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Charter College Online Reviews of Certificate in Dental Assistant

7 Reviews

Locations:     Multiple Locations

Annual Tuition: $17,289

20% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
14% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Certificate in Dental Assistant

Student Reviews - Certificate in Dental Assistant

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Bobbi Sue Sharp

Reviewed: 10/26/2020

Degree: Dental Assistant

Charter college in Bellingham, Wa claimed I never graduated so now I have to pay a grant back which payed for over half of my schooling. I walked on stage, got my diploma and completed the externship program and all the paperwork that came with it. The program was rushed with very little hands in experience.


Reviewed: 6/30/2017

Degree: Dental Assistant

This is a school i do not reccommend. The first 2 weeks eere fine until we were stuck there we basically learned things on our own through books when we were told everything was hnds on. Half the teachers there had no idea what they were teaching and now 5 years later im told im in collection when i have been paying since i started school there. That was the worst mistake i could have done and now im paying for it years later. Money gone to waste, literally today i was told my account was in collection?... Read More

Jonathan B. Stowing

Reviewed: 6/23/2017

Degree: Dental Assistant

I graduated from charter in 2015. It took me about two weeks to find a great job I always wanted. I think I did the best investment ever. Teachers were very helpful and always gave me the right advise. I only have a comment though, the registrar made a mistake and mistyped my name, I had to get it corrected but that is the only problem I have had. I highly recommend !!!

Dont waste your money

Reviewed: 4/25/2017

Degree: Dental Assistant

This school gave no help to actually succeed and pass all mods. Teachers didnt really care. They act like they care to get you into the school, then just leave you hanging. Check out another school and dont get into debt over this school. The student loan dept is a joke as well. This school is all about making money.

Charter College

Reviewed: 8/26/2016

Degree: Dental Assistant

THE WORST SCHOOL EVER. They did not give me an exit interview to go over my student loans. There was a federal I didn't even know about. They were sending my statements to North Carolina and I live/ went to school in Washington. I'VE NEVER BEEN TO NORTH CAROLINA. I had a loan through a private loan company called UNISA, Charter College took back my loan... then they sent it to a collection agency ACP. I have no idea how to view my loan now. They are not helpful AT ALL. I would not recommend this... Read More

Charter college

Reviewed: 10/13/2015

Degree: Dental Assistant

A complete money scam. It's a waste of money and time. I have a 4.0 and still didn't come out with the education or job I desired and worked so hard for. Teachers and curriculum is scattered and unorganized. Rda papers were sent under the wrong year, CPR cards were lost and the clinic was unorganized and unprofessional.

Dental assistant

Reviewed: 8/6/2015

Degree: Dental Assistant

SCAM! I have never been to a school with low morals! I would have much rather not have been a lazy bum and finished community college! They promise you so much and get you no where! New students I recommend community college you will regret this so!.

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