied I could not. I further investigated and found out I could. The advisor also mentioned that my learning and degree are meant for the state that I live in. I have big plans after I receive my degree and they do not involve working... Read More


Reviewed: 2/24/2016

Degree: Counseling

I absolutely dislike this school. I could never get in touch with my financial advisor even though I would schedule an appointment. Their advisors are not knowledgeable about their own programs and they charge for classes that I have not taken! Beware of this school.

Aaron J. Larson

Reviewed: 2/10/2016

Degree: Counseling

I have been in the field of Addiction Counseling for a few years. I am still working full time so I needed to find a University to accommodate flexibility. I looked at a number of online schools and settled with GCU. I am also a Christian so GCU appealed to me due to their Christian affiliation, and that is my biggest complaint with GCU and why I am giving them a 3 star rating instead of 5 star. Although the M.S. program I am taking is considered secular, GCU DOES NOT integrate Christian principles... Read More


Reviewed: 1/11/2016

Degree: Counseling

Grand Canyon University has an excellent graduate program. The professor's were helpful and understanding, with the exception of one professor but the school because of my GPA stepped and helped me out tremendously. I would recommend GCU without hesitation 100%.


Reviewed: 7/20/2015

Degree: Counseling

I did the online program but I did want to choose a brick and mortar school. I can truly say it has been a great experience, I have learned a lot, great professors willing to assist you. I highly recommend GCU which has given me the opportunity to find excellent employment.


Reviewed: 7/19/2015

Degree: Counseling

I don't agree with some comments that because the school is a for profit that they go easy on the students. This has not been my experience at all. My program is just as rigorous as a traditional institution. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and attentive. I have attended the traditional university and I find online to be just as difficult because of the structure. However it is worth it. So far I have the same student advisor I started with last March 2014. I have two classes left before... Read More


Reviewed: 7/7/2015

Degree: Counseling

You can skate through classes putting in little work just like an on campus university, but if you want to there are plenty of opportunities to do well. Do the all the readings and independent research and you will be more knowledge than students in traditional programs. It's great if you have "a life" outside of school. There are weekly posts and papers. Some students do a very minimum post (5 sentences almost word for word from the book) but most do longer posts incorporating additional research... Read More


Reviewed: 6/15/2015

Degree: Counseling

I have LOVED GCU. My advisers are always helpful and available. I have had the same student services adviser and enrollment counselor throughout my entire program. Ask for S. L. if you want an incredible counselor. The classes have been awesome. They require a ton of research and writing; don't attend here if if this is not what you prefer. If you're looking to study a textbook and regurgitate information in a test, this is not for you. I have had a couple sub-par instructors/professors. More than... Read More


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