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Capella University Reviews of Master's in School Counseling

9 Reviews

Locations:   Minneapolis (MN) 

Annual Tuition: $14,148

100% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
89% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Master's in School Counseling

Student Reviews - Master's in School Counseling

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Professional SC

Reviewed: 4/10/2022

Degree: School Counseling

Great overall experience. Capella was supportive from the initial questions throughout graduation. The professors were supportive, clear, and concise during courses. The academic counselors were quick to answer any questions and provided guidance throughout my program.

Karen Jones

Reviewed: 5/15/2019

Degree: School Counseling

I'm a single mom who needed a fresh start. I was working a dead end job, living paycheck to paycheck and I thought that, "this is how my life is going to be". I then came across Capella University while I was online looking up new jobs. I applied, got in, and have been a grad school student ever since. This program is opening so many new doors for me and my daughter. In am so excited to graduate, get my license and being a career. There are so many opportunities that await me and I am truly blessed.... Read More

Jeff Binger

Reviewed: 9/19/2018

Degree: School Counseling

The program at Capella prepared me in so many ways for my transition into the school counseling workforce. Each class was well formatted, on point with current topics/issues, the faculty was knowledgeable and eager to assist students, the library was easy to navigate, and the course room fostered student engagement and academic growth. I highly recommend the School Counseling degree through Capella University.

Darica Waller

Reviewed: 7/31/2018

Degree: School Counseling

Going to Capella was a rewarding experience. It was a challenging school but flexible. I was able to work on my own time. I am anemic and Vitamin D deficient. Both of these ailments together make me extremely lethargic at times. Capella worked with me to obtain an accommodation that worked for me. Refund checks always came on time. During my matriculation I had 2 residencies. One was in Virginia and the other in Florida. Both were fun, interactive, and informative. It was a time for us to engage... Read More

Melissa Crall

Reviewed: 7/10/2018

Degree: School Counseling

During my first college experience I struggled to maintain a B average, which was hard for me considering I had always earned A's or high B's in high school. After receiving my diploma from my first degree I started dragging my feel when it cam time actually try and find a job in my field. So I started working full time at my family's business and within a year to a year and a half I was miserable and was itching to get back to the school system just not as a teacher. After talking it over with my... Read More


Reviewed: 11/28/2017

Degree: School Counseling

Great online program that still provides the needed face to interaction but flexibility to work and complete school at the same time. The program is also accredited and they will work with you to make sure that you stay on track for all of your state licensure requirements.

Jillian Grobelny

Reviewed: 11/28/2017

Degree: School Counseling

I entered Capella in January 2016 after I graduated May 2015 with a bachelors degree that I had no interest in pursuing. I knew that Capella was the right school for me within the first two quarters of classes. Not only were the staff helpful, support and kind but my classmates were as well; which helped to make the experience that much more enjoyable. I had to attend two residencies with the School Counseling program and the knowledge and awareness I gained from those experiences are genuinely priceless.... Read More

Crushed Dream

Reviewed: 6/1/2015

Degree: School Counseling

I would like to clarify that I do not write reviews but If I could save someone from falling I would write one. Capella is a joke. They will call you all hours of the day trying to get you to commit. Once you commit you now work of their time. My advisor would take days to email me back once he knew he got me. I am disappointed in this school because the financial team is horrible. The financial team told me I could not go to school because another school paid and extra 30.00 in school loan. Really??... Read More

Johnathan Pratt

Reviewed: 1/11/2014

Degree: School Counseling

I am in my second quarter with Capella. I received my Bachelor's degree from a traditional campus in Ohio. So far I am very pleased with the content in my classes, and the instructors in which I have had. The school has some setbacks as every school would have, but overall I have enjoyed my Capella experience. Reading reviews of people who say instructors are not there, my thoughts are as follows. This is just like any other university, instructors do not babysit the class, it is up to you to ask... Read More


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