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Capella University Reviews of Master's in Information Technology

6 Reviews

Locations:   Minneapolis (MN) 

Annual Tuition: $14,148

0% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
17% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Master's in Information Technology

Student Reviews - Master's in Information Technology

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Reviewed: 8/9/2020

Degree: Information Technology

I have been attending Capella since Jan 2019. I was told that Information Technology would be the way to go. I agree but told them I was into the programming aspect of IT and they didn't even have a sub-program for my interest. So I started on my MS in IT, when I went to select my courses, I found two programming courses, THAT WAS IT. When I asked my Academic Coach (used to be Advisor), they didn't have the answers regarding more programming classes. That was actually the first time I heard from... Read More


Reviewed: 11/28/2017

Degree: Information Technology

Capella has changed for the better. To make the programs better I would like to see Capella offer more labs. There could be a balance of the work load expected of students by adding more labs it will give students more hands on experience and better prepare them for jobs in their fields.

anonymous nurse

Reviewed: 2/11/2017

Degree: Information Technology

I started my masters here, then quickly realized I did not care for the mentality at the school. I transferred on after 4 courses and a 4.0, because I felt like I was just a number. Instructors were rigid and took days to answer me. The online modules did not work properly, and their were no outlines. I felt as though I was writing just for a grade and not learning. Several times I had to email instructors and stress the syllabus. Upon moving on there was a night and day difference at the new school.... Read More

Disappointed 1234

Reviewed: 5/26/2016

Degree: Information Technology

This school is only good if you just want the piece of paper saying graduated. Customer service lacks across the board, the cirriculum does not provide much if you are an experienced professional, and the financial department does not do much unless prompted to do so. This experience has not been favorable and I would only recommend it if you have education benefits to make it free. I would never want to pay for the quality provided.


Reviewed: 7/16/2015

Degree: Information Technology

The program didn't prepare me for the working in a new field. There is nothing to show what I can do that will give me a chance. The after graduation follow up is nonexistent. There is no industry tie in what so ever so you on your own. The only help is a review of my resume. Getting in the door of a company with a degree from this school is impossible. The school has made no attempt to forge alliances with companies. My time was wasted and my money was wasted. The "school" sold me on this degree... Read More


Reviewed: 7/24/2013

Degree: Information Technology

Tell us about your college experience.

I had a TERRIBLE EXPERIENCE with CAPELLA UNIVERSITY. I recently graduated from this school and was requesting for professional references for jobs and NO professor is willing to give any even though i got all 'A' for those classes. Because they know their grades are only for the paper and their study material are horrible.. I wrote to the one of the top administrators a letter and left voice mails and EVEN THE HIGHEST ADMINISTRATION HAVE NO DECENCY TO WRITE BACK... Read More

Would you get the same degree if you could start over?

Yes, I could choose the same degree. BUT I WOULD CHOOSE ANOTHER SCHOOL WHO DO NOT LIE TO YOU.

What advice can you offer other students?

PLEASE SAVE YOUR MONEY AND LOOK ELSEWHERE... Getting into this school is so easy . But please stay away and find another school. Once they take your money, you are on your own. And after you graduate, DO NOT expect to get a job saying you graduated from here. Because, believe me when I say, employers know what poor quality this school is.


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