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ECPI University Online Reviews of Associate in Nursing

32 Reviews

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Annual Tuition: $17,479

43% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
9% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Associate in Nursing

Student Reviews - Associate in Nursing

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Tershawn Ricks

Reviewed: 5/11/2023

Degree: Nursing

I enjoyed my program. Only complaint i have is the favoritism shown to certain students and certain teachers who were horrible still being employed here or and not responding to student emails. Aside from those few i would definitely recommend the school. I got what i needed to succeed.

Grace Regan

Reviewed: 5/4/2023

Degree: Nursing

Do not attend this school. Unprofessional, they don’t hire enough teachers, curriculum is outdated and not fluid. Clinicals are placed in nursing homes rather than hospitals for nursing school students. The Director of nursing has no clue what she’s doing and the dean doesn’t want to fix anything. They had the director of nursing teaching classes rather than her roll as a director.

Shake That Stick

Reviewed: 3/6/2023

Degree: Nursing

I feel this institution is pretty poor in their professionalism. They were really dismissive and disobliging in my in processing and testing using terms like "if you pass" and my councilor going on leave without notifying me or leaving a 2ndary resource. they lost my transcripts over 3 times costing me $40 in transcript fees. They lost my medical drop papers when I had long term covid- I caught at a clinical experience as numerous people caught covid in this time frame- so when I actually failed... Read More


Reviewed: 11/4/2022

Degree: Nursing

ECPI Raleigh nursing program WILL NOT make you an RN. Please do not go to this school until the staff have the mind set that they will make you the best nurses ever, not just tell if you if you fail an exam that you will fail the semester. I was accepted to two honor societies, so grades were not the issue, and the school still couldn't facilitate my graduating. When students fail, the instructors, management, and the school as a whole have failed. There are no short cuts to becoming an RN. Go to... Read More


Reviewed: 7/22/2022

Degree: Nursing

I absolutely dislike this school and wish I wasn’t so naive and did more research. It’s so expensive and your expected to not work while attending 8-12 hour clinical and class mon-fri depending on the term, when people have children and have to pay to live… literally. Very unorganized school and only want your money. Lacking employees, and none of the instructors really care if you understand the material and WANT you to pass. It’s literally you either got it or you don’t. One professor (Edgar) is... Read More

Cant Tell

Reviewed: 5/3/2022

Degree: Nursing

Unprofessional, unprepared people directing others lives and taking their money. Processes need to be corrected. It could be a wonderful environment with all the advanced technology available at the school. I think there are too many new staff members. No one seasoned enough to really help students get prepared. Professors are very educated and capable though.


Reviewed: 4/27/2022

Degree: Nursing

Starting out at this school, I was so excited to get into nursing; an accelerated program at that. I passed my TEAS tests and was ready to go. When I started, I knew it would be stressful; I mean it's an accelerated nursing program, BUT I didn't think the instructors and staff would make it even harder to get through. If you went to talk to the DON, she always belittled you, made smart remarks, and just simply did not care. Halfway through 2 of my classes, I've had professors leave (because they... Read More

Raleigh campus

Reviewed: 10/30/2021

Degree: Nursing

Raleigh ECPI campus stinks! Why are the only satisfied students the cyber students but all the health care students hate it. ECPI need to rethink this RN program. It stinks! I mean my orientation consisted of the president of the program telling us how difficult it is going to be and how they have a 💯 percentage pass rate on the NCLEX, only to find out they ONLY had 7 nursing students graduate. Heck they should all have passed… It’s only 7! But wait it gets better,,, not all 7 really passed. 6! Passed... Read More

Dissapointed in Raleigh

Reviewed: 10/27/2021

Degree: Nursing

The accelerated ADN program seemed like a good choice at first and the advisors harassed me to no end until I finally came in to talk with them. Being in between local universities application timeframes and not wanting to wait another year to start a program, I caved and enrolled. Being a relatively new program to the Raleigh campus, I came into it all with an open mind and anticipated some hiccups along the way. The first two semesters consisting of fundamentals and both A&P's gave me no qualms,... Read More


Reviewed: 10/23/2021

Degree: Nursing

I seem to be another disappointed victim of ECPI Raleigh. This experience has been terrible to say the least. My classroom lecture was a joke. My instructor read directly off the PowerPoint slide and then tested you 100% on anything that you could have been more unprepared for. Nothing you are shown or told to teach yourself was ever on the test. Basically you’re set up for failure. I did fail along side half of my class. It was a terrible experience to know you didn’t make it out of the first nursing... Read More


