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ECPI University Online Reviews of Associate in Medical Assistant

9 Reviews

Locations:     Multiple Locations

Annual Tuition: $17,479

40% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
56% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Associate in Medical Assistant

Student Reviews - Associate in Medical Assistant

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Shonta Jackson

Reviewed: 9/16/2022

Degree: Medical Assistant

My instructor Tabitha Mocilan is an outstanding teacher. All the in class instructions and clinical skills that were taught was beneficial towards my externship and career path. I've had a great experience while attending with ECPI. The teachers at ECPI are dedicated and concerned about your success.

Keontez Kelly

Reviewed: 6/1/2022

Degree: Medical Assistant

I attended ECPI in Charlotte, NC and the medical assistant program was very hands on and it helped me in my future career as a RMA. The instructor Ms. Mocilan helped in every way she could. I have been out of school for a month and I have already got a job with Atrium Health. Definitely an amazing program.


Reviewed: 5/26/2022

Degree: Medical Assistant

My overall experience was awesome here at ECPI…..I love the instructors they helped in anyway that they can and always push you to do your best. Thank you to everyone at ECPI…..I will take all I learned and be successful and strive to be more and purse RN degree


Reviewed: 5/7/2018

Degree: Medical Assistant

Still no job graduated 2016 Went through three people in career services last time spoke with them in January 2018 said would set up with contacts for job interviews. Never heard back from career services the person said go to craigslist and try. I have had interviews and told no experience. After I worked so hard in school for this big let down.


Reviewed: 1/18/2017

Degree: Medical Assistant

The Associates Degree program for Medical Assistant is amazing!!! The program offers really good certifications as well as real career time coursework. As a result of my studies and training, I was offered 2 positions for the same office upon completion of my externship. I want to extend a huge thank you to all of my classmates, teachers and the other staff members who helped me on my journey to becoming an alumni of ECPI- Charlotte.

Percy Lyne Malibiran

Reviewed: 1/17/2017

Degree: Medical Assistant

I was very happy I decided to go to ECPI University. The clinical classes were hands on and the career department helped us with our resume, our externship and prepared us for job interviews. Even now after 3 years I still get email on job listings and job Faire. I love all my professors and developed a life time friendships with few. Going to ECPI was the best decision I made.


Reviewed: 12/29/2016

Degree: Medical Assistant

Don't waste your time with this school. I graduated 4 months ago and still can't find a job. All the ads say 1, 2, or 3 years experience and a couple stated no new graduates. I did very well no criminal record good credit and job reference. Career Service don't really help you. Also they don't teach you everything I went out on my externship and didn't know how to do some things because the school didn't teach it. Just overall waste of time I have an Associates Degree I can't use and a student loan.... Read More


Reviewed: 4/14/2015

Degree: Medical Assistant

Don't go to ECPI/MCI University they are the biggest joke in the world. The administration team and academic dean are nice to your face but behind the scenes it isn't what you signed up for in the beginning. I had to apply for financial aid and they were really quick about that process but in the end I didn't recieve anything no degree! Main reason why is because the school broke their contract with me as the student also they don't tell you that you only get three chances to pass your externship... Read More


Reviewed: 10/29/2014

Degree: Medical Assistant

This is the WORSE SCHOOL EVER. I was having issues with math (SUPPOSABLY beginning algebra). Ended up sick two days. So I continued to do my assignments then made the mistake of asking my teacher for my grade AFTER turning in like SEVEN ASSIGNMENTS AND GRADE NOT UPGRADED IN A WEEK. SHE made it a point to tell everyone in the class that she graded papers at her own convenience when she had to open assignments back up for people who were out sick. I was PISSED. I had already contemplated quitting as... Read More

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