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ECPI University Online Reviews of Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering

12 Reviews

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Annual Tuition: $17,479

56% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
58% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering

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Reviewed: 4/26/2022

Degree: Electrical Engineering

I am taking online courses and a lot of the professors don't teach! We have to read different chapters every week which is fine but when we have zoom meeting which is our weekly lecture, they literally read everything we read in the books from a power point. That's not teaching. A lecture is not reading from slides. I got most of my education from YouTube. I really self taught myself a lot of the material without the help of most professors.

King James

Reviewed: 2/24/2022

Degree: Electrical Engineering

I graduated in the year 2021 with a BS EET. It is my personal opinion that ECPI University is the best educational institution in the world. It has the best setup for a potential student who is "serious" about getting an education in their field of choice. The scheduling for classes is very unique in its structure and time frame and very accommodating, depending on what the student can handle. The classroom environment does not allow for any distractions that would hamper the student from having... Read More


Reviewed: 5/13/2021

Degree: Electrical Engineering

Overall, everyone will encounter different experiences, that's just life. Your education is what you make out of it and how much effort you put in. ECPI is legitimate a great school for the right price and structured. If your a slacker who does not want to put in work, don't even bother. ECPI was a great experience.


Reviewed: 11/8/2017

Degree: Electrical Engineering

ECPI is a fraud. They pretend to impart education in 5 hour long classes that everyone sleeps through. It's a total waste to time and employers already know the reputation of this so called private college, so no one is going to hire you. You will not learn anything but you will get a degree eventually. I strongly recommend attend a community college or university instead.

John Bridge

Reviewed: 11/4/2017

Degree: Electrical Engineering

This college, ECPI is a fraud. Students are given free grades for their money. Some students with military background already have some job skills but other than that no new job skills are acquired. Students still keep signing up because it makes them feel good that they are attending college and getting a degree.

Lee Dockery

Reviewed: 3/17/2017

Degree: Electrical Engineering

My experience at ECPI University was absolutely outstanding! Not only was I able to get the technical degree online that I wanted but I did so while still performing my duties as an Alaska Air National Guardsman. This meant that during the week I would report to my Unit for duty and at night and on the weekends I would do my coursework. This very flexible solution allowed me to balance family life, work and school without compromising any of them. Often times, I was able to perform work duties while... Read More

Brett Bloomberg

Reviewed: 1/12/2017

Degree: Electrical Engineering

I didn't think that anything like this would come from graduating from ECPI. With all the stories you hear about not getting jobs or not being able to get a job in your field I am quite surprised. I was able to find a job in my field that appreciates my education and actually takes my education into play and allows me to teach guys that have been there for years about how things haven't been done right in the past. When you can bring knowledge to the table and show exactly why something is working... Read More


Reviewed: 9/16/2016

Degree: Electrical Engineering

I graduated from ECPI University with a BSEET in 2010. I received a great education while others did not, and that was of my own doing. ECPI is a great school, but you have to be ready to work really hard to be successful. The classes are five weeks long and you have to consume A LOT of information very quickly and prove that you've learned that information at the end of each class. The work load is what kills many people, but, if you complete it successfully you'll be as qualified as anyone from... Read More

C. R.

Reviewed: 4/4/2016

Degree: Electrical Engineering

I chose ECPI over the traditional four year colleges and that was a big mistake. The school was accredited for the general education but the engineering program did not have the ABET accreditation which I didn't know about until a semester before graduation. because of this I am not able to qualify for any type of engineering jobs including engineering technician and helper positions, sometimes I don't even get a chance to submit my application. it may still help those that already have an engineering... Read More

Rashahn Green

Reviewed: 12/30/2015

Degree: Electrical Engineering

ECPI streamlined my education in order for me to achieve a brighter future. I've had an understanding before I attended; however, my perspective has broadened immensely. When I started, I was a software engineer for a government contracting company. Now I am the electrical engineer for a naval/marine training center. Good luck on your journey. Study effectively


Reviewed: 10/18/2015

Degree: Electrical Engineering

I studied EET online while I was on active duty. I transferred in 40 credits from another school, and while taking one class at a time, it took me about 2.5 years to graduate. I feel like I received a great education. Some classes were easy and others challenging, but you get what you put in. I never had any issues with financial services, and they got my military TA and GI Bill processed with ease. Career Services was amazingly helpful. I got several of job offers from around the country through... Read More

Michael Giles

Reviewed: 6/24/2015

Degree: Electrical Engineering

There are some good and lots of bad with this school. First, most of the teachers are pretty good. The classes are easy if you apply yourself and do the work. Also, the class scheduling worked well with my work schedule. Now the bad. Although I am sure most of the department heads are good, mine was not. When I asked for programming classes I received networking classes which have not helped me in the robotics field. I was forced to learn on my own which is what you hope to avoid when payin so much... Read More


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