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Full Sail University

190 Reviews

Locations:   Winter Park (FL) 

Annual Tuition: $25,687

45% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
48% of students said they would recommend this school to others
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Student Reviews

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Ansley Webb

Reviewed: 10/11/2023

Degree: Video Game Design

This was a huge waste of money and time. We moved our son all the way to Winter Park because we believed what we were told in our over 6 month communication/in person visit. However, the accreditation is accepted by very few and the education was subpar. After spending over 40,000 they are now coming after us for 2100.00 for a partial loan that they cannot explain. DON'T attend here!! Save your money and don't fall for the hype. Ask to speak to current students, walk around, talk to others, talk... Read More


Reviewed: 9/5/2023

Degree: Graphic Design

I saw some poor reviews and I am not certain why! I found that all of the coursework was framed to be relevant to my major, even in my science class, they explained how that knowledge would be used in design projects. The curriculum emphasizes real world use in every aspect of my learning. They ensure you feel prepared for the workforce and if you don't, you are given every opportunity to get support. I definitely recommend this school.


Reviewed: 8/30/2023

Degree: Film Production

I see a lot of negative reviews about FullSail and I’m sure everyone has their own experiences but to me it is what you make it. On thing I can say about FullSail is it is hard work. But you are provided with everything you need to complete your assignments. The instructions won’t hold your hand early on in my classes an instructor told me if I only do what the school requires I would be doing a disservice to my self and I need to shoot and do research outside of the course curriculum. Now I’m a... Read More


Reviewed: 8/20/2023

Degree: Cybersecurity

This school is full of deceit and lies! They’ll promise you stuff and not hold up their end just so they can get money from you guys. Don’t attend here for anything they’ll have you take classes that aren’t relevant to your degree and it’s just rerun information they use for everyone nothing different. For that may as well just go to YouTube academy and learn from there. Once your efficient then go get certifications because it’s better and cheaper than this miserable excuse of an institution.


Reviewed: 8/16/2023

Degree: Music Production

This school is good. For beginners, yes it will be harder because you’re getting thrown into classes with people who have prior experience and teachers who have been in their respected industries for 5+ years. There is A LOT to learn regardless of your major and you have to be willing to put in the time and effort to get the most out of this school. My only issue with this school is that the communication, at times can be downright terrible. For example a lot of us were told that we can use the facilities... Read More


Reviewed: 6/13/2023

Degree: Web Development

Reading through some of these one-star complaints would be almost comical if the university were able to disclose the records of the complaining students. The truth of the matter is, most students who attend this college do so under the impression that they will produce a Grammy-winning album without putting in the hard work necessary to perform at that level of success. This school is excellent, but only for people who are passionate about what they do and are willing to work hard to bring their... Read More


Reviewed: 6/8/2023

Degree: Graphic Design

I am currently attending this school, and I just have to say that I have never been more unimpressed with the state of an accredited education program. I have kept a consistent 4.0 in my program, but the material is confusing, busy, and overall almost completely pointless more often than not. Rarely is the work relevant, or up to date. I often run the lessons by friends and family who work in the field I'm studying for, and they almost always tell me that what I'm learning makes no sense in the context... Read More


Reviewed: 6/7/2023

Degree: Graphic Design

This school is honestly the worst. If you're wanting to pursue graphic design here, be prepared to learn music theory, more English, and random math, and also you'll have to create TV scripts. Doesn't sound like graphic design, does it?! Attending this school has genuinely been a waste of the last three years of my life and a waste of $70k. Don't go here.

Jordan Fortin

Reviewed: 5/31/2023

Degree: Web Development

Let’s get this out there first I graduated top of my class with a gpa 3.8. I earned this because of my own hard work! Not Full Sail’s great courses. Facts of the matter are the classes are outdated not kept up with or even looked over. I had to personally fix multiple problems in multiple classes cause teachers were no help not all teachers but most are lazy and unprofessional. I feel it was a waste of money and I could’ve learned it with free courses with better materials. For any one denying this... Read More


Reviewed: 5/26/2023

Degree: Music Production

Full Sail looks attractive and shows it as this massive school whos graduates go on to contribute to these massive projects like movies, shows, games, songs and list goes on. DO NOT EXPECT THIS AS AN OUT COME! I took audio production and graduated in 2017. I graduated salutatorian and would have been valedictorian if I had stuck with the bachelors course. I was so done with this school and I went to drop out but they I found out I could complete 3 more months and receive my associates so I did. After... Read More

