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Capella University Reviews of Master's in Human Services

15 Reviews

Locations:   Minneapolis (MN) 

Annual Tuition: $14,148

78% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
73% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Master's in Human Services

Student Reviews - Master's in Human Services

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Susan Shields

Reviewed: 12/9/2020

Degree: Human Services

I had an awesome experience with Capella University right from the beginning. My enrollment counselor encouraged and convinced me to make the decision within minutes that I had been tossing around and actually procrastinating over for 10 years. She helped me select a program that fit my passion and the professional work I've done for over 30 years. My career is in the social services industry and I was able to apply my profession to my studies and vice versa. It actually made my studies more meaningful,... Read More


Reviewed: 3/12/2018

Degree: Human Services

Beyond accessibility and the conveniences for working students, the program challenged my boundaries of intellectual output. I learned to be more objective in responding to life and business by first learning to accept and then developing an instructors eye for knowledge. This aspect forced me to determine whether to conform to get the grade or to develop. I chose to allow the training to develop me for the future. This is a great program for the innovative rising professional.

Coltena Smith-Reynolds

Reviewed: 11/4/2017

Degree: Human Services

This is my first course at Capella University. My professor is awesome! I find it very satisfying to have an advisor who responds to my questions and concerns, a professor who is knowledge in the field, welcomes the opportunity for correction, a university that offers opportunities and resources that are valuable. Technology is a function that we use daily. I have my books loaded through the app from Vitalsource bookshelf. Everything is accessible, and I find that to be important for students.

Human Service Professional

Reviewed: 8/15/2017

Degree: Human Services

I recently received my MS in Human Services from Capella. I found the professors to be very efficient with grading, responding to email, and very understanding of life situations. The Professor I encountered were very respectful and compassionate about their students success with the program. The academic advisers were also very helpful, as I have had to consult with them on a few occasions. I will admit that the program is a little more costly than others, however, I made the choice to attend, with... Read More

Mrs. Battle

Reviewed: 6/22/2017

Degree: Human Services

Capella gave me the tools I needed as a stay at home mom to enter the workforce after being off work for 5 years to conquer my field. They make it easy to learn and communicate with the staff and faculty l learned a lot from my fellow students as well during my time


Reviewed: 5/30/2017

Degree: Human Services

I enrolled, initially, in the echo counseling program which was GREAT! However after half way through I free interest in the human service program. This is my 2nd year, overall experience of great. My current and past professors for the most part have be extremely helpful, hands on, understanding and flexible. My schedule accommodated my family time and work schedule. I have been taking 2 course a semester , I even took a couple drmesyets off. The advisors are wonderful the truly help guide throughout... Read More


Reviewed: 2/28/2017

Degree: Human Services

Great program that does not take years to complete. Supportive professors and wonderful opportunity to interact with peers all over the globe from varying education and career avenues. I learned more than I ever did sitting in a traditional classroom

Disappointed learner

Reviewed: 1/12/2017

Degree: Human Services

I was excited to pursue my degree. However now I am feeling like a bad choice. The first semester they woo you in initial they seemed to work with an employed person assignment due in a reasonable time during the week and responses by Sunday. As the time went on an increase of reading material averaging 60-100 pages not to mention reviews of articles and now assignments are due Wednesdays. Out of my five professors I actually had one professor who provided guidance. Often times glitches from their... Read More

erin fitch

Reviewed: 8/18/2016

Degree: Human Services

Great program I love the school they provide a lot of insight on each program also the career center is great they are always available I also like the tutors because they do provide great feedback on anything that you are having a problem with in class

Patience and unfortunately no need for guidance.

Reviewed: 7/27/2016

Degree: Human Services

This is suppose to be a college geared to people that are employed. Some courses unnecessary readings from 150 pages and beyond. Many glitches to access course rooms and ebooks. I had to rent two of my books and purchase another because ebooks were not available. Alas after I received my books I was charged for ebooks that I was able to gain access to. I am going to continue to strive however the lack of professors guidance is concerning. Really not convinced this is better than a traditional school.... Read More


Reviewed: 1/13/2015

Degree: Human Services

The curriculum is outdated. Most readings are no more current than 2009. I consistently get 100's on my assignments with comments like "great job". Nobody's work is perfect, and "excellent work" is not a teaching tool. This class I have an instructor who can't put together a grammatically correct sentence. This school is the biggest student loan fraud institution. It's designed for students who wish to use the financial aid system for "a check" to supplement their income, nothing more. The teachers... Read More


Reviewed: 1/9/2015

Degree: Human Services

Capella University's online program allowed me the flexibility to work full time while caring for my child. The professors a highly trained and knowledgeable. The education I received was invaluable and the on-line class format is easy to use.

Current Learner

Reviewed: 12/26/2014

Degree: Human Services

I am a current Graduate student at Capella. Recently a close family member had a major life change to happen that has subsequently put a physical and emotional strain on my family. I contacted my instructor as I was directed by the "advisors" to do, but I received very little leniency. I also work a very demanding job that requires me to be on-call. The problem with that is this: I had a conversation with the enrollment advisor about the demands of my job BEFORE I enrolled with Capella. I was assured... Read More


Reviewed: 7/25/2014

Degree: Human Services

Different strokes for different folks! Each online school will have its pros and cons and Capella's no different. Unfortunately there will not be a school that 100% without flaws. This is an online institution and as far as I am concerned has done very well in terms of communication and providing me with the resources I need to be successful here. I attended a brick and mortar for my B.S. and ran into a few issues during my 4 years as I had just a few as well while in Capella but nothing to be upset... Read More


Reviewed: 1/22/2013

Degree: Human Services

Having graduated from a State University it took me a long while to warm up to the idea of an online program. I started at Liberty University because it is not just online, but also a brick and mortar school.

Aside from the dozens of papers on religion, Liberty had nothing to offer me. I transferred to Capella and had mixed experiences with the professors. Some are actively engaged with students, while others are more there to advise the independent student.

Capella is definitely for independent students... Read More


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