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Full Sail University Reviews of Bachelor's in Art & Design

5 Reviews

Locations:   Winter Park (FL) 

Annual Tuition: $25,687

50% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
60% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Art & Design

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Art & Design

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Reviewed: 3/20/2023

Degree: Art & Design

My experience with Full Sail University was disappointing, to say the least. While the campus, its courses and degree programs look impressive and promising at first glance, the quality of education and support left much to be desired. The absence of qualified instructors is obvious. Many I had were unprofessional, disengaged, and lacking of passion or knowledge for the topics they were supposed to teach, was one of the major problems I encountered. Numerous instructors lacked teaching experience,... Read More

Steven Lavendier

Reviewed: 9/7/2019

Degree: Art & Design

I feel that the college was very knowledgeable about the information they provided, however, they had not adequately prepared me for the professional world. That, and they are not regionally accredited, only nationally accredited. This means that anyone looking to switch industries, like becoming a teacher or some other professional position, would not be able to go into it without other adequate education, which is what I had to do in order to switch gears and become an educator. That, and it was... Read More


Reviewed: 3/4/2018

Degree: Art & Design

As the business school is fairly new, I was ready for the worst. I just about get that. Class after class, Im presented with work and assignments that literally do NOTHING for me. Some assignments require me to find information that doesnt exist. Others are simply a waste of time. I want to do REAL. WORK. Have real experiences under my belt, real things to show! Isnt that what Full Sail claims to offer? Real world education? Plus, Ive experiencing true evil, such as getting scholarships taken away... Read More

Phillip Stokes

Reviewed: 9/7/2016

Degree: Art & Design

Full Sail is a great University just like all others. You will need to be an really driven to succeed in the entertainment industry. With a degree from Full Sail you will be able to get employed in both the private and federal sectors. Be sure you live in a state or city where there are plenty of jobs, and where the career development department can actually help you.

Ashley Nicole

Reviewed: 8/27/2014

Degree: Art & Design

As I'm progressing each month through my program, I'm falling more and more in love with my school. The course work is rigorous and the schedule is challenging - and that's exactly the kind of pressure I thrive under so I enjoy that it's not simple. If the content were so simple, I wouldn't feel as if I was really learning. My brain enjoys being made to think. I do warn that the schedule and the standard of the courses is not for everyone. Semesters are crammed into month long time periods, which... Read More

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