Micah Andrew Petellat

Reviewed: 5/16/2023

Degree: Graphic Design

I want my money back! This "school" is real world experience, in the fact that you're on your own. There is a fake support team and all these empty promises. However they trap you, they get your money then say you cannot transfer out. My TEM instructor said ' you're not here for the material, you're here to network.' I should've ran. I hope that this school is sued. During the pandemic they got my whole GI bill, while I was supposed to be an on campus I could NETWORK. This place takes... Read More


Reviewed: 5/12/2023

Degree: Computer Animation

I started Full Sail in January, i was very excited to pursue the Computer Animation program until I actually started the course. It is a very difficult course which should not be learned or expected to be perfected in 4 weeks. My 3DF teacher also discouraged me heavily by mentioning to the class “if you guys think you will be in the company you want to work with when you graduate you are wrong a lot of students do not get to reach their goal” (which we did a class assignment discussion and everyone... Read More

Molly McGuire

Reviewed: 4/11/2023

Degree: Data Analytics

Full Sail University is a cash grabbing joke. I literally removed myself from a course 12 hours after the designated time required and they refused to remove my financial obligations. They took me through the credit process and after saving 6 months to pay what i believed to be the full payment, sent me notice of additional funds to close the account in full. So... in a nutshell, Full Sail University is unwilling to negotiate payment totals, like every other organization much less UNIVERSITY. Like... Read More


Reviewed: 3/20/2023

Degree: Art & Design

My experience with Full Sail University was disappointing, to say the least. While the campus, its courses and degree programs look impressive and promising at first glance, the quality of education and support left much to be desired. The absence of qualified instructors is obvious. Many I had were unprofessional, disengaged, and lacking of passion or knowledge for the topics they were supposed to teach, was one of the major problems I encountered. Numerous instructors lacked teaching experience,... Read More


Reviewed: 3/14/2023

Degree: Music Production

If you are pursuing MUSIC PRODUCTION, do not attend this school. Full Sail is a terrible school for music production, especially if you're a beginner. You'll graduate only learning music theory and how to set up a Pro Tools session. That's pretty much it. Yes, you'll have a degree and your basic education to pursue further education, but if you're looking to join Full Sail because of its accelerated program thinking you'll be able to make money sooner by getting through school quicker, you're fooling... Read More


Reviewed: 3/6/2023

Degree: Video Game Design

Fantastic school. Most of the other reviews are pretty BS, I had none of the issues that the other students here spoke about, most likely just people that think you come into fullsail and get the degree handed to you on a silver platter. I know, because I went through the degree and experienced the lumpsum of you that forget you're in college 😂 My entire class were all smart enough to do proper research by ourselves, work through each class without having to look at anyone else's code, and be able... Read More


Reviewed: 3/2/2023

Degree: Video Game Design

Only thing I'm glad for going to this school was some of the friends I made. The professors and advisors I talked to before taking this program pretty much said you go here you take this degree and you WILL be hired right out. Utter b.s. they say their grad services are great, but really they'll only pay attention to you for the first bit after graduating then stop helping in almost all ways, unless you bother and annoy them enough. I could write so much more, but really this place is only worth... Read More


Reviewed: 1/26/2023

Degree: Computer Animation

TL;DR is this: Full Sail Instructors are so out of touch with their students. The assignments have so many typos, bad links, and obviously have no interest in properly teaching their students. If the assignment isn't done the way they want it done (professional level) even though we only JUST learning - then it's a 0 or a MASSIVE deduction in points. Don't waste your money - please just look up YouTube videos to teach yourself (it's no different from the many classes I've had so far where they simply... Read More


Reviewed: 1/5/2023

Degree: Fine Arts

I am currently an online student studying audio production and studio engineering. The class assignments have broken links to necessary videos and examples... Assignments might not upload... Tech support is only able to help with software issues- they have little to no experience with hardware- interface, mics, keyboards- etc... The instructors are as helpful as possible and professional but they are extremely limited with assisting with many problems. I have had major issues trying to attend live... Read More


Reviewed: 9/9/2022

Degree: Entertainment Management

I am halfway through my degree in the Entertainment Business Sports Management Master's Program Online. I love it. Growing up, I always had a passion for sports and technology. It was always a dream of mine to attend Full Sail but it was too expensive at the time. Now that I am older and have a steady job, I am able to pay for it. One thing I LOVE about FSU is the accelerated programs. I have always wanted to get my Master's degree but I hesitated because I didn't want to go back to school for two... Read More


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