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Capella University Reviews of Bachelor's in Nursing

21 Reviews

Locations:   Minneapolis (MN) 

Annual Tuition: $14,148

83% of students said this degree improved their career prospects
71% of students said they would recommend this program to others
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Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Nursing

Student Reviews - Bachelor's in Nursing

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Reviewed: 8/13/2023

Degree: Nursing

Most of these negative reviews are from people that didn't understand the billing structure and/or have no concept of "competency based" programs. ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE YOU ENROLL. My enrollment counselor, Randy answered everything for me. I knew what program points vs credits meant, I understood I had to have EVERY class closed out and completed by the end of the billing cycle, not just assignments turned in. I knew there was no instruction, it was all competency based evaluations This program BUILDS... Read More

Gio S.

Reviewed: 7/28/2023

Degree: Nursing

I just completed the RN to BSN program with the flexpath, 100% online, completed in one term (12 weeks). I started in May 2023 and completed mid-July 2023. It was challenging, the professors were great, for the most part. It was a lot of work, and I learned a lot. I loved the flexpath program because I was able to work at my own pace. I have a BS, so I am experienced at both writing papers and effective study strategies. My BS was completed at a great brick and mortar school, Nova Southeastern University.... Read More


Reviewed: 7/13/2023

Degree: Nursing

The worst school I have ever attended. I hope this school gets what it deserves-closed down. I hope someone reads this before attending. I finished all my courses on time. However, they still charged me for another billing session. Additionally, the “payment plans” consist of biweekly 500 or 1000 payments accordingly. Do not go to this school unless you want to be screwed over, or broke by the end. Good luck.


Reviewed: 5/20/2023

Degree: Nursing

I can’t say enough about the flex path. I 100% thought it was too good to be true but I started my BSN 3/6 and finished 5/19/23. I had a referral scholarship that got tuition down to a little under 2700 for the 12 week cycle and I straight up busted my behind to get every class done before they billed me again. I am recommending this program to everyone I know and I can’t believe this huge weight is lifted off my shoulders. Professors were great!! And the directions are clearly defined on each assignment,... Read More

Bianca O

Reviewed: 5/19/2023

Degree: Nursing

I have had such a great experience with Capella. I just completed the BSN AMP Flexpath program and am starting my MSN in Leadership and Admin in July. The enrollment counselors and coaches have been so great, and every one genuinely wants you to succeed. I work full time and have a part time job, as well as three boys and a husband. It is completely do-able. I will say you get out what you put into this program, and you have to be disciplined to be successful. I am so grateful and proud to have Capella... Read More


Reviewed: 4/25/2023

Degree: Nursing

I’d like to start by saying to those that reviewed the school with 5 stars and feel that those of us that are giving it a lower rating just aren’t working hard enough at it, you are dead wrong! I have two associates degrees. I graduated with honors both times. I have been a practicing RN for many years and decided I wanted to finally pursue my Bachelor’s degree. I enrolled with Capella in the flexpath program because I thought this would be a great option for a busy adult learner. I should have dropped... Read More

Cheryl Eilene Demers Fluet

Reviewed: 4/20/2023

Degree: Nursing

I wanted in 2017 to get my BSN degree However, the professor was not forthcoming with what had to be done in the class, neither did she tell me when the writings were due nor on what day . While I worked hard to get good grades in the class, this professor developed a dislike for me and even though I only got one low grade. 70 percent on one of the tests, she gave me a 56% and this did not allow me to continue on. So when one of the reviewers stated that they want you to keep paying, I believe that... Read More


Reviewed: 10/27/2020

Degree: Nursing

I worked ahead during my ADN program to have all GE courses out of the way for when I would start with Capella. I transferred the max amount of credits and had only the core nursing courses of the BSN course to complete. I enrolled as a FlexPath learner and finished my BSN in only 4 months (I wasn't working at the time). I am currently working on my MSN with the same satisfaction and success. I have recommended Capella to many of my previous classmates and coworkers and a number have also started/completed... Read More

Ashley m Holsten-O'Bryan

Reviewed: 2/21/2020

Degree: Nursing

I still have not graduated but I have completed 4 courses over two "semesters". I have no real complaints. The admission process was 10x more easier than the other two colleges I first planned on attending. Someone said you can only do one course at a time for the flexpath. Not true. They automatically sign you up for one class. YOU choose to do more than one class if YOU want to. It's not like that cap you at only one class a semester. The more classes you take a semester, the quicker you finish... Read More


