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Grand Canyon University Reviews of Bachelor's in Liberal Studies

6 Reviews

Locations:   Phoenix (AZ) 

Annual Tuition: $17,800

100% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
33% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Liberal Studies

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Liberal Studies

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Reviewed: 12/4/2022

Degree: Liberal Studies

Attending this college was a complete mistake. And it is one of the worse colleges I've experienced as an online student. This college is "money hungry". Also, my student service counselor told me that my official transcripts and diploma would cost me $150.00, I'm thinking like what. When I attended my other college, I never had to pay $150.00 for no official transcripts or diploma. I've should've had did more research on this college before applying. I'm having a lot of bumps in the road with GCU,... Read More

Abigail Milam

Reviewed: 3/16/2021

Degree: Liberal Studies

I'm currently attending GCU as a student enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Behavioral Health Science program. So far, my experience has been amazing! My university counselor was extremely helpful when I was applying for GCU. He walked me through the process step-by-step and answered all of my questions quickly and efficiently. My academic advisor is also amazing! She handles all of my financial documents, and ensures that I am on track for my upcoming courses. The online program itself is great.... Read More


Reviewed: 12/2/2020

Degree: Liberal Studies

I wouldn't recommend this school to any working adult that have responsibility or a family. The school is not flexible and doesn't fit around my schedule. With a total of ten posts due at the end of the week along with my other assignments it was easier when I took classes full time at my other university. I wish I would've known that before trying this school. I'm now at a better school that works with my schedule alot better. The instructor wasn't really friendly at all. The staff however was nice... Read More

Fresno Educator

Reviewed: 11/23/2019

Degree: Liberal Studies

Don't attend this school. This school accepts anybody and everybody. Quality of education is really poor. Most students that are successful are self learners that have the money to pay for an expensive school simply for a degree. If all you want is a degree and have the money, this is the school for you. If you actually want to learn something, apply elsewhere.

Shelby Cornett

Reviewed: 1/1/2019

Degree: Liberal Studies

Awful! Out of the years worth of online schooling I did, there were two teachers that were even decent instructors. My student services counselor was a joke! I clearly stated for 6 weeks straight that I had serious personal problems going on that were extremely important and needed my attention, what did she and the instructor do? NOTHING! I was to the point of being so stressed out I emailed my counselor informing her of my desire to commit suicide before FINALLY being allowed to take leave of absence!... Read More

Josh Villa

Reviewed: 2/5/2017

Degree: Liberal Studies

My college, is a very unique as well as exciting. It was so many features and advances for any sort of student. Grand canyon university is a one of a kind school and can at times be like a vacation. It is very safe and has all sorts of activities for many types of people. Grand Canyon university is For everyone and anyone.


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