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Capella University Reviews of Master's in Human Resources

8 Reviews

Locations:   Minneapolis (MN) 

Annual Tuition: $14,148

80% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
88% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Master's in Human Resources

Student Reviews - Master's in Human Resources

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Ron from TX

Reviewed: 8/3/2020

Degree: Human Resources

There is a wide variety of scores listed on this review site. For me, Capella met all of the areas that I held to a high standard. I pursued my Masters Degree in Education and completed the degree earlier in 2020. Some of my criteria may not be high on anyone else's list. The overall recommendation is that regardless of where you go, what you put into the school/degree/etc. is what you get out of it. Teacher/Professor grading. A big misconception that I have heard from other students is that they... Read More

Virginia Moore

Reviewed: 12/5/2018

Degree: Human Resources

Their learning is set up in an acceptable manner, however feedback is often not timely. Their FlexPath Financial Aid is a joke. The rules change, or should I say the rules they cite change regularly with out notification. There is no accountability at all. I have multiple emails guaranteeing that my Financial Aid was covered when it was not. Leaving me with a large bill. I even extended a class on their recommendation due to a supposed change in the deadline, this is just costing me significant funds.... Read More

Alicia M.

Reviewed: 9/23/2018

Degree: Human Resources

I am a single mother and working a full-time job as well. I am currently working towards my Master's in Human Resources. Capella has made this journey easy simply due to the online classes, counselors, professors, and Dr.s that teach classes. The staff is very knowledgeable and has brought awareness to ideas in areas of the realm of the Human Resource world I would have never thought of. Any time I have called Capella with a question or concern they have always had answers and were very prompt with... Read More

Larry Leshon

Reviewed: 11/30/2017

Degree: Human Resources

The program is phenomenal over all. In terms of the online courseroom experience, it has been very "do able". At first I thought that I would struggle with the online format. This has not been the case. With the exception of one class that required a live video feed for a discussion with the professor, it has been a smooth transition. The professors have been very helpful and it is obvious that they are knowledgeable in the areas that they are teaching. Also, I appreciate their professional experience... Read More


Reviewed: 6/9/2016

Degree: Human Resources

I am a current student at Capella University; and have been for a year now. I'm in the Masters Program to receive my Human Resource Management degree. Already, I've applied my studies to my current HR Generalist role. In fact, I am working toward a promotion at this time. Having this degree will push me forward in the right direction personally and professionally. The instructors are precise, helpful, knowledgeable and genuinely care about your well being throughout your education. Online school... Read More

Christina R.

Reviewed: 3/23/2016

Degree: Human Resources

I will be graduating in September of 2016. The program has been absolutely beneficial to my current job and I have been able to incorporate my job into my studies and apply them in a constructive manner. The course, professor and fellow learners have been mentors and inspire me to keep moving forward. I have no ill will to speak on behalf of this institution and will recommend to fellow learners.


Reviewed: 3/21/2016

Degree: Human Resources

I am in my final course at Capella and all I can say is how grateful I am that I chose Capella to obtain my MS in Human Resource Management. The classes are fulfilling, relevant and interactive. You get what you put in. If you apply yourself and take pride in your work, you will be rewarded. I have not run into any issues with my financial aid and consider Capella to be just as costly as any other graduate school so I guess I am not understanding people comments on it being expensive. What graduate... Read More


Reviewed: 9/23/2015

Degree: Human Resources

As a MS, Human Resource Management learner, I've found the program to be absolutely awesome. Originally, I was enrolled in the MPA program and was going to also obtain my Post Bacc. Business Certificate with an emphasis on Human Resource Management but shortly changed directions. The MS, HRM offered better job opportunities and honestly, I was more interested in HR as a profession. There have only been two professors in the MS, HRM program that I was not happy with but other than that, my experience... Read More


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