Reviewed: 12/11/2019

Degree: Nursing

I was misled, I did not know that all I would be doing is writing a ton of papers in a format I was familiar with. I hated this program and did not finish the first class. Ended up owing them money too at the end of it. Would not recommend this at all. Counselors and professor were no help at all


Reviewed: 6/19/2019

Degree: Nursing

I will be finishing the RN-BSN program at the end of June 2019. The admission process was actually very simple because of the admission advisors and they will help you every step of the way. They accepted my previous courses quickly and I did not need to take any other courses to start this program which I was very relieved about. I chose the flexpath option and I truly loved it. I am a fast worker and determined to get my BSN. Therefore, in order to get my BSN in 6 months, I had to write 2-3 paper... Read More


Reviewed: 5/27/2019

Degree: Nursing

I had a great experience from beginning to end. The recruiter, coach, tutors, and professors were awesome. The staff was encouraging and supportive the whole way through. I had searched many universities prior to choosing Capella and was so glad I chose well. I am 56 years old and had graduated with a nursing diploma in 1985. What a journey and am so proud of my accomplishment.

Linnea W.

Reviewed: 5/15/2019

Degree: Nursing

If you would have asked me two years ago if I would attend school for a bachelors degree I would have said no. I was completely happy with my associates degree. However, I wanted to change jobs and was looking for a higher level of management position and as it turned out my associates degree was not sufficient. If I wanted a Nurse Manager's position I would need a Bachelors Degree. So, the search for an accredited online university began. In my search I researched different RN - BSN programs, the... Read More

Jayme Gillette

Reviewed: 1/7/2019

Degree: Nursing

This "school" is ridiculous. Basically this whole program is a scam. I signed up for the flex path program thinking this would be easier working a 40+ hour job per week and being a single mom. There is absolutely no wiggle room. They have you take one class at a time and basically you write papers while paying them an outrageous amount of money. Most of the papers are irrelevant to the real workplace. I was working on my bachelor's in Nursing, I am already a nurse practicing in my field. This is... Read More


Reviewed: 10/16/2018

Degree: Nursing

This school is okay but the BSN courses were redundant. If you have any tragedies or anything that happens to you in life they are unforgiving and truly run strictly business without any sympathy or compassion. The course work for the different classes were basically the same concept just worded different.


Reviewed: 9/19/2018

Degree: Nursing

I have been an ADN for many years and thought it was time to go back to school. I enrolled in the FlexPath courses for RN-BSN program. Wow, what a great experience. The courses were relevant to my practice, evidence based and required me to use current research. It was interesting to see how the world of nursing has evolved of the years and the courses here made me dig deep and question what I already knew. It wasn't easy to go back to school and it took a lot of will power to stay on track. The... Read More

Older student

Reviewed: 7/10/2018

Degree: Nursing

I used the Flex Path and was very pleased with the flexibility of the courses. I used the tutoring service and the coaching staff. With each class the work was more challenging but there was help if I needed it. I would reccomend Capella University and the Flex Path Program. Its great for the student that works and wants to further their education.


Reviewed: 9/19/2016

Degree: Nursing

I started 2014, and I thought it will be a waste of my time because I would not graduate now 2016. I graduated with a BSN I am happy and my kids are proud to have a mother to finished. Love my instructors, love my school love to be a Capellan . You won't be wasting your time... Start now.

Cecilia Chavez

Reviewed: 8/17/2016

Degree: Nursing

Obtained by RN to BSN at Capella due in fact that they were accredited and recommended by the ANA. While a lot of writing and reading was expected but a redundancy was able to help me as a reinforce in my learning. Although the cost is not cheap i am proud I did it. I did not need the use of financial aid, an in fact received a discount as a member of the American Nurses Association (ANA). As a Nurse I enjoyed doing my assignments and discussion. Thank you to all my instructors and thank you Capella... Read More

Nurses Rock

Reviewed: 7/4/2016

Degree: Nursing

I have been in the RN to BSN program since August 2014. I do wish that the school would offer an option of continuing courses without waiting 3 weeks in between each one. I don’t understand where all the negativity comes from with reading all the posts online. I follow the syllabus, do the research, writing, and posting materials in a timely manner. I’ve not had any problems with professors, counselors, etc. I would highly recommend Capella, but one has to be willing to put in the time and effort... Read More


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