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Columbia Southern University Reviews of Bachelor's in Engineering

9 Reviews

Locations:   Orange Beach (AL) 

Annual Tuition: $6,600

86% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
44% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Engineering

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Engineering

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Reviewed: 4/5/2017

Degree: Engineering

I chose CSU because my professional association, the Board of Certified Safety Professionals, accepts a CSU degree as meeting the requirement to sit for the CSP certification. I have worked hard, had excellent professors, and have increased the breadth and depth of my knowledge in not only career-related topics such as toxicology, ergonomics, and chemistry of hazardous materials, but in general topics such as history and biology, etc. I have received a good education, and this is a win by any measure.... Read More

Excellent Support

Reviewed: 2/1/2017

Degree: Engineering

What I love about this college is that my classes were exactly in the work field that I applied every day. The support that I got from the CSU staff was amazing. It took me longer 6-months longer than I thought it would, but my advisor never let me take my eye of the prize. I highly recommend this college if you are in, or wanting to work in the EHS profession.

Safety Professional

Reviewed: 5/25/2016

Degree: Engineering

My experience at CSU has been a great one! The instructors are very helpful and passionate about helping their students. I've read complaints about the school being only "Nationally" accredited, that only has a significant impact on your future employment based on your career choice. For instance, a Psychology major (which typically requires a doctorate degree to reap any benefit) should consider a traditional brick and mortar school. Less traditional programs of study like OSH, the accreditation... Read More


Reviewed: 3/30/2016

Degree: Engineering

At first I thought it was a really good school, and then I got accused of plagiarism. They failed 3 courses of mine, which I worked my butt off to get A's in. When I tried to fight it they told me that I used a homework help site that I never even heard of. Unbelievable! I would not recommend this school to anybody.

John H.

Reviewed: 3/19/2016

Degree: Engineering

Prior to CSU I attended University of Phoenix.. I was amazed that CSU accepted/transferred nearly all of my other college credits into their program. The course work in the OHS program, is a lot of reading, writing and a good amount of time spent on research. Say what you want about "on-line" schools but I have attended several brick and mortar colleges over the years and this course work has been far more challenging. My Professors were all first rate and many are subject expert matter within OSH... Read More


Reviewed: 2/20/2016

Degree: Engineering

Some of the professors are good. Some try to help students and offer feedback. After taking course from Durwood Weeks, I would suggest you avoid his classes. The worst professors I have ever had at any school. Overall I would encourage a different school.

Jeff Billups

Reviewed: 12/11/2015

Degree: Engineering

I completed my degree at the age of 57. I am preparing to start the Masters program for Occupational Safety and Health. I started the bachelors program in 2010. This online program worked for me. It was challenging and informational. The support staff was of great help through out the process. Enjoy the challenge


Reviewed: 12/6/2015

Degree: Engineering

Instructors are very inconsistent. One instructor was extremely bias, would not return emails, made obvious errors in grading and the University would not make corrections. The administration surely must condone such action. I would definietly not choose Columbia Southern again, or at least Reed.


Reviewed: 11/21/2015

Degree: Engineering

I have never been so offended by a group of bias professors. These professors seem to forget that the students at this institution are working adults with many experiences. The professors are so bias about there own beliefs they will never open up to the generation of students that attend this place. Guess what CSU. Not all of your professors are as credible as they wish to make us believe. I spend my hard earned money to be ridiculed and to be told I have not had the experiences that I share with... Read More

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