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Capella University Reviews of Master's in Clinical Psychology

15 Reviews

Locations:   Minneapolis (MN) 

Annual Tuition: $14,148

86% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
73% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Master's in Clinical Psychology

Student Reviews - Master's in Clinical Psychology

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Julie R.

Reviewed: 1/16/2021

Degree: Clinical Psychology

Loved my experience so far. I have had great professors and resources available. I am able to work on my Master’s while still working as a non-traditional student through their flex-path program. I researched online universities for a long time prior to choosing Capella and am glad that I did!


Reviewed: 1/3/2021

Degree: Clinical Psychology

I started off at Capella in 2016.I was near to completing my degree but had some issues with my placement and cited racism to my tutors and asked for their help.Instead I was thrown out of the university despite appealing on an administration charge..Luckily I was able to transfer to a better university, their competitor.


Reviewed: 10/6/2020

Degree: Clinical Psychology

If I could give them minus 5 stars I would. DO NOT GO HERE. When they say for profit they really mean it. I'M currently studying a MS in Clinical mental health studies,at first I was excited. Then came the BS. in the first term they auto enrolled me in three courses. I am supposed to be part time, I work FT. At the same time I was moving across states with another job. By the time I could actually settle down and look at my curriculum I was out of the range of dropping and would incur a fee. Eventually... Read More


Reviewed: 9/24/2020

Degree: Clinical Psychology

I was hesitant applying and attending Capella University for my master's degree. I wanted a degree I could work on while continuing to work full-time to save up for a house. I saw a few negative reviews regarding their program and decided to give it 3 classes before I decided whether I would continue or transfer out. I am going to be beginning my fourth class next month and so far, have no negative things to say about the program. It covers every topic required to become a counselor/therapist as... Read More


Reviewed: 5/16/2019

Degree: Clinical Psychology

This degree was challenging. Just as challenging as a regular university. So exciting and the professors and TA's are very knowlegable. The staff is encouraging. I recommend this University. The material is challenging and I learned a lot. If you work hard you will make it!

Steven Semones II

Reviewed: 11/24/2018

Degree: Clinical Psychology

Great school, professors, curriculum, and really came out of this program ready for my internship. I recommend this college to anyone pursuing a Psychology degree while being a working professional! I have made some of the greatest friends and colleagues throughout this program. It is like anything in life it has its challenges, and it is going to take lots of work. It gets challenging when you have to start finding your location in your state to do internship. They will work with you and give you... Read More

Tracey D.

Reviewed: 9/21/2018

Degree: Clinical Psychology

When I came to Capella I knew that I wanted to pursue psychology. I quickly learned that I wanted to pursue neuropsychology after a class I took and Neuroscience. You have to know or have an idea of what it is you want to do in through that passion will evolve or as you will be dependent on the drive to get you through school. You have to find that balance between work family and school if you put the time into it you will get more out of it. I am a mother of five, a children's author, and treated... Read More


Reviewed: 10/24/2017

Degree: Clinical Psychology

Whether you are pursuing a Bachelor's, Master's, or Doctorate degree, Capella University offers many programs to achieve your goals. The university employs instructors who provide quality education and a desire to see students succeed. Academic advisors work with students to help reach their goals and are always available to answer questions and concerns. Overall, Capella makes distance learning a great experience; especially for those who are new to online learning.

Julia Barbour

Reviewed: 6/1/2017

Degree: Clinical Psychology

I am currently enrolled in the MS in Clinical Psychology at Capella University. I am glad I chose Capella and feel confident in my studies. Everyone at Capella has helped me grow as a student and professional. When I graduated with my undergraduate, I knew I wanted to further my studies and I looked at many online programs/schools. I found Capella to be the best fit for me and my family. The professors at Capella are awesome to work with and very helpful. I have learned so much already and I look... Read More

Capella Experience

Reviewed: 8/18/2016

Degree: Clinical Psychology

I love Capella! I am learning so much and meaning so many great people.. Residency is very important and if it were not for my instructors for my residencies, i would be completely lost!! Thank you Capella! Come on 2017!! Im ready to graduate!! C/O 2017

Krystal Leddy

Reviewed: 6/28/2016

Degree: Clinical Psychology

As a hybrid program, the master's in clinical psychology was mostly online, with residential colloquia occurring for three "tracks", or week-long events. I learned a great deal in my studies, and my concerns over a mostly-online degree program have been laid to rest. I will be beginning my practicum/internship soon, to fulfill my degree requirements. Excellent, professional staff.


Reviewed: 10/14/2015

Degree: Clinical Psychology

My experience was awful! I got sick the week of a final. I explained in detail to the "professor" my situation. I didn't turn in final on the date because I was sick, but I had it completed to be turned in. The "professor" for the class gave me an incomplete grade which hindered me from registration for another semester. I had NO response back from her. I contacted my academic advisor about my situation and concerns, and then she attempts to reach out to the professor; she too received no response... Read More

Karen M Smith

Reviewed: 8/6/2014

Degree: Clinical Psychology

Currently working on Masters in organizational psychology. Program has engaging online platform with lots of scholarly resources and library. They also offer writing courses and personal review of written materials which is very helpful to students. the interaction on the discussion boards helps everyone learn from other students. The degree programs are focused and specific to meet the needs of ones chose field of interest.


Reviewed: 5/11/2013

Degree: Clinical Psychology

I started Capella directly after graduation from Ashford University with honors. I was told by the advisor this was the best school for psychology and they have the only school that can allow you to actually can sit for the boards. (not true).

I had high expectations and was fully prepared to be very busy with my school work. To my surprise there is NO structure to the online system. They allow each instructor to set the course anyway they see fit. You have to be on their time zone for assignments,... Read More

They also have these writing labs that are included in the classes that you are required to attend, which is no problem however they rarely functioned properly, the instructors would change the meetings or not show up, and they were on the schedule of the instructor's time zone so it could be 4am or 10 pm for me at times. And I felt the writing labs were just remedial at most. If a student is in graduate school they should not be taking remedial writing classes on APA format !!! It was so boring I could barely take it.

The outlines in the classes were so vague I could not really understand what I was supposed to be doing and would have to ask the instructors what they were supposed to be. I think I am a pretty intelligent person but felt really stupid because I could not make any sense of the assignment. I was so frustrated during the time I was enrolled with this school that I developed stress related high blood pressure. It has since went away and I am back to normal.

I would dare to say at some point this school could develop a better system for the online distance learner but for my time at Capella I was never brought to believe that was ever going to happen. The school feels like they are doing it all right. However I have many emails with other students that were also having the same problems I was having with the outlines and assignments.

This school lacks structure and leadership.


Reviewed: 12/28/2012

Degree: Clinical Psychology

I would definitely NOT recommend this school if you need to be spoon-fed your education! This type of schooling is not for the unmotivated student. If you're looking for a degree mill, this is not it! My education at Capella helped me greatly . . . It was a wonderful opportunity to interact with others in my field and learn from them through the process of posting assignments and providing peer feedback. I had one instructor who was less than responsive but student services assisted in the process... Read More

I thought student services were great. They helped me to develop a practicum that would further my career . . . And it did! But I was in the lead. If you aren't prepared to drive the process, this is NOT the school for you. I did not avail myself of any "job placement" services as my practicum site offered me employment upon graduating.

Bonus . . . Some life-long professional relationships and some life-long friendships.

Not for everyone, but it was right for me and I am the better person for having the Capella Experience.


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