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ECPI University Online Reviews of Bachelor's in Cybersecurity

8 Reviews

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Annual Tuition: $17,479

25% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
38% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Cybersecurity

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Cybersecurity

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Daniel Pierce

Reviewed: 7/18/2023

Degree: Cybersecurity

All of the classes were cookie-cutter curriculums that were taken straight from other schools. Nothing was unique to the college and you could find all of the classes on course hero Etc. Professors complain that they only had six weeks to teach classes that they weren’t qualified to teach or had no previous experience with such as the AI and coding classes. The externship that I was given was a helpdesk externship, which provided no cyber security experience. The school also doesn’t seem to have... Read More

JAck BLue

Reviewed: 10/29/2021

Degree: Cybersecurity

Terrible school, Professors that teach the classes sometimes have no experience or knowledge on the subject. Labs are broken and directions vague, not even the tutors can help. Do not make the mistake of going to this school. The only good about it is that you graduate in two years as opposed to four. Do not waste your money on this school, I'm currently trying to transfer.

Devin Melo

Reviewed: 8/23/2021

Degree: Cybersecurity

If you are going into the IT field I would highly suggest to find the requirements for the job your are seeking. Many jobs in the IT field do not require a degree, a certification will get you much further in the field than a degree ever will. You can find many of the same free study guides and videos ECPI uses on youtube and google. If you would like to spend 60k to obtain a job making 15-16 an hour then this place is for you. If college is what you seek, find a college that will provide you with... Read More


Reviewed: 12/13/2020

Degree: Cybersecurity

The school was focused on people who are trying to start a career than people who are trying to advance their career. And the reason is because they don’t have an understanding on how to handle people who are have already chosen a field or who are professionals seeking ways to advance. While the teaching staff are good at what they do the Dean is feeding dreams instead of reality to the naive and vulnerable people. The staff that are teaching really care about you doing well in school. The ones that... Read More


Reviewed: 11/6/2019

Degree: Cybersecurity

I have been attending this school for almost two years but that is because I have taken several breaks whenever life became too overwhelming. ECPI staff has shown me more grace and understanding than any university and the counsellors have always reached out to contact me whenever I had started to show a decline in my attendance or academics and for that I truly appreciate. As far as the content is concerned, I have learned a lot in my network engineering program granted it took a lot of self-effort... Read More


Reviewed: 10/7/2019

Degree: Cybersecurity

This "school" and organization is laughable at best. Based upon my own personal experience the overall goal of this school is one thing, and you alone can guess what it is. From the start, the admissions staff at this school will say what needs to be said to get you to attend. I personally was told that the program I was signing up for was going to have elements of the course that were designed by the program director to depict the needs of the industry. This was blatantly false. When this was brought... Read More

A+ Student

Reviewed: 7/18/2018

Degree: Cybersecurity

Are you reading this ECPI? If so, PLEASE, take note! I am currently a student with a 4.0 average in the Cyber Security Bachelors Degree and very close to the end. It is regrettable that this school cannot find any footing in its own technology program. The technology classes can't decide if they are trying to teach to a subject, a certification, or a sponsors specific need. Because of this, a student will have extremely out of date material "because it could show up on a cert exam" or because a sponsor... Read More

Tech guy

Reviewed: 2/4/2017

Degree: Cybersecurity

ECPI's schedule worked for me . The 2.5 years to Bachelors degree is true. I finished in less than 24 months because of previous credits. Lots of hands on and good instruction. Now working at defense contractor and looking to get Masters. Best decision.

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