Reviewed: 10/20/2021

Degree: Nursing

I am currently attending ECPI Raleigh campus and this experience is an absolute nightmare. I am so disappointed with this program and how it’s ran. My nursing instructors are so far removed from the subjects they’re teaching it’s shameful. The DON shows zero concern and empathy for the students or about the students. Mrs. Lablanca seems nice but she doesn’t care about us. And if she does, it does not show. All she talks about is A&P but this school is more than A&P. Her assistant Mrs. Snow is nice... Read More


Reviewed: 8/29/2021

Degree: Nursing

Their RN program is designed for failure. I have not yet met a single person to graduate from it ( the Raleigh, NC campus) This school doesn’t promote an atmosphere of success rather the stereotype that female RN instructors must be (the B word). I’ve attended professional schools throughout my life and this school has shown me that you have to be only out for yourself. They do not promote being a good nurse but being a good test taker. When you have a starting class of 30 and a graduation class... Read More


Reviewed: 8/18/2021

Degree: Nursing

Horrible place! Failed a class and have to wait 4 months! Ontop of that, in order to get back into the program, you must do remediations and quizzes during those 4 months even though you are not considered a student at the moment. Reason given from the DON is because "students who fail are not priority, so you have to wait until we have an open seat for the next class". Can't believe I was even told "if you can't even pass this class, how are you going to pass the next class?". I realized that at... Read More

Nursing Student

Reviewed: 1/24/2021

Degree: Nursing

This college lacks the staff and materials to run the RN program. This program began in 2020. They have set students up for failure, rather than for success. This school is EXPENSIVE and is inconsiderate of their students who attend. They provide you with information that they expect you to know, but do not provide you with the materials or guidance for you to be successful. The staff there is RUDE. The director mentioned how the nursing students were "second hand students who get pregnant when they... Read More

Very Letdown Student

Reviewed: 1/18/2021

Degree: Nursing

I was so happy to pass my TEAS and get into nursing school. It had long been a dream of mine. Things started out well, I did my pre-reqs and started regular classes. I knew it was an accelerated program but the amount of material that they cover in 5 weeks is insane. Tests on 13 chapters every week. It's crazy. There was zero consistency in leadership. Teachers came and went so fast. A new DON was brought in who could care less about students. We were never informed about any changes in staffing.... Read More

Disgusted student

Reviewed: 12/10/2020

Degree: Nursing

I can’t believe ecpi is allowed to remain open. This school is a joke!! I would not recommend this school to anyone. They talk to you like you are nothing, don’t answer questions and when you do ask questions you are treated as you are dumb and answered sarcastically. If the head is out of order in any program it will not be successful and the head is definitely out of order. Now all of the instructors aren’t bad but majority are there fir a paycheck not concerned about the students at all. I am... Read More


Reviewed: 10/22/2020

Degree: Nursing

Do not waste your time and money at the school. The teachers don’t actually teach they read from a textbook you are not given a study guide and you have to self teach. You were never allowed to see your test that you have taken to see what answers you have gotten wrong. I feel like the test are set up so that you fail and you have to repeat the class again.


Reviewed: 7/29/2020

Degree: Nursing

Avoid this school at all costs. I read warnings about it being a diploma mill and I still attended it. Do not make the same mistake I did. Your health and wallet will be better off for it. I can hardly begin to describe some of the absolute horrors that I and my classmates witnessed here. It started like you would expect any school experience to start. Everyone had high hopes for their future and was eager to learn everything the classes had to offer. When we had our first clinical experience, it... Read More


Reviewed: 6/14/2020

Degree: Nursing

This school is so inconsistent with their grading rubric. You have some really nice teachers who are amazing nurses and who are passionate about teaching but you mostly get teachers that are there for the paycheck with minimum input, help and don’t care whether you are successful or not. During my time here they changed that we are required to get a Level 2 on ATI which is understandable because it is the NCLEX indicator. Then they changed it so we have to get an 80 test average. Every other school... Read More

Shonn Anderson

Reviewed: 4/17/2020

Degree: Nursing

Everything started out great during the admission and interview process at the Virginia Beach campus at Medical Career Institute. I was in the practical nursing program and everything was a disaster immediately within the first 3 weeks. Everything is completely rushed in the program with every block being 5 weeks. Our A&P1 lecture by week 3 was around chapter 3 and 4 while the lab instructor was teaching us things into chapters 10 and 11. The entire class would ask questions about material and we... Read